Camping Supplies

From Corruption of Champions II
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Camping Supplies
Type Miscellaneous Item
Base Price 150
Additional Information
Additional Flags Misc

Camping Supplies are a single-use item that enables the "Create Camp" action on non-dungeon map tiles outside of settlements. They also have been used at least once so far as a mini-quest item. Unlike some other items, Camping Supplies do not stack.

Camps are mini-locations that allow you to interact with your companions, sleep and, if you have a portable alchemist kit, do alchemy. Creating a camp consumes a singe unit of supplies. Once established, camps seem to remain permanent fixtures on the map that can be left and re-entered any number of times. Later, more dangerous zones will cause camps to expire after a set time.


Enough food, tarp, poles, and other necessary equipment to set up a semi-permanent basecamp out in the wilderness. Use these supplies to create a camp at a location and allow your party to sleep.


Quest Related

  • Can be acquired during the quest Dog Days
  • Can be used if chosen the ShareFood option when helping the Forest Kitsune