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Busts of Grainne by Moira
Creator Wsan
Pronunciation Grawn-ya
Species Dryad
Gender Female
Family Doireann (guardian)
Orlaith (guardian)
Religion Velunite
Location Old Forest

You reach out and hesitantly touch the shimmering white tree, putting your palm on its trunk. A sense that this is very much a living thing flows into you, the tingle of a wholly unfamiliar magic wrapping around your forearm. It seems to be... greeting you.

"Grainne?" you ask.

"Hi, []!" Grainne chirps, prancing out from behind you and giving you the shock of your life. "Did I surprise you?"

Grainne is a Dryad who lives in the Old Forest. Her magic is very powerful within her sacred grove, but she's unsettled by the strange things happening in the forest since Kasyrra's arrival. She's young and inexperienced, and lives under the guidance and protection of her sisters Doireann and Orlaith.

"I guess it's no surprise she was curious about you and your friends... She'd dance right out of the forest following a bird and into civilization if she could."


You stand there for a few seconds wondering when you should start feeling like an idiot for addressing an empty forest but at last, your worry is put to rest. That same face you saw earlier appears from behind a tree — and the rest of her follows in surprising fashion.

You hadn't noticed this the last time but there are large, wooden-looking antlers sprouting from the top of her head, and just below that are a set of pointed ears. Two bright green eyes watch your reaction as the bare-breasted girl reveals herself, black hooves trotting uncertainly over the dirt and moss. She looks like some kind of... deer-centaur?


You can first encounter Grainne while exploring the Old Forest. You feel like you're being watched, and when you turn you see a face before it disappears suddenly. The second time it happens you call out to her, and Grainne invites you to visit her grove to the south-east of the forest. Once there you can go through her talk scenes. Meeting her in her grove also unlocks the Dryads codex entry.

  • This Place: What is this unearthly place you've found yourself in?
  • Dryads: Ask Grainne more about dryads.
  • Alone?: Is she alone here? (unlocks after asking about Dryads)
  • Doireann: Ask about her mature older sister. (unlocks after asking about Alone?)
  • Orlaith: Ask about her imposing older sister. (unlocks after asking about Alone?)
  • Reproduction: She mentioned seed-spreading rituals... (unlocks after asking about Orlaith)


"M-me?" she stammers, going red. "I- well, I- if you, if that's what you really want, I guess? I've never been seeded or anything so I don't really know but I'd be happy to try it, probably? Wow, this is making me more nervous than I thought!"

The option to have sex with Grainne unlocks after asking about Reproduction.

  • Fuck Her: Take Grainne's pussy. (requires penis, otherwise: Regrettably, you're going to need a penis if you want to perform the ritual with Grainne. But there are other ways to have wholesome fun with a nice, pretty girl like her...)
    • Lovingly: Have a slow, romantic love-making session with the happy, nervous dryad. Give her a special first time. (if first time, otherwise: Treat Grainne nice and romantically, making her feel appreciated and loved.)
    • Roughly: Teach Grainne that seed-bearing doesn't have to be slow-paced --it can also be hard, passionate and wet. Her first time is going to be wild. (if first time, otherwise: Give it to Grainne hard and fast, pounding her until she forgets her own name amidst the pleasure.)
  • Eat Out: Show Grainne that she can still have a lot of wet and wild fun without losing her virginity just yet. (if first time, otherwise: Have some nice oral fun with the turned-on dryad.)


Doireann nods. "Orlaith and I were born almost as a pair, right after a horrific war. Both of us prodigiously skilled at breeding. Nature needs time to heal after something like that, and the less the better. Orlaith worked very hard to do her part, and so did I. And now..."

"And now there's a girl who can breed in a day," you finish.

"Yes," she says. "Ask yourself what niche that might be addressing. Or will address in the future."

Not long after choosing the Fuck Her option with Grainne (regardless of virility or magicock), Grainne will reveal that she has produced seeds. While it will normally take a dryad at least a season to produce them, she will produce them in less than 24 hours. It seems that this is Grainne's gift, which leads to the question what were the nature spirits anticipating to grant a new dryad the gift of rapid fertility.