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Art of Agnimitra by AnonArts
Creator B
Nickname(s) Agni
Species Harpy (Phoenix)
  • Female
  • Female (Hermaphrodite) (conditional)
Title Queen Agnimitra, First Of Her Kind, Beauty Of Tronarii, Fiercest Of The Harpies
Height 5’9”
Bust Size C
  • Rholim (first husband)
  • Exeter (second husband)
  • Ulmora (first wife)
  • Lisca (third wife)
  • "Many dozens" of others
Religion Sorran
  • Elmeric and Ghaan (with Rholim)
  • Trill, Tamera, and Tiffany (with Exeter)
  • Jholomir, Rolig, Jammin, and nine more (with Ulmora)
  • "Hundreds" of others
  • Wayfort (initial)
  • Temple of Terrestrial Fire (if restored)
  • Companion Tag Playful
    Level 5 (initial)
    Health 210 (initial)
    Resolve 213 (initial)

    Agnimitra extends her left middle finger and lays her right index finger across it as well. "I’m not exactly your average harpy: I’m a phoenix. I’ve been blessed with life unending; with time unstopping; with mortal not-being. From exhalation comes aspiration; from expiration comes reanimation. You might have heard the myths and the legends. I’m something of a big fuckin’ deal."

    Agnimitra is a mysterious old lady you encounter in the Wayfort, before she seemingly disappears in a blinding light. If you take her remains to the Temple of Terrestrial Fire, she reveals herself to be an immortal harpy. Agnimitra is not unaging — rather, she ages normally, growing old and reaching the point where mortal creatures would simply die. She however is reborn as a beautiful young woman, reinvigorated and looking to christen her new body in a very carnal fashion.

    Having lived many lives, Agnimitra has a relatively serene mindset regarding immortality. Rather than remembering great historical figures and moments, she cherishes the memory of the men and women she's shared her lives with, as well as the children they brought into the world together. Agnimitra is happy to join your travels as a companion, always looking for a novel experience or change of scenery. Also, sex. It turns out the one thing that remains fresh and new across countless lifetimes is sex.


    Agnimitra's appearance varies depending on whether you've recruited her as a companion, and if you've asked her to become a hermaphrodite.

    As Old Woman:

    The figure underneath the raggedy clothing looks up at you from their makeshift shawl, the fabric barely clinging to the skin of their forehead. It’s an older woman, from the looks of her: fair, wrinkled skin loosely wraps around a pair of dulled red eyes that have seen perhaps one too many winters in their time. The fabric of her ‘outfit’ keeps you from making out too many more details about her.

    As her young self, default:

    Agmimitra is a harpy woman – although that doesn’t really do what she is real justice. In truth, Agnimitra is a phoenix, a mythical creature of legend, capable of wielding fire as she likes and, upon her demise, is instead reborn after a period of time. You’d have a hard time believing it if you didn’t witness her rebirth for your own eyes.

    You ballpark her current age to be roughly in her early twenties and her height to be maybe three inches shy of six feet. Her skin is flawless all over: not so much as a blemish, or a mole or beauty mark, or a dimple anywhere on her silky-tan body. Besides when you first met her, before her rebirth, you’ve never seen her wear any clothing; given her magical fire properties, they’d probably be too much of a hassle anyway.

    Everything about her body reminds you of the anatomy of a lick of flame: the plumage on her head naturally stands slightly upright, with the edges of the feathers being redder than their orange centers. She, like any harpy you’ve seen, has feathers on her arms that grow like ‘sleeves’ up to her shoulders and down to her wrists, and the feathers on her arms are wide and long enough that they look like they could provide lift if she flapped hard enough – or, at least, a steady glide, if she jumped off somewhere high. Her eyes have variables shades in her irises as well: the bottoms of her irises are blue, but they turned to a burning-hot red as they go higher up.

    The skin on her legs are as rough as any other harpy’s, but their discoloration is more extreme: where Agnimitra’s upper body is tanned at its darkest, her legs shift into a much darker shade starting as high as her thighs, turning a dull shade of blue at her feet. It’d almost look unhealthy if you didn’t know how she carried herself from her day-to-day activities. Her hands turn to four-fingered claws and her feet to four-toed talons, just like a regular harpy.

