In Her Footsteps

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In Her Footsteps
Quest Giver Upon completing the tutorial
Requirements None
Level Range 1+
Quest Type Champion Quest / Main Quest
Reward ??
Location All around the world
Timed? ??
Can Fail? ??

This quest is not yet completed

Quest States

State Acquisition Description
0 Upon waking up after having encountered Kasyrra for the first time You were recruited by Cait, a cat-girl priestess, to help save her sister from a band of kidnappers. After a confrontation with the cultists, her sister, Calla, was thrown through a portal — a tear in the veil between worlds. Soon after, the portal exploded. You would have been killed, except a demoness came through the portal just as it collapsed, and by happenstance shielded you from the falling debris.

The demoness identified herself as Kasyrra, and claimed she would steal your soul. You slipped into unconsciousness after that, sleeping for more than a week.

When you woke, you were told that there was a tremendous explosion that lit up the foothills, and a winged shape was seen flying north. Kasyrra. Now, people are being attacked by monsters in the old forest... no way that's a coincidence. Find the source of the attacks, and you find Kasyrra.

1 If the Champion had learned of the bridge through the Forest Kitsune You've learned that the way north to the Frostwood is barred by a Mother Alraune, who is almost certainly also the source of the Old Forest's corruption. The bridge near her lair is located in the northernmost section of the Old Forest
2 If the Champion had learned of the bridge through the Effigies It appears the attacks on villagers in the forest are the work of a "Mother Alraune", an ally of Kasyrra. According to her daughters, the Alraune is located in the northernmost part of the Old Forest, near the old stone bridge
3 Upon successfully defeating the Alraune and her Herald The Alraune you encountered in the heart of the corrupted garden was indeed planted in your way by Kasyrra herself. All the chaos and mutations in the forest can now be laid squarely at the hooves of your demonic foe. According to the Alraune, she went north across the river and has not returned to the garden since. There's only one crossing point, it seems, so that's your next goal.
4 Upon defeating or being defeated by the Imp swarm and learning of Kasyrra's plan The demon Kasyrra left you reeling at the gates of the river fortress, taking wing to the north. She claims to have had business unfinished in the Frostwood. Explore the cold forest beyond the river and you will no doubt come upon the demon's machinations once more.

This is as far as this quest progresses for now.


The quest is automatically accepted upon waking after the events of the tutorial


Upon exploring the Old Forest the Champion will come across an Effigies party and upon defeating them, they can be talked to. Once talked to the Champion will discover that the Alraune, who is the source of the corruption, is located to the north of the Old Forest. The Champion can also learn this information through the Bridge talk option with the Forest Kitsune at their camp. It matters not what information is unlocked and the Champion can also skip the talking and head directly north.

Upon reaching the north most point towards the Corrupted Garden the Champion will spot the Alraune or Effigy Herald in which the Champion will have to fight the Herald and several Effigies, the Champion can still flee if need be. Champion's with the Thief class or the Slumrat or Hunter background have these options instead:

  • Sneak Attack
    • Sneak Attack will give the entire Champion's party the First Strike combat effect, which give the party an initiative bonus for 3 turns.
  • Retreat

Upon defeating the Herald (and making her cry) and her party, the will venture forward and face the Alraune, the Champion cannot flee and must fight her. Losing to the Herald or the Alraune will result in a bad end. Having successfully defeated the Alraune will prompt the Champion with the following options:

  • Question (choosing this will not end the conversation options)
    • Kasyrra - What is the Alraune's relationship with Kasyrra, and more importantly, where is the demoness now?
    • Her Origin - You haven't seen anything quite like this planty temptress before. Even her daughters are unlike her. Where did she come from?
    • Her Goals - If you let the Alraune live, what will she get up to?
  • Dominate
    • Deciding to Dominate the Alraune will make allow the Champion to safely sex her and encounter her and the Herald as non-hostile
  • Kill
    • Killing the Alraune will obviously lock her and the Herald's non-hostile content

Further along into the Corrupted Garden, the Champion will come across Etheryn, who is tied up in a complex network of thin ropes. The Champion will Free Her and she will ask if she can follow the Champion out of the corrupted garden. The Champion can say:

  • Ok
    • In which she joins the party and will have to replace one of the two companions the Champion may have
  • Nah

Reaching the exit, the Champion will meet Kasyrra once again, however she has recently given birth to Imps which the Champion will have to face. If the Champion had fucked, some of the Imps are the Champion's. Successfully defeating the Imps will allow the Champion to interact with Kasyrra, she will offer to sex the Champion in which the response would be:

  • No - No demon-fucking for you, thanks
  • Take Her - Your demonic rival is offering a chance too good to pass up...
    • Fuck Her - Give this demonic sorceress a good, hard fucking.
      • Suck Her - Switch over to sucking Kasyrra's cock, and get yourself a throat full of demonic spunk. (+15 Corruption)
      • Flip Kas - Turn Kas around, shove her up against that tree, and go hog-wild on her behind. (+5 Corruption)
    • Ride Her - Kasyrra's dick is as tempting as ever, a majestic pillar of equine might that is just begging for a chance to break your body and mind.
      • Get Plowed - Let Kasyrra put you against the tree and pound your vag/ass like the cocksleeve you are. (+15 Corruption) (The Champion can get pregnant from this)
      • Sit On It - Get Kasyrra on the ground and take her dick. It isn't every day you get to top an evil demon! (+15 Corruption) (The Champion can get pregnant from this)
    • Blow Her - Get your mouth around that thick, jet-black cock of hers. (+5 Corrpution)
    • The following response options are to ask if the Champion has had their fill of demon semen
      • No - Not even close (+5 Corruption)
        • One More? - You've drunk too much of her to start resisting now. Your mind swims with visions of serving as her cumdump for the rest of your days, knelt between her red thighs and gulping down thick demonic essence.
          • If the Champion's Corruption is at least 75, this option will become available and result into a bad end
        • Leave - Drag yourself off Kasyrra's beautiful cock and try to keep all of her delicious spunk down.
      • Yes - Drag yourself off Kasyrra's beautiful cock and try to keep all of her delicious spunk down.
    • Try To Kill - Now's your chance, while her guard is down!

Losing to the Imp Swarm will provide +10 Corruption. There is an additional scenario if the Champion becomes pregnant with Kasyrra's Imps. Whatever the case maybe, upon defeating or being defeated by the Imp Swarm and dealing with Kasyrra, the Champion will receive the key item the Blue Gemstone Stud from Kasyrra.

This is as far as this quest progresses for now.


To enter the Corrupted Garden the Champion will have to fight:

Upon successfully defeating the Herald and her party the Champion will have to fight the Alraune

Once the Champion has made their way through the end of the Corrupted Garden, the Champion will face an Imp Swarm

  • 5 Imps if the Champion is less than level 3
  • 4 Imps and an Imp Lord if the Champion is at least level 3


Defeating the Alraune will give: