Mistress Matiha

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Mistress Matiha Bust.png
Bust of Mistress Matiha by DCLzexon
Creator HugsAlright
Species Human
Gender Female
Occupation Summoner
Title Mistress
Location Matiha's Tower
Level 4
Health 220
Resolve 100
Strengths She has 2 action points


A tall, pale skinned human woman stands before a desk, flipping through a large tome, a strange runed stone next to the leather bound book. She's wearing an outfit similar to her apprentice's, and it fits tightly around her womanly body.

The woman chuckles and turns around, revealing an impressive bust stretching her robes and a beautiful face with brown eyes and dark lips.

Personal History

Mistress Matiha is a powerful magician and summoner who has her own tall stone tower, which she resides in. She is also the mistress and teacher of Berwyn, whom she took into her care when he left his parents. She was kind and cared for her only apprentice, however as she continued to study a strange runed stone, her personality changed.

At first she treated me nicer, but then things changed, and I don't know exactly what... I noticed some specific things becoming different... my body... my libido... but I never thought about it, or cared. She changed too, she started treating me harsher when I failed her lessons, and started spending a lot more time by herself, or away from the tower.

-Berwyn to the Champion


As of the moment, Mistress Matiha is only encountered during the events of The Mistress in her tower.



Attack Power: 15 Spellpower: 54
Sexiness: 12 Armor: 15
Physical Resist: 11 Waring: 32
Magic Resist: 22 Focus: 18
Mental Resist: 25 Evasion: 10
Tease Resist: 33


  • Big Cock (17' or greater)
  • Big Ass (butt rating of greater than 7)
  • Normal Tits (greater than B but less than G cupsize)
  • Big Tits (G cupsize or bigger)


  • Vaginas
  • Small Tits (B cupsize or smaller)



If the Champion were to lose to her during the events of The Mistress, they will be subjected to some tentacle fucking and a bad end.



The Mistress

Mistress Matiha is planning something sinister and it has something to do with the villages around her tower