    Agnimitra’s feathers are unique in that they don’t sit still on her body like a harpy’s might: even when she’s at rest, her feathers gently sway against each other, energized by the heat moving between them. The littlest of movement can ruffle them and cause them to heat up to temperatures you’d never expect a living creature could tolerate, much less generate: running your hand through her plumage can cause them to heat up so much that it’d be like running your hand through an open flame. Luckily, her skin, while still hot to the touch, isn’t hot enough to burn you – you just need to be careful how you hold her. And for her part, she doesn’t seem to register the heat she gives off at all. In fact, she sometimes sits in the bowl of the statue even as flames fire out of it.

    Agnimitra has a pair of C-cup breasts sitting pert atop her chest: they have a certain ```vigor``` to their buoyancy that reminds you of her and her personality. Each of them are capped with a rubber-pink nipple about the size of your thumb. Below her waist, she has an average, slim vagina sitting beneath a smooth abdomen, and she has a tight, raised rear end that’s practically daring you to slap it. She’s in the sexual prime of her life and she’s ready to put her body to the test.

    Between her ass cheeks is her anus, right where it belongs.


    First Encounter

    The woman pauses, her hand staying in the air for just a moment longer. She takes a long, shuddering breath out of her mouth – and, slowly, the space in between the rags of her ‘clothes’ fills with a dull-but-escalating light. It grows in strength until it’s radiant enough to fill every dark corner and crack of the alleyway, and you’re forced to shield your eyes from the sight.

    After clearing Winter City, an 'Old Woman' appears in the Wayfort. Decrepit and weak, she tells you her time is nearly done, and asks you to escort her remains to the Temple of Terrestrial Fire in the Frostwood. As she disappears in a blinding flash of light, she leaves behind a Warm Plume.

    If you take the item to the Temple and sacrifice it to the Statue, Agnimitra is reborn. She thanks you for following through with her request – the regeneration process goes a lot faster if she's around or in fire. And it just so happens that she knows a way she can pay you back and break in her new body.

    • Stop!: This is all a little much to take in! You put a set of raggedly old clothes into a bowl, and here’s a harpy, claiming to be a phoenix. You need more answers than that!
    • Okay: Agnimitra has the body of a woman in her sexual prime and she’s so horny that she’s about a sentence away from dry-humping you on the spot. What warm-blooded creature could deny that?

    If you choose Stop!, Agni takes several deep breaths to try and cool down, or if you choose Okay you and Agni have the first of what could be several rounds of figuratively and literally burning hot sex. Whatever happens, she's now living at the temple whenever you'd like to speak to her.

    Subsequent Encounters

    You ask Agnimitra if she’s in the mood for some company. You’d probably be more entertaining than throwing some rocks into a bowl from half a room away.

    "Yes, Sorra, I was hoping you’d offer," she says, tossing the remainder of the pebbles in her hand over her shoulder. "Is this more than a social call, though? Because I wouldn’t say no – but you might be a bit overdressed. I wouldn’t mind helping you out with that."

    Once you've restored her, Agnimitra is available at the Temple of Terrestrial Fire. You can recruit her to join your party (see Companionship), and if you're interested you can ask her to grow a penis and become a hermaphrodite. She's open to it, asking you to bring her a Blue Egg so she can alchemise it. Through her Talk subjects you can learn about her past and her outlook on immortal life.

    • Appearance: Agnimitra is a mythical phoenix of legend, here in the flesh! You should get as good a look at her as you can – who knows if you’ll ever see another one again?
    • Talk: You’d like to know a bit more about Agnimitra. She’s a phoenix! She almost certainly has a ton of great stories to tell.
      • Her Age: Agnimitra, being a phoenix, is much older than she appears – you had only recently witnessed her resurrection, after all. How old is she?
      • Boredom: If it’s true that Agnimitra has lived for so long that her very existence has passed into legends told by bards in taverns, then... does anything in life ever excite her anymore? She must have seen it all by now.
      • Family: Does she have any family? Are there other phoenixes in the world?
      • Powers: Phoenixes are legendary for two distinct powers: their immortality via passing-and-rebirth, and their innate command over fire. You’ve already witnessed the former firsthand; ask Agnimitra for more about the latter.
      • Grow Dick?: To be blunt... Agnimitra is a sexy woman, there’s no denying that, but there’s always the opportunity for someone like her to have, well, more. (requires having had sex with Agnimitra)
      • Companions: Ask Agnimitra what she thinks about the other companions in the party. She must be acquainted with them by now. (requires having recruited Agnimitra, as well as the companion you want to ask her about)
        • Arona: It’d be hard to believe that anyone wouldn’t have an opinion of Arona.
        • Atugia: Ask Agnimitra if she has any particular thoughts about your local Dullahan.
        • Azyrran: You wonder what your favorite phoenix would have to say about your favorite Vesparan.
        • Berwyn:
        • Brienne: You get the feeling that Agnimitra and Brienne might have a bit more in common than meets the eye.
        • Brint: Brint has such a dominating presence that you aren’t sure it’s possible for anyone to at least not have a thought about him.
        • Cait: Cait has something of a magnetic personality, that’s for certain. How well does Agnimitra mix with her?
        • Etheryn: Etheryn is so shy and meek that it’s tough to even find her in a sparsely-populated room sometimes. Maybe Agnimitra’s had some luck with her?
        • Kiyoko: Perhaps Agnimitra, an immortal phoenix, might find some common ground with a kitsune?
        • Quintillus: Agnimitra’s surely spoken a bit with the taeleer you keep in your company by now.
    • Sex: Agnimitra is fresh off being reborn into the world with a body that’s primed to be fucked across the floor, and she’s all but throwing herself at you to do it. Why not have a bit of fun?
    • Come With?: Agnimitra is an immortal phoenix, capable of conjuring fire on a whim. She’s been around long enough that she may be able to provide valuable insight on the locations and scenarios around her. She could be a valuable ally.


