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Busts of Doireann by Moira
Creator Wsan
Pronunciation Dirren
Species Dryad
Gender Female
Family Orlaith (partner)
Grainne (ward)
Religion Velunite
Location Old Forest

You touch the tree and mentally call out for the dryad, standing back and looking around. It takes a couple of seconds but then Doireann is standing before you with a warm smile, brushing a strand of light brown hair out of her face and regarding you with deep blue eyes.

"Hello, friends," she says. "Sorry, you caught me napping again."

Doireann is part of the Dryads in the Old Forest. She is the eldest of the group, and was born shortly after the Godswar to help repopulate the forest with Orlaith. They have been acting as parental figures to Grainne since the young dryad came into the world.

"Nearly all of my cherished memories involve either her or Grainne, and usually both. She is gentle, kind, accepting. Doireann helped me understand what it meant to be seed-blessed. She is half a season older than I am, and yet so much wiser."


You hadn't been aware a dryad could be quite so... curvy. Her hips are wide and flared, and the magnificent set of breasts she makes no move to conceal would be big enough to fill her arms were she to cradle them. She gives you a warm smile, brushing a strand of light brown hair out of her face and regarding you with deep blue eyes.


You can introduce yourself to Doireann in her grove once you've asked Grainne about Reproduction.

  • Grainne: Chat about Grainne, Doireann's younger sister.
  • Orlaith: Ask about Orlaith, Doireann's other sister.
  • Fertility: Grainne mentioned something about fertility amongst dryads...


"I did wonder if you would ask," Doireann says with a smile. "Of course. Are you familiar with the ritual, or should I guide you?"

Her sex menu is available right away, though she will comment teasingly if you ask to have sex with her before going through her talk menu.

  • Vaginal: Give Doireann's pussy the dicking it deserves. (requires cock, otherwise: As much as you'd love to give Doireann's pussy a hard dicking, something's missing.)
  • Fisting: Plow Doireann's cunt with your arm.
  • Threesome: Invite Orlaith to take care of you both. (requires having done Volunteer for Orlaith and having talked to Doireann about it through her Orlaith talk, otherwise: You're going to have to do Orlaith a big favor before she'd be okay with a threesome here.)