Winged Sabatons

From Corruption of Champions II
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Winged Sabatons
Creators The Observer
Other Name(s) WingSabatons
Item Type Attire
Slot Feet
Price 425
Has Special Effect? No
Is Unique? Yes
Tags Metal
Stack Limit 1
Version Added 0.2.12
Armor 3 Armor Penetration -
Evasion 3 Ward -
Focus - Initiative 3


A pair of light sabatons fashioned from some kind of grey metal, much lighter than it ought to be.


Found within the word locked chest at the Sorran Altar during the events of Getting Into The Closet.

Quest Related

Kalysea's Offerings

The Winged Sabatons is one of the unique items that can be gifted to Kalysea.

Used By

BloodKnight-AnonArts-WikiHeadshot.png Gytha-Moira-Demon-WikiHeadshot.png Lyla-Moira-WikiHeadshot.png Melara-Moira-WikiHeadshot.png
Blood Knight Gytha
Lyla Melara