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Busts of Lyla by Moira
Creator Fleep
Species Human
Gender Female (Hermaphrodite)
Occupation Knight
Nationality Belharan
Level 6
Health 360
Resolve 210

"Checkmate, I guess," she says, lifting her shoulders while approaching the campfire, where a fallen log awaits, ready for her to sit on and enjoy the nearby flames. An opportunity she doesn’t hesitate to take while letting out a sigh. "Well, the fact is we’re both here, and what kind of knight would I be if I didn’t offer you a place near the fire?"

Lyla is a Belharan knight who came out to the Frost Marches with a squad to hunt a fugitive. However, once here, they were ambushed and kidnapped by demons. She managed to escape, though not without growing a penis as a souvenir of her corruption at their hands, and now searches the Frostwood for any signs of her people. Lyla is available to encounter in the Frostwood once you've cleared Winter City and can be approached at her campsite at night.


Her big brown eyes are the first thing to grab your attention, standing out in a beautiful human face: long, thin, pale like the moonlight and framed by her dark wavy hair, which flows like a waterfall to one of her copper pauldrons. She combs her black locks using her hand as a claw, her white slender fingers dancing between the contrast of colors. Only when seen from up close you notice the small, red scratches covering her knuckles, seemingly never able to heal, or maybe always replaced by new ones.

The recent fight must have been tough, since the grazes are not the only mark it has left on the woman. As you gaze at her mouth, you see how she bites a crimson wound that bulges out of her thin, dry lips, her gesture then turning into one of pain while she curses to the air, damning the mother of the opponent who inflicted the bruise.

You try to check the rest of her petite body, but you can only appreciate the battered armor that hides it. It’s one which has definitely seen better days before losing the shine and turning into dirt colored metal, with both fresh and old dents covering the torso as sole ornament. It’s clear that the armor is not mere decoration, and the same could be said about the sword resting on her belt.


First Encounter

After you complete the Palace of Ice, Lyla will appear in the Frostwood at her campsite between 20:00-6:00. While travelling at night, you see the light of a campfire. When you investigate you find a woman sharpening her blade.

  • Approach: She looks like she could use some company.
  • Go Back: She has a sword, and it looks like she can use it.

If you choose to Approach, you step on a branch, startling Lyla. In barely any time at all she's on her feet with her sword at your throat, but you're able to defuse the situation before you get stabbed. And with that, she offers you a place at her campsite.

Subsequent Encounters

After the somewhat tense first impression, Lyla will be in her spot come nightfall.

  • Appearance
  • Talk: You just saw here there, alone and wondered if she was up for a talk.
    • Her
    • Hawkethorne: (requires discussing Her)
    • Squad: (requires discussing Hawkethorne, second encounter)
  • Sex: (requires discussing Her)
  • Spar

Talking about Her leads to Lyla talking about how she and her squad were defeated by demons and taken captive. Despite being under the influence of the demonic corruption, Lyla was able to escape her binds and flee the demons, however leaving her people behind. If you invite her to Hawkethorne she declines, saying she needs to remain here to try and find and rescue her people. You can also try Sparring with her, which will lead to you having a one-on-one battle with the wandering knight.

Opening Up

"I see," you say, raising your eyebrows. "I didn’t think I would find a Belharan around these northern lands. But...why the secrecy? I don’t understand; why did you try to hide it?"

"Because there was a time when I thought that everyone believed in the greatness of the Empire, that they all hoped for its return. But when I left Belhar on this mission, I found out that, yes, there are some who still hold onto those thoughts, but there are many who think the opposite."

Once you've had Sex with her or Sparred with Lyla at least three times, the next time you meet Lyla you get a bolded prompt that you get the sense that she trusts you a bit more now. You can now ask some more questions about Lyla's background.

  • Where From?
    • Scold
    • Neutral
    • Support
  • Belhar?: How are things in Belhar going? (requires doing Where From? first)
  • Family?: (requires doing Belhar? first)
  • Nobles...: There are a lot of them around here (requires doing Family? first)

She's Belharan, and reticent to discuss it as she's discovered many people from outside Belhar don't have fond memories of the former empire that once claimed ownership over them. You can choose to be for or against, or sit on the fence. Whichever you choose, Lyla will hold firm to her position that the empire was good for their former colonies but not push the matter further. Once you've had this talk you can ask about her homeland, family, and just why you keep happening to run into nobles.