    She leans back on one foot, resting her head on her hand as her eyes scan your body from top to bottom as she considers it. "You know what? You’ve been a good [pc.manWoman] to me so far. Anyone that would go out of their way to fulfill the last wishes of an old, decrepit crone like I was is probably a cool enough person to hang out with for a bit more."

    The corners of her mouth almost curl into a playful smile, but she fights herself to keep it down. Her decision was foregone since you asked, and she’s trying to string you along a little bit.

    If you ask Agnimitra to Come With?, she agree, but needs clothes. She's quite literally too hot for normal clothes, so you need to bring her three Flame Capes Agni can create an outfit with.

    Once Agni's had 24 hours, you return to find her clothed and ready to depart. You travel to Hawkethorne, where she collects a gittern from River to channel her magic. From then on, Agnimitra is available to join your party whenever you need a fire-spewing bard.

    Companion Sets


    Acquisition Description Attire & Weapons Main Stats Level Perks Powers
    Default An outfit consisting of three Flame Capes, hand-sewn together by Agnimitra herself. The style is minimalistic and open, reminiscent of her home culture in Tronarii, leaving much of her skin exposed — it was designed to keep her decent, nothing more. The flame-repellant material of the outfit adds to her already-formidable resistance to heat. Gittern

    An ordinary hand-plucked five-string instrument, bought off a street vendor. The instrument is about as long as Agnimitra's arm. It has a wide base and a thin neck, with a sound hole placed right at the top of the body. It's not exactly a formidable weapon... but the wood it's made of is solid enough that a person could swing it by the neck and it'd work as a makeshift club in a pinch.

    1 Phoenix Flames Flametongue
    Flamewing Garb

    (same as set description)

    2 N/A Heat Mirage
    War Hymn
    3 Heat Treatment N/A
    5 Bardic Knowledge Solar Cannon
    Author B Version added: 0.4.24


    If you accept Agnimitra's initial offer with Okay, the Cowgirl scene triggers. Every time you have sex with her, you pass out afterwards due to heat exhaustion and wake to Agni taking care of you. After giving you a drink of water and helping you back to your feet, she asks if you'd like to go again.

    • Cowgirl: Agnimitra has so much sexual energy that it’d be difficult to stay on top during the sex. So why bother trying at all and let her ride you cowgirl style?
    • Doggystyle: Agnimitra is after one thing: to get fucked so hard that she can’t walk for a few hours. Flipping her over and railing her ass ought to do it. (requires penis)
    • Sixty-Nine: You’re both in need of some particular attention. No sense in denying yourselves.
    • Mating Press: What better way for Agnimitra to use that big, throbbing cock of hers to press you into the floor and breed you until you’re gravid with her seed? (requires Agnimitra to have a penis)
    • Face Down: Agnimitra was already difficult to sexually tame, even when she was on bottom. Now that she’s on top with a dick... well, honestly? You want to see what she can do with it, no holds barred. (requires Agnimitra to have a penis)

    If you go to talk to Agnimitra and have had sex with the Hellhound before, Agni will instead ask if you think the Hellhound would be interested in recreational sex. If you choose encourage her, a threesome triggers that you can repeat with a 24 hour cooldown, or you can choose not to.

    • Go For It
    • Don't

    Quest Related

    Hot Wings & Thighs

    Before Agnimitra can join you on your travels, she's going to need materials to create some clothing.