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Busts of Orlaith by Moira
Creator Wsan
Pronunciation Or-la
Species Dryad
Gender Hermaphrodite
Family Doireann (partner)
Grainne (ward)
Religion Velunite
Location Old Forest

"Hello, my little seed-bearer," Orlaith murmurs, caressing you from behind. "Come back for more of me?"

Orlaith is a Dryad in the Old Forest, with Doireann and Grainne. She is a seed-blessed, which means she is the active participant in seed-bearing rituals among the dryads. Orlaith was created by the forest and was Doireann's first lover, although they are by no means exclusive. Her duties as seed-blessed mean she is obligated to spread her blessings as far and wide as possible to grow the forest. She and Doireann have been around since around the Godswar and play a parental role in the life of their younger sister Grainne.

"She's a beautiful woman with a heart as gold as her hair... She makes me feel safe and loved. I think I might have fallen in love the first time we met... I don't even remember the circumstances. I just remember being astonished that seed-blessed could be so wondrously pretty and strong and... nice. She was very nice to me. I think I'd fallen over and she helped me up. Hehe... I'm talking too much."


You turn to see a beautiful golden-haired dryad regarding you with red eyes, arms crossed beneath her bountiful breasts.

She takes a step towards you, and you can't help but notice the tendrils of grass and flowers blooming beneath her hooves even as you watch.


Orlaith is available in her grove once you've talked to Grainne and asked her about Reproduction. She will be annoyed if you have had a seed-bearing ritual with Grainne before approaching her, but will concede that she is being over-protective. Her talk scenes vary depending on which interactions you've had with her and her sisters.

  • Grainne: Ask about Orlaith's well-meaning little sister, Grainne
  • Doireann: Ask about the other nearby dryad, Doireann
  • About You: Get a little more familiar with the somewhat stand-offish dryad. (unlocks after asking about Grainne)
  • Seed Blessed: Ask more about her title (unlocks after asking about About You)
    • Yes Please: You're definitely interested in getting an eyeful of Orlaith's equipment.
      • Volunteer: That load is going to be blown in you, if you can help it. (unlocks Orlaith's sex menu)
      • Pass: Best wishes to whichever dryad has to take that load.
    • No: Nope.
  • Pregnancy: Talk about your baby. (must be pregnant with Orlaith's offspring, or have given birth to them already)


"Want to share in a seed-bearing ritual?" you offer

"Sure," Orlaith says with a smile. "But first, swallow my cock."

The first time you choose Volunteer, you will introduce Orlaith to the magical world of blowjobs. This is something she will be eager to replicate at every opportunity. When you first choose her Sex menu she will ask you to blow her again. There's a bolded warning that agreeing may set future expectations, but this only affects future dialogue so far.

  • Blow Her: When a beautiful woman tells you to wrap your lips around her gigantic stallion-cock and suck, you're just powerless to refuse.
  • Refuse: Your mouth isn't just for giving Orlaith BJs.

Whether you blow her or not, you will then progress onto her regular Sex menu.

  • FuckMyPussy: Ask Orlaith to take your pussy. (requires a vagina, can lead to pregnancy, otherwise: You need a pussy first.)
  • MakeMeGag: Ask Orlaith to fuck your face as hard as she likes.
  • FuckMyAss: There's nothing you want more than to have that big, hard horse dick pounding away at your asshole...
  • WorshipHerBalls: Get your hands and mouth all over Orlaith's big, bulging nuts until they're absolutely filled with essence.
    • AnythingForYou: Tell Orlaith your feelings.
    • IEnjoyIt: You just love getting Orlaith off.
  • Rim Her: Get hands-on with that incredibly soft, inviting pucker of hers - it looks as though it could use some oral attention
    • Again?: Does she want more?
      • Again...?: Would she like some more service, maybe?
      • Leave: Say your goodbyes for now.
    • Leave: Say your goodbyes for now.


"I had no idea I could impregnate you, [pc.name], but I did hope for it. The idea of mating you over and over, growing my forest further with every orgasm... It's intoxicating."

If you have a vagina and are fertile, you can become pregnant after doing the FuckMyPussy scene. It will be a quick pregnancy, coming to term in a matter of days in short pregnancy mode (or three weeks otherwise) and not causing any belly growth or lactation. If you return to Orlaith roughly 50% through your pregnancy she will be waiting for you, having sensed her magic taking root.

Her Pregnancy conversation will explain that you're probably giving birth to seeds containing mana, as dryads typically do. The seeds will grow into trees that may one day cause a dryad to come into existence. She invites you to bring the seeds to her once they are birthed, and promises that she will take care of what you created together.

Once you're ready to give birth, Dryad Seeds will appear in your Key Items. You can return the seeds to Orlaith, and the two of you will find a nice place in the forest for your seeds to grow.