Huntress's Shop

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The Huntress's Shop is based in Hawkethorne, and sells hunting gear and supplies, namely light weapons and armor. It is owned and run by the Catfolk woman Leorah.

The shop opens at 09:00, and closes at 19:00

Huntress's Shop
Region Hawkethorne
Level Range 1+


Across from the alchemist's shop sits a sturdy wooden building with a low, thatched roof and a pair of heavy wooden doors. A sign hangs beside the door, showing a bow and several arrows beside what looks like a bear standing on its hind legs. The door is closed, but you can see a fire burning through the windows — the shop seems open for business.
The inside of the huntress's shop is surprisingly cozy, with a blazing heartfire against the eastern wall that shines a comfortable light and a radiant heat across the room. A huge bearskin rug lies on the floor, surrounded by mounted heads from all manner of creatures adorning the walls. The most prominent display piece, however, is a beautiful whitewood bow hanging over the counter, complete with a quiver of blue-feathered elvish arrows. Leorah is sitting underneath the bow, leaning heavily on the counter with her eyes drooping half-closed out of boredom.