Trail Rations

From Corruption of Champions II
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Trail Rations
Type Consumable
Base Price 200
Additional Information
Stack Limit 3
Usable Yes
Combat Usable No


One can never quite be sure what lies inside these wrapped bundles, but dried fish, smoked meats, roasted nuts and pickled root vegetables are most common in the Frost Marches, with perhaps a little preserved fruit or honey on the side as a treat. While still lightweight and resistant to spoilage, the food inside — enough to constitute a meal for three — promises to taste far better than the hardtack and jerky usually found in camping supplies.


Applies the Well Fed status to the party for 24 hours.


  • Purchased from Leorah for 200 EC
  • Purchased from the Mino Guard for 200 EC
  • Can be lost if the Champion is defeated by the Wolves

Quest Related

  • Can be used if chosen the ShareFood option when helping the Forest Kitsune