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Artwork by Moira
Creators Wsan
Personal Information
Full Name Kalysea
Pronunciation Ka-lee-see-a
Nickname(s) Kaly
Occupation Druidess
Residence Mushroom House
Location Harvest Valley (Zone 3)
Religion Old Gods
Biological Information
Species Centaur
Gender Female (Dickgirl)
Height 8'2"
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green
Other Information
Version Added 0.6.11
Changelog 0.6.12
Adjustment to given items
My name is Kalysea, and I'm a druid. I'd like you to help me against the demons.

Kalysea is a centaur druidess that asks the Champion for their help after the events of Harboring a Fugitive. She lives as a hermit in her mushroom house, away from the villages of the valley. While she knows enough about the demons to avoid them and the forest she lives in protects its own, she does not want to live in constant fear of them forever. Kalysea is quite dominant, evident with the rewards she gives the Champion after being given an item she needs, she also addresses the Champion as her mare. Her musk is very intoxicating and, as the Champion continues receiving her rewards, it can turn into a growing obsession.


The curtain suddenly dissipates and a tall centaur woman is standing before you with a smile, her hands on her hips. She's very much naked, her teardrop-shaped breasts proudly on display – as well as the thick, heavy horsecock hanging between her hindlegs.

Kalysea's tail swishes aside and you get a momentary glimpse of both her soft, plush asshole between her thick, muscular hindquarters, and her heavy hanging nutsack – each of her bulging balls as big as your head – and then she's gone.


First Encounter

After the events of Harboring a Fugitive, the Champion may learn that a centaur druid is looking for the Champion upon returning to the Centaur Village, either through the Ways Between or through the village's main entrance.

Having heard the rumor, while travelling Zone 2 of the Harvest Valley, they may encounter an odd purple mist. When the mist disappears, a naked centaur woman stands before them and states that she has been hoping to meet them.

(variation is based on if the Champion has seen Orlaith's and/or Mara's cock)

The Champion gets a peek at her veiny marecock when she isn't looking, and they ask why she is looking for them. She introduces herself as Kalysea, that she is a druid, and she would like their help against the demons - the Champion being momentarily distracted by her swaying cock. When asked what kind of help she needs, she asks that they can discuss this at her home.

When asked what for, the centaur reassures them that she is not here to harm or coerce them, she only wanted to extend an invitation to the champion of the centaurs. She introduces herself as Kalysea, that she is a druid, and she would like their help against the demons. When asked what kind of help she needs, she asks that they can discuss this at her home.

Regardless, with that information, the Champion is provided with the following options:

Option Tooltip Result
Sure You'll at least hear her out, though visiting her home might have to wait.
  • Kalysea can be visited at the lake region of Harvest Valley
Not Interested You're already helping her against the demons by way of taking the fight to them – it's practically all you do. No need to get closer to this woman. -
Remove Content Stop this content from ever appearing in the future.
  • Permanently removes any future encounters with Kalysea
Back - -

Subsequent Encounters

Points of Interest - Harvest Valley
Marefolk Village

Having met Kalysea and accepted to listen to her offer, her home can be found in Zone 3 of the Valley. As the Champion travels through the mist:

They are initially concerned by the purple mist that beckons them deeper into the bough, but trusting in Kalysea's words, they head down a vague trail into the forest. Eventually they reach a well-lit clearing where they see a mushroom house embedded in the wood and gristle of a tree's trunk - Kalysea's home. The mist opens the door, where Kalysea stands before them, looking out expectantly. They exchange greetings and the Champion is brought into her comfortable and cozy home. She seats them in a living room and returns with two cups of herbal tea. Kalysea takes a seat alongside the low-table and tells them to make themselves at home.

They make their way through the vague forest trail, all the while, they wonder how many people have come through here. Like last time, they arrive at the well-lit clearing of Kalysea's home, in which the purple mist opens the door where Kalysea stands. They exchange greetings and she sits them in her living room, where she serves another cup of her sweet and minty herbal tea.

Making their way through the vague forest trail, the Champion's thoughts this time are on Kalysea and recalling the intense and erotic experience they had with her. Arriving at the clearing, the door to her home opens, and Kalysea stands before them with a warm smile. She invites them into her home, and comments that she hopes they bring good news, and sits them in her living room. She serves them a cup of the same herbal tea, and goes to seat alongside the low-table - her undercarriage in full view and gives the Champion a knowing smile.

