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"Seasons come and go, but the dryads remain."

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  • Dryads Codex Entry


Name: Dryad(s)

Sexes: Female, hermaphrodite.

Height: Ranges from 4'0" to 6'4" (122cm to 193cm)

Weight: An estimated 130 lbs to 250 lbs (59kg to 113kg)

Hair: The coloration changes with time, or possibly at their whim?

Eyes: Red, brown, green, blue, hazel, gray

Lifespan: ?

Maturity: 0 years


A dryad is a four-legged spirit of nature, not unlike cervine animals such as deer. Indeed, great racks of antlers sprout from each their heads in much the same fashion as a male deer, though sizes and shapes vary wildly. Their animalistic halves are covered in brown fur and their legs end in hooves, their humanoid halves sprouting from the front of their bodies. Skin color varies among each individual, much like many of the races of Savarra.


Not much is known about the sexual habits of the secretive dryads, the mere sight of which a rarity that occurs once every fifty years or so. Presumably, owing to the fact no males have ever been sighted, the hermaphroditic individuals breed with the females to produce offspring. The birthing method is unknown, and conjecture is pointless when it comes to the matter of spirits.

You've crossed out the previous information and updated it yourself after your conversation with Grainne. (expanded when talking to Grainne about Reproduction)

Dryads seem to be part of nature itself. Initially born from the desire of a forest to grow, they act as guardians and caretakers after coming into existence as fully-grown adults, deriving their knowledge from the forest itself. Reproduction takes place between a 'Seed-Blessed' dryad and another dryad, either a female or another Seed-Blessed. Seed-Blessed dryads possess male genitalia taken from the aspect of an animal, such as an equine or canine.

A lot of mana has to be pooled together to induce the growth of a seed in the carrying dryad, and each one seems to have differing levels of fertility.

You've continued your writing after your first-hand experience with the matter of dryad reproduction. (expanded when visiting Grainne after having sex at least twice, or having given birth to Orlaith's seeds)

The recipient of the Seed-Blessed's desires experiences a pooling of magic inside them until, as time passes, it coalesces into a singular seed. The seed can then be buried anywhere, though naturally the dryads prefer to bury it in their respective forests. In the far future — decades or longer, seemingly — the tree that grows can obtain a spirit of its own, becoming a dryad.

Dryads can also, rarely, breed with non-dryads...


Almost nothing is known of the history of dryads save that they have been sighted and depicted in literature as well as paintings for many hundreds, possibly even thousands of years. It is likely they are long-lived, enduring as long as the forest they inhabit.

You've jotted down a little addendum. (expanded when talking to Doireann for the first time)

It's possible dryads are immortal as long as their sacred tree stays alive within their grove, and the likelihood of them being discovered as long as they don't deliberately reveal themselves is low. Some, of course, get curious — but you have to be invited to a grove to find it, presumably.

Society & Culture

Sadly, nothing is known of the undoubtedly spiritual culture of the dryads, nor of their society. We can only make guesses at whether they are so rare as to only appear once every few decades or whether they simply keep themselves hidden from outsiders at all times.

You've made your own entry after talking to Grainne. (expanded when talking to Grainne about Alone?)

Dryads form strong bonds with each other both romantic and platonic, befriending individuals from nearby forests and groves. Polygamous relationships are the norm due to the relative rarity of Seed-Blessed, with one hermaphrodite involving herself with many other females. Owing to the forest itself wanting to expand, the Seed-Blessed often has her hands full with her duties.

An emphasis is placed on secrecy and hiding from the mortal races.

You stopped writing here. You could go into further detail but maybe it's better that people don't know all of their secrets in the event your journal is ever lost and someone picks it up.

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