Hang Out

"The thing is, I found some boxes still untouched," she said, after what she leaned towards her belongings and started looking for something. "Most of them were dresses and rags for which I have no use, but I also found this beauty."

A golden bottle appeared in her hands. Your sight didn't reach the label, but it was clear that it was some kind of liqueur.

If you've had Sex or Sparred with Lyla at least five times, and asked about her Family?, you will get the option to Hang Out? with Lyla. She reveals that she found an abandoned caravan and salvaged a bottle, and asks if you'd like to share it with her.

  • I'll Pass
  • Take Bottle: Let's drink together, friend.

Should you Take Bottle, the two of you start taking sips and observing that it tastes like burning. The only way to stop it from burning is to keep drinking it, naturally. Lyla leads you to a picturesque pond she discovered. She strips off and dives in, inviting you to follow. You can enter the water either with a Cannonball or Little By Little. Either way, your eye is drawn to Lyla as she takes a swig from the bottle and she asks what you're looking at.

  • At Bottle
  • Try Kiss

At Bottle leads to taking another drink, while Try Kiss leads to pond sex. Once you're done, Lyla stops before saying something. She gathers herself for a moment, then admits she feels like she's losing herself alone in the Frostwood. Whether it's the solitude, lingering demonic corruption, or both, she feels like she's losing her ability to care about other people. In fact, the only person she's really felt attached to lately is you.

  • Send Wayfort (leads to Lyla travelling to the Wayfort)
  • Reassure Her

Whichever you choose, the two of you fall asleep together. Lyla greets you the following morning, already fully dressed and ready to leave. She bids you a cheerful farewell while you try to recollect yourself. If you chose Send Wayfort, the next day Lyla establishes a campsite inside your fort. She's decided you need help protecting your northern gate, so you'll be able to encounter her and do all her interactions from there now.


Stats Likes Dislikes Powers Drops
Attack Power: 60.0 Spellpower: 21.0
Sexiness: 27.0 Temptation: 20.0
Armor: 108.0 Physical Resist: 24.0
Warding: 15.0 Magic Resist: 15.0
Focus: 29.0 Mental Resist: 7.0
Evasion: 20.0 Crushing Resist: -10.0
Penetrating Resist: 25.0
  • Small Breasts
  • Small Cocks
  • Average Breasts
  • Big Breasts
stealable - [+]
  • 700 XP
  • 75 EC


"Why don’t you come here and sit between my legs?" she says, with an inviting tone you can’t decline.

The first time you go to have sex with Lyla, she warns you that working up to sex with her isn't going to be easy... or gentle.

  • Obey: Looks like she’s gonna domme you, and you’re okay with that.
  • Refuse

You need to choose to Obey before being able to progress with her. The first time you're with her, Lyla taunts you before having you service her feet with your tongue. After that encounter you can access her sex menu. You have to get through Assfuck and Toyplay to earn the right to put your penis inside her, and can pick up items from Svern and Viviane to spice up your intercourse.

  • Foot Worship: Relive your first encounter with her and worship her feet.
  • I Want To Fuck! / Assfuck: Get railed by Lyla.
    • Ass
    • Mouth
    • Face
  • Keep Fighting / Toyplay: Make sure she fucks your pussy this time. (requires having done Assfuck, and a Buttplug)
    • Keep On: You’ll show her determination.
    • Stop
  • Fuck Her Pussy: (requires having done Toyplay, and a penis)
    • Grab & Fuck: Even if your cock can’t feel a thing you want to try to grab her and fuck desperately. Accepting whatever punishment comes with the audacity.
      • Felching: You deserve the punishment after all.
      • Refuse: You really don’t want to. (requires not being a Bimbo, and not having felched at least three times before)
    • Just Watch
    • Small Penis Humiliation: (triggers automatically if your penis is <5 inches, leads into Felching)
  • Get Collared: You want to be treated like a lady wearing your pink collar of submission. Given how close to the campsite Lady Evergreen is, she may help Lyla make a lady out of you. (requires Collar of Submission, results in the collar's transformative effects triggering)
  • Missionary: Maybe this time she'll finally give your pussy the love it deserves. / You want her to fuck you and she wants to see your face when she does so. (requires having done Toyplay)

Also, if you choose to Hang Out with Lyla and Try Kiss, you have a romantic rendezvous with her.




Found in Get Collared sex option