They barely think as they follow the alluring purple mist, Kalysea's cock at the tip of their mind and the taste of her on their tongue. They don't even remember the trip to her home, only knowing that when she opens the door and smirks at them, they just about cum. Kalysea purrs at them, that the good mare has returned, and invites them in. The slightest hint of her musk sets the Champion's senses ablaze and it's all they can think about as she guides them to her living room. Her cock already half-hard and twitching, she asks if there is anything her little mare needs.

With the excitement of Kalysea's presence gone, the trip through the forest is significantly longer than they remember. At the clearing, her home is just as they left it, no evidence of return nor her smell.

Regardless of how the journey to Kalysea goes, the following options will become available:

Option Requirements Tooltip Result
Mushroom House
  • Kalysea is present
Talk about her home and the forest it's in. -
  • Kalysea is present
Ask about Kalysea herself. -
  • Available until offer is accepted
What help did she want?
Gift Item Give Kalysea a powerful item. (See Sex Section)
Scrying Pool
  • Has given Kalysea a gift at least once
Gaze into the pool and recall your prior experiences with Kalysea...
  • Allows the Champion recall Kalysea's rewards
Look Around
  • Kalysea is present
Take a look around the house. -
First Time
  • Has given 1 unique item
Recall your first experience with Kalysea. -
Second Time
  • Has given 2 unique items
Recall your second reward from Kalysea. -
Third Time
  • Has given 3 unique items
Recall your third reward from Kalysea. -
Leave -

Bid goodbye to Kalysea and see yourself out.

Leave the house. It seems like nature is taking good care of it thus far.

  • Ends the visit

Talk & Others

On the topic of her home, the Champion notes that it's very interesting and locale. Kalysea chuckles, stating that she's somewhat of a hermit, and while not exactly a wicked witch of the woods, she'd forgive them for the misunderstanding. Her home is graciously provided by nature, so she does her best to take care of it. While she does not technically live alone, as she is in constant communication with the forest, the only people present are in her home. She likes the seclusion, and while she has sparse contact with the Centaur Village and the marefolk, the marefolk understand her a litter better than her own due to their nomadic nature. Regardless, everyone is very amiable and does not intrude on her way of life, except for the demons.

When asked about herself, Kalysea admits that it's a little unfair that she knows of them through public information and states that she is a druid. She explains she looks over and guards the land in service of the Old Gods, and while they aren't very popular these days, she has no plans in changing with the world, although it matters not since the demons serve no particular god she knows of. When asked if she's had run-ins with them, she answers that she knows enough to avoid them and she's seen the results of their encounters, but fortunately the forest protects its own. What bothers her is what might happen if she leaves, and it's the reason why she's looking for the Champion as she can't live in fear of her surroundings, alone forever.

The Champion takes a walk around Kalysea's home, noting that she has a nice bedroom made for a centaur. She also has other rooms that serve as various places of storage as she has an impressive amount of reagents stored in various containers. All in all, the house doesn't seem to have much of interest in it, although, there is still the pool outside.


Asking about what help she needs is heavily entwined with the quest; Kalysea's Offerings, as such the events and summary of its related interactions can be seen at said page.



Scene Requirements Result Note
The First Gift
  • Giving Kalysea 1 unique item
  • The Champion worships Kalysea's cock
  • A Scrying Pool is discovered
  • Orgasm
  • Orally Filled(3000 mL)
  • At the end of it, the Champion feels like a spell has overcome them, with how potent and intoxicated Kalysea's musk is
  • Kalysea begins to refer to the Champion as her mare
The Second Gift
  • Giving Kalysea 2 unique items
  • Several rounds of Kalysea facefucking the Champion
  • Orgasm
  • Orally Filled(3000 mL)
  • At the end of it, the Champion ponders about her irresistible musk, that it is becoming a growing obsession. A part of their mind warns them against this, that she's more than she seems, but another part says they want to return, to be bonded to her in oral service
The Third Gift
  • Giving Kalysea 3 unique items
  • The Champion orally worships Kalysea's ass
    • And is subjected to rounds of facefucking
  • Orgasm
  • Orally Filled(3000 mL)
  • Kalysea leaves her home for now
  • The Champion becomes very musk-drunk during the whole ordeal
  • Kalysea allows the Champion to freely stay at her home

Quest Related

Kalysea's Offerings

Kalysea requests for the Champion's help to fight against the demons