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Full body art of Gytha by Sunna
Creator Savin
Contributors William
Full name Gytha Myrrada Odain
Species Boreal Elf
Gender Female
Occupation Huntress
Gate Guard (before Palace of Ice)
Family Demon's Shadow (warg)
Religion Lumian
Location Winter City gate (before Palace of Ice)
Level 5
Health 330
Resolve 193
Strengths Gytha has 2 action points

"My name is Gytha Myrrada Odain," she announces, driving her spear forward. "By order of the Queen, the city gates are sealed. None shall pass while I yet live!"

Without waiting for an answer, the elven amazon digs her heels into her warg and shouts, "Demon's Shadow, charge them down!"

Gytha Myrrada Odain guards the entrance to the Winter City and is the first person you meet on your quest into the Palace of Ice. She's suffering from the effects of Kasyrra's corruption, yet remains fiercely loyal to Queen Alissa and dedicated to enforcing her rule. Gytha is also bonded to her warg mount, Demon's Shadow, who she battles alongside and protects. Her first priority is protecting the city from interlopers, though due to her corruption she also has an enhanced libido and will gladly mix business with pleasure whether she wins or loses the battle.

Demon's Shadow is Gytha's loyal Warg. He can only be encountered with Gytha, serving as her mount and battle companion. Demon's Shadow is well-trained and obedient, and clearly shares a strong bond with his master that she reciprocates.

"I... remember her... One of Alissa's hunting partners. She used to be so ice cold."


The woman is a boreal elf with a long, aureate ponytail that flows up to her lower back and wiggles every time she moves her head. A single lock of hair has escaped her bun; a golden river that springs over her eyebrows and runs down her face to tickle one of her cheeks before falling gently over her shoulder. Just as if she was trying to hide that lock, Gytha runs her fingers over the fringe and pushes it behind her pointy ear, only for the hairs to mock her attempts and return to their original position.

The girl averts your gaze and a faint blush appears over her pale face. One thing is clear: Gytha gets excited easily. She bites her lip and her breathing turns heavy. Her chest rises every time she inhales and you swear her tits are just about to pop out from the leather vest that poorly conceals her bust. Around her waist she wears a split kilt that leaves her legs almost entirely bare all the way up to a leather thong shielding her sex.

"Don't you have a trace of shame in you, outsider?" she asks, while turning her face away from you. Still, she can't hide her blush. "Stop staring at my body as if you wanted to make it yours to play with."


First Encounter

As you progress through the Frostwood all the way up to the gates of the Winter City, Gytha will bolt out on Demon's Shadow to challenge you. She announces that by decree of the Queen the city gates are sealed, and immediately attacks you. If you're victorious, Gytha will surrender and you have options on what to do with the conquered amazon.

  • Interrogate: Question the warg-rider about what to expect within the city.
  • Bang Her: In either hole, teach this silly snow-elf a lesson. (see Sex)
  • Get Oral: Gytha has a pair of lungs worthy of a gate guardian. Are they worthy of your crotch? (see Sex)
  • Leave

If you choose Interrogate, Gytha reveals that Queen Alissa was distraught after Etheryn's flight from the city, but quickly consoled herself into a new beau who's turned the palace into an all-consuming fuckfest. Moreover, there's a full company of the Queen's best warriors preventing anyone from entering the Palace of Ice... or leaving.

If you lose the battle, Gytha is quick to force herself on you (see Sex). You're left back on the square before the gates, beaten, used, and abused.

Should you return to the square, whether you won or lost the last encounter, Gytha will again challenge you to a battle with the same outcomes. She will remain at the post until you clear the Palace of Ice and install Etheryn.

Subsequent Encounters

She swallows, breathes in deeply, tightens the grip around the reins, and then voices a question. "Where did Queen Alissa go? I know that you alone may know the answer."

Once you've cleared Winter City, Gytha becomes a roaming encounter in the Frostwood. On the first meeting she confronts you, and Etheryn (if present), demanding to know where Queen Alissa is. Realising that she intends to serve the now demonic Alissa, you and Etheryn refuse to tell her. Despondent, she leaves, declaring she'll find the Queen herself.

