The Demon of Ice

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The Demon of Ice
Creator Savin
Quest Giver Upon completing Winter City
Requirements Having completed Act One
Level Range 5+
Quest Type Side
Reward ???
Location ???
Timed? ???
Can Fail? ???

"So," Elthara continues, "that perforce leaves you to rule over the city, Princess. However, our laws of succession are clear, unbroken since the founding of this city more than one thousand years ago. There can be no removal of a sitting monarch. Unless Alissa abdicates or perishes, or is defeated by honorable challenge in single combat, she remains our rightful queen. Unless..."

At the end of Act One, Etheryn is the Princess-Regent of Winter City. However, she cannot succeed her sister as Elvenqueen until she's brought the fallen Queen Alissa in to face justice for her crimes.

Quest States

State Acquisition Description
0 Complete Winter City Queen Alissa escaped when you engaged her on the palace rooftops, flying southwards. She seemed to be heading somewhere separate from Kasyrra. The Winter City has branded their former queen an outlaw, but Etheryn cannot ascend the throne while the former queen lives. Perhaps there will be clues to Alissa's whereabouts southwards, near the mountains.
1 Report to the Winter City court during The Siege of Khor'minos You've discovered that Alissa has fled to the island ruins of Dracia, a former boreal elf holding. She has a new court of demons there, and they are producing arms and armor for the cult's forces attacking Khor'minos and beyond. Destroying their forges and capturing the demon will surely help the effort to stifle the spread of demons.

This is as far as this quest progresses for now.

Writer Credit



Complete Winter City and Act One.



You progress through the early stages of the quest by completing main quests; first by clearing Winter City during In Her Footsteps, then by reporting your findings from the demon smuggling operation investigated during The Siege of Khor'minos.

Notable Loot and Rewards

None known yet.