Sorran Altar

From Corruption of Champions II
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Sorran Altar
Maps Sorran Altar.PNG
Region Frost Marches
Level range 3+
Accessible from Harvest Valley (during Getting Into The Closet)
Neutral Hub No

This location is only accessible during the events of Getting Into The Closet and will not be accessible once the quest is over. The location includes the trail from the Harvest Valley to the altar itself.


The grotto behind the waterfall doesn't stretch on for too long. It's been perhaps a five-minute walk through the darkness before you find yourself here: near the foot of the mountain on a rocky trail. Given that the Greyvale Ranges are riddled all over with gullies and ravines, the presence of a hidden trail isn't too out of the ordinary... although how Tollus knew to direct his goons here is another matter altogether. -- Mountain Trail

Thankfully, the tunnel leading into the cliff doesn't extend too far — enough light filters in from the entrance that you can still see your surroundings, if not very well. Rough stone turns to tiled granite, worn steps and broken pillars; the entire layout of the chamber gives the impression that this place was once open to the skies. There's a damp smell in the air, and you hear the faint trickle of flowing water... -- Sorran Altar


Points of Interest

  • Wordlock chest at left of T-junction
  • Healing fountain at north-most point
  • Vantage point - left-most point before the barricade