Matiha's Revenge

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Matiha's Revenge
Creator B
Quest Giver Astraea
Requirements Complete Act One
Level Range 5+
Quest Type Side Quest
Location Hawkethorne
The Ways Between
Matiha's Tower
Timed? No
Can Fail? No

You glance from the paper up to the woman, her face veiled in the cloak. Despite the heavy shadow cast over her features, with her standing this close to you, you can easily see the fiery glow of her eyes; each of them a bright, shifting shade of orange, adorned a thin, vertical slit for a pupil. They watch you not with any sort of intensity that you can tell – in fact, they look almost downtrodden. Tired. Defeated. You glance from the paper up to the woman, her face veiled in the cloak. Despite the heavy shadow cast over her features, with her standing this close to you, you can easily see the fiery glow of her eyes; each of them a bright, shifting shade of orange, adorned a thin, vertical slit for a pupil. They watch you not with any sort of intensity that you can tell – in fact, they look almost downtrodden. Tired. Defeated.

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Quest States

State Acquisition Description
0 Tell Astraea that you know Berwyn Astraea, a magehunter from the Order Astrida, has located Matiha’s teleporting tower – and it’s gotten itself wedged in the Ways Between, the extra-dimensional pocket space that can send you throughout Savarra within the blink of an eye. Matiha’s power has grown large enough that two magehunters failed to bring her down, and Astraea has no way to contact the Order from where she is. It’s up to you and Berwyn to put a stop to whatever Matiha’s been doing, once and for all.
1 Move South or West in Matiha's Tower Matiha's teleporting fortress has stopped in the Ways Between. You've finally managed to enter the building — but as soon as you did, the fortress's very bricks came apart and rearranged themselves with you and Berwyn still inside. Now, every time you enