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Full body art of Berwyn by DCLzexon
Creator HugsAlright
Nickname(s) Berry
Alias The Summoner
Species Lupine (half-breed)
Human (half-breed)
Gender Male (Trap)
Occupation Summoner
Height 5'1"
Cock Size Between 20" - 24"
Family Unnamed Lupine Mother
Unnamed Human Father
Unnamed Grandpa (Battlemage)
Location Foothills (South & West)(enemy)
The Frost Hound (after The Mistress)
Level 2 (enemy)
3 (during The Mistress)
6 (during Matiha's Revenge)
Health 175 (Level 2)
223 (Level 3)
331 (Level 6)

"I hate anal," he states simply, pouting.

"I like runes, books about boats — I hate actual boat rides though — and I like most foods with cheese melted on top. Not much else to tell."

Berwyn is a half-lupine summoner and apprentice of Mistress Matiha. He was born to a family of farmers who disapproved of him learning magic, so he abandoned his home and was picked up by Matiha. Berwyn's appearance and libido have both been altered due to the alchemical transformatives placed in his tea by Matiha.


A completely nude Berwyn sits before you, looking to be about 5'1" in height from this angle. He's humanoid and his chocolate-toned face exhibits many features of his human heritage, aside from his pointed, canine ears. His lupine side is heavily displayed in his partially fur-covered limbs, paw-like hands and feet, and the fluffy canid tail that sways absentmindedly behind him.

He has quite the effeminate appearance, his soft features giving him a very girly look, and his body definitely isn't working against that. His shoulders are svelte, and although his chest is flat and boyish, his thin midsection gives way to a wide pair of hips and plush, shapely thighs, partially covered in fur.

The femboy mage has long, white hair that hangs around his face, out of the way of his pale blue eyes. It's quite voluminous and has a bit of bounce to it. Meanwhile, all the fur that covers his limbs, ears, and tail is a snowy white that becomes ever darker until it's a charcoal black where his appendages end, giving his fur a very smokey look.

Normally he'd dress in plain black robes, wear a pointed, wide-brimmed hat, and carry a very plain wooden staff that is slightly crooked near its head. Being completely naked though, you can see the sizeable pair of balls that rest inside a fuzzy, black fur covered ballsack, and his big, red, knotty lupine dick above that, reaching all the way up to his lips when it's erect, and otherwise safe within its furry sheath when it's soft. The summoner's puppy-cock has a thick knot to match, and all topped with a little patch of downy pubes. Opposite all that, the girly magician has a nice squishy butt with a thoroughly-punished pucker resting between his lower cheeks.

Even though his girly appearance and his laughably grumpy, pouty looks could fool others, you know better, because this summoner has quite a bit of dangerous magical prowess.


First Encounter

The Champion will first encounter Berwyn as The Summoner in the Foothills once the Champion is at least level 2. He will yell at the Champion, challenging them to a fight in order to improve his summoning skills before launching a firebolt past the Champion's head and initiating a combat encounter.

Subsequent Encounters

Having already met the trappy summoner, he will always fight the Champion, however, if the Champion decided to Be Nice the last time they won, he will give the Champion the chance to Leave or Fight. Once defeated, the following options are available on what to do with Berwyn:

  • Fuck Him - Fuck this brat's big butt, hard. (requires a cock)
  • Ride Cock - Unwrap this girlyboy's bulge and ride it.
  • Be Nice - Maybe the dogboy just needs a little bit of affection... and a handjob.
  • Leave - Just Leave. (not a sex scene)

The Mistress

If the Champion is at least level 3 and has beaten Berwyn at least once, the next time the Champion encounters the half-lupine summoner, he will announce that he's not there to fight the Champion. He will ask the Champion for their help with his eyes full of desperation, and tell them that there is something wrong with his Mistress and that he thinks she's going to hurt people. He doesn't know what exactly she's planning but he's not strong enough to stop her by himself. When pondering on the options of helping him, the Champion may answer Yes or No.

Refusing to aid the summoner, he will at first be shocked but it will turn into anger causing him to storm off and yell that maybe the Champion isn't the person he thought they were (this will not disable the quest as a Help? option will appear the next time they beat him in combat). Agreeing to help the summoner will cause him to breath a sigh of relief as he will thank the Champion and introduce himself before they head off to face his mistress.

Along the way to the tower, Berwyn will mention that Miss Matiha had taught him everything he knows about magic, she was the one who found him after he left his parents and that he was surprised that he'd never heard of her before considering how powerful she is and that he was her only apprentice. He grimaces and goes on to mention that at first she treated him nicely however something changed, things like his body, his libido and that she treated him harshly and spent most of her time alone or away from the tower. He found the stone with runes that she had been studying, and maps with all the towns around the tower marked. He touched the stone and to say the least, he didn't like it and knew something was wrong. After the long journey, the party arrive at the tower which he will lead the Champion through what looks to be a fortress beneath the tall stone tower.

Once inside the tower, the party will have to make their way to the top of the tower, however while exploring the tower the Champion may uncover a hidden laboratory where Matiha was attempting to infuse something with liquid ley-crystal which Berwyn didn't know about, however he will be able to infuse a staff or a sword depending on the Champion's decision. Searching through the tower, the Champion may come across Berwyn's dresser; finding and pocketing one of Berwyn's panties

"What are you doing?!" Berwyn exclaims as quietly as he can, "Those're my clothes!"

The half-breed grits his teeth before letting out a deep breath and rubbing his temples. "You know what, fine," he says, scowling at you, "I don't care, do whatever you want with those. Let's just keep moving."

Having reached Matiha's study, Matiha will ask if the friends he brought are for her but Berwyn affirms that they're there to stop her. With an exasperating sigh, she gives Berwyn one last warning to step aside or he's going to get hurt, to which Berwyn doesn't move and stands his ground. Once Matiha has been defeated, she comment that although Berwyn lacks the ability to harness magic properly, he knows how to pick his allies but they haven't seen the last of her, before grabbing hold of a marked rock and a bright white light engulfs her. Once the light settles, Matiha is nowhere to be seen and the whole tower begins to shake violently. Berwyn shouts for them to get out of the tower. The party make it out of the tower before another blinding white light absorbs the entire place as torrents of magical energy from the tower. When the light clears once more, they only see a huge empty plot that was once the fortress. Berwyn explains that she must have teleported the entire tower however he adds that she'll find him before he'll figure out where she went. He will thank the Champion but his voice will wobble with fear as he asks if he can come with the Champion and that he'll need their help again when his mistress shows up again.

Should the Champion refuse to bring Berwyn into their company, he will frown and with a defeated sigh he will mention that he'll head to Hawkethorne by himself.


If the Champion had decided to bring in Berwyn to their company during the conclusion of The Mistress, they will have the option to immediately add him to their party or send him to Hawkethorne to be picked up later.

At The Frost Hound, Berwyn can be found under the Guests option where, if the Champion did not bring him into their company, will have a Recruit option to bring him in. Other than the Recruit option, the Champion may ask Berwyn about his Mistress? to which he states that he's found nothing yet, for those who have yet to recruit Berwyn.

Approaching Berwyn once he has been recruited will bring up the following options:

  • Appearance - Well, all of Berwyn is right there on display for you to look at.
  • Talk - You just wanted to have a talk with Berwyn.
    • Him
    • Magic
    • His Body
    • Mistress?
  • Sex - Could he go for another round after all of that?
  • Pet - All you want to do is get your hands between those big, fluffy ears.
  • Cait? - You know, maybe Cait could help him with this "constantly horny" thing. (available only once)
  • Breed? - Ask the femmy half-breed if he wants to put that fat knot of his to good use and breed you silly! (is a sex scene, see requirements at Sex)
  • Preg Cuddle - Have Berwyn give you a warm cuddling with a side of fondling. (requires the Champion to be pregnant with Berwyn's child)

When asking about himself, Berwyn will mention that he was born to a family of farmers however he was good at magic. He found out that his grandpa was actually a battlemage and was pretty integral part to his lord's court but got tired of all the fighting and politics and when he left the court he had his lord wipe all records of the mention of his grandpa's name. After hearing this, he wanted to learn magic but his parents disapproved so he eventually abandoned home and it wasn't long before Mistress Matiha found him.

When talking about his magic, Berwyn will say that Matiha was pretty keen on teaching him about summoning and other conjuring spells however he has a big interest in runes however only as a pet project during his studies but now that he's out of his mistress's shadow he'll be able to study them more on his own.

When asked about his body, Berwyn will mention that he didn't always look like what he looks like now. It was in fact the tea that Matiha had been giving him that was infused with some alchemical transformative ingredients which caused his body to change over time. His adds that his libido is most likely a side effect of the tea but he's kinda learned to deal with it and only gets really bad when he's cooped up somewhere for too long.

When asked why he spends so much time jerking off when there's a Mallachite priestess down the hall, Berwyn will ask what they mean. This results in the Champion explaining what Cait's devotion is to which Berwyn replies that he guesses he'll ask the next time he gets pent up. This will unlock a new Cait? option for Cait when attempting to look for her at the inn. There will be a 9% chance when looking for Cait at her room, they will find the two getting it on. There is a 33% chance each for any of the 3 variations to occur: TitFuck, TitSuck, or Threesome. For the TitFuck and TitSuck scenes, the Champion may decide to StayAndWatch or Leave, however the Threesome will have a GetFucked, Fuck Berwyn, and Leave options.

If Berwyn has been recruited, if he hasn't been cuddled and a 20% chance to occur, the Champion may find a Berwyn? option the next time they go to look for him at The Frost Hound. They will find Berwyn missing and go to look for him, at the back of the inn practicing his summoning. When asked what he's practicing he will state that he's trying to summon a Fire Elemental because despite being able to summon two Stone Elementals, fire is quite different. He goes over a stack of books which he states are tomes that he still had from his time with Matiha and he'd figured that'd it be a good idea to teach himself more practical skills, however since there is no one around town to train him he's left with the books. However he shakes with anger as he explains that the books Matiha had given him are filled with gibberish and false information, impeding how fast he can learn spells. He continues on in rage before the Champion places a hand on his shoulder, which stops his immediate rage but he is still trembling with anger. The Champion will walk with Berwyn back to his room, where he will apologize and thank them for walking him back, the Champion has the following options on what to do with Berwyn:

  • Cuddle - Comfort your distraught companion with some hugs and kind words. (includes a -2 Corruption)
  • CuddleFuck - Invite Berwyn to fuck you slowly while you remind him of what a good mage he is. (counts as cuddled)
  • Leave - Let Berwyn rest by himself for a bit.


Throughout the various interactions with Berwyn, the Champion will be able to make Berwyn act more dominant towards them. Do note that once Berwyn reaches 50 and 100, it will not go lower passed those two points.

Increase & Decrease

Scene Change Frequency
Pet -5 Repeatable
Anal -15
Doggystyle +20
Give Titjob +10
Cock Worship +20
ReverseCowgirl -15
Prone Bone -15
Spank -5
Sex - CuddleFuck +10
Berwyn? - Cuddle -5 Once
Berwyn? - CuddleFuck -10



As an enemy, Berwyn will always try to summon 2x Stone Elementals to aid him in combat.


Attack Power: 9 Spellpower: 33
Sexiness: 5 Temptation: 3
Armor: 38 Physical Resist: 3
Warding: 61 Magic Resist: 16
Focus: 6 Mental Resist: 13
Evasion: 23

  • Big Asses
  • Vaginas
  • Average Breasts
  • Big Breasts

  • Big Cocks
  • Small Breasts



Companion Sets

Summoner's Gear

Summoner's Gear
Acquisition Description Attire & Weapons Main Stats Level Perks Powers
Default Berwyn's arcane gear. The most eye-catching part of his getup is a long, pointed hat. While this kit may not provide the best protection, it's easy to move in and is ideal for spell casting. Birch Staff

A staff made of birch wood with a knotted, crooked end. The tip of the staff has been burned and infused with summoning incense to draw out elementals and other monsters more effectively.

1 Journeyman Summoner Fire Bolt
Charm Spell
Summon Golem
Summoner's Robes

A set of black robes. They're fairly short and have a split down the right thigh, and the set also fits rather tightly against the frame. Most importantly though, the robes look great with a big, pointy, wide-brimmed mage's hat!

2 N/A Group Heal
3 Arcane Attunement N/A
5 Focused Will Spirit Binder
Author HugsAlright Version added: 0.1.5



Victory Sex Options:

  • Fuck Him - Fuck this brat's big butt, hard. (requires a cock)
  • Ride Cock - Unwrap this girlyboy's bulge and ride it.
  • Be Nice - Maybe the dogboy just needs a little bit of affection... and a handjob.
  • Leave - Just Leave. (not a sex scene)

Berwyn's Defeat Sex Scenes is a bit different, each of the items below add a +1 to the variation number that will be randomized for a scene to be chosen (i.e. Defeat Dicking requires 2/3 check to pass and then it is randomized to see if Facefuck or Dicking will be chosen):

  • +1 by default
  • Cup Size >= DD
  • Femininity >= 50

Defeat Sex Scenes:

  • Defeat Facefuck (var 1)
  • Defeat Dicking (var 2)
  • Defeat Titfuck (var 3)


Frost Hound and Camp Sex Options:

  • Anal - Put Berwyn on his back and fuck his butt until he cums all over himself again! (requires a cock)
  • Doggystyle - Bend over and let Berwyn go to town on you.
  • Give Titjob - Lie back and let the girly half-lupine use your chest as a cocksleeve! (requires cupsize >= DD)
  • Cock Worship - Get down on your knees and lavish Berwyn's big red puppy-cock.
  • Spank - Get Berwyn to bend over for you so you can give that big butt of his a smacking!
  • CuddleFuck - Hold Berwyn close while he fucks you gently and slowly. (requires Cuddled before).
  • ReverseCowgirl - Have Berwyn ride your cock for a bit. (requires a cock and has done Anal before)
  • Prone Bone - Get Berwyn to lie flat on his stomach while you go to town on that cushy butt of his. (requires a cock and has done ReverseCowGirl before)

Having pointed Berwyn to the services of Cait, the following scenes may occur when finding the two together (found under Cait?):

  • TitFuck
    • StayAndWatch - Keep watching your companions get it on.
    • Leave - You'd rather not watch.
  • TitSuck
    • StayAndWatch - Keep watching your companions get it on.
    • Leave - You'd rather not watch.
  • Threesome
    • Get Fucked - Get your share of Berwyn's dick once he's through with Cait.
    • Fuck Berwyn - Shove your dick in that half-breed's butt and milk his prostate right into Cait! (requires a cock)
    • Leave - You'd rather not get involved in this.
  • Breed? - Ask the femmy half-breed if he wants to put that fat knot of his to good use and breed you silly! (requires a vagina, is not Infertile and is not Pregnant)

Having talked to Berwyn about Cait, the option below can be found under Cait's Frost Hound options:

  • Berwyn3Some - Ask Cait if she'd be up for handling both yours and Berwyn's dicks. (requires a cock)
    • Let Cait - Have Cait wake Berwyn up by giving his big lupine ears a gentle petting.
    • Spank - It's impossible to resist giving butt a good spanking up in the air like it is, and no doubt it'll wake Berwyn up as well.


If Berywn is dominant (score at 100), Berwyn is able to knock up the Champion through the Breed? option, if the Champion is not Infertile and is not currently pregnant (standard impregnation chances apply). Once the Champion has become impregnated, a new Preg Cuddle option will become available while the Champion is currently pregnant with Berwyn's child.

When the Champion is about to give birth, they will move to The Frost Hound in which, Gwyn, Berwyn (is around) and Cait (if recruited) will aid and accompany the Champion during their labor. Once the ordeal is over Berwyn will express his nervousness and relief, stating that its nice to have something to fight for other than the Champion. He will also mention that he'll probably move back to his parent's farm with the kids once the whole thing is over, if its okay with the Champion of course. The Champion will reply that it sounds like a fantastic idea and that they might join him.

Quest Related

The Mistress

Berwyn's Mistress is up to some sort of vague dark plot and he needs the Champion's help to stop there