On subsequent encounters, you discover a footprint likely belonging to Demon's Shadow.

  • Pursue: See how the girl is doing.
  • Ignore

If you Pursue, you quickly happen upon Gytha petting her warg. From here you have access to her menu. She talks about her bond with Alissa, how the fallen queen chose Gytha as her hunting partner and sought to escape her royal duties and grief. Gytha doesn't support everything Alissa did, but she still supports her Queen, even after being informed that Alissa bankrupted the city, handed it over to a demon, and became a demon herself. If you seek a Rematch with her, she agrees, but only under the condition that the winner claims the loser sexually.

  • Appearance
  • Talk
    • Gate?: Shouldn't she be guarding the gates?
    • Alissa?: What does Gytha think of her?
  • Rematch: Take the elf out for a rematch; get her body as prize If you win and give her yours if you lose.



Gytha gasps in shock the moment Demon's Shadow falls in battle. She screams his name and runs to his side. "Not yet! You won't fall here... not while I stand!" Gytha commands, coaxing the fallen Demon's Shadow back to his feet.

Stats Likes Dislikes Powers Drops
Attack Power: 48.0 Spellpower: 21.0
Sexiness: 42.0 Temptation: 16.0
Armor: 61.0 Physical Resist: 23.0
Warding: 37.0 Magic Resist: 12.0
Focus: 19.0 Evasion: 47.0
Blight Resist: 50.0 Fire Resist: -50.0
Frost Resist: 30.0 Tease Resist: -50.0
  • Big Breasts
  • Big Cocks
  • Average Breasts
  • Big Asses
  • Small Breasts
  • Small Cocks
  • Small Asses

stealable - [+]

Demon's Shadow

Demon's Shadow


Uses a Warg bust by DCLzexon
Creator Savin
Species Warg
Gender Male
Occupation Mount
Family Gytha (master)
Location Winter City gate (before Palace of Ice)
Level 5
Health 395
Resolve 187
Strengths Demon's Shadow has 1 action point

Gytha gasps, tumbling from the back of her wolven mount and eating a face-full of snow. The warg, Demon's Shadow, throws back its head and howls to the heavens, a thunderous sound that echoes through the ravine. When he lowers his head again, his eyes are bloodshot and frenzies. He's gone mad!

Stats Likes Dislikes Powers
Attack Power: 66.0 Spellpower: 42.0
Sexiness: 6.0 Temptation: 16.0
Armor: 16.0 Physical Resist: 17.0
Warding: 6.0 Magic Resist: 6.0
Focus: 8.0 Mental Resist: 15.0
Evasion: 12.0 Blight Resist: -75.0[+]
Tease Resist: 100.0 Drug Resist: 100.0
Pheromone Resist: 100.0

stealable - [+]


"The castle gates remain closed to you," Gytha says, knocking your [pc.weapon] from your hand with the razor-sharp blade of her lance. You wince in pain, crumpling as she finally dismounts her towering war-beast. "But my body doesn't."

If you defeat Gytha, she rather cheerfully offers herself to you. Kasyrra's had some time to weave her corruption on the palace staff, and Gytha is happy to participate in any heedless hedonism.

  • Bang Her: In either hole, teach this silly snow-elf a lesson. (requires penis)
    • Vaginal: In the pink! If she gets pregnant, that'll definitely keep her out of a fight! Well, assuming you can get her pregnant.
    • Anal: Make this ass yours.
    • Both: (requires two penises)
  • Get Oral: Gytha has a pair of lungs worthy of a gate guardian. Are they worthy of your crotch?
    • Cock: (requires penis)
    • Pussy: (requires vagina)

If Gytha defeats you, she rather cheerfully forcers herself on you.

  • Riders in the Snow: (requires penis)
  • Service Me

Quest Related

In Her Footsteps

Gytha is the first mini-boss of the Winter City stage of In Her Footsteps, making sure any player about to attempt the Palace of Ice is a high-enough level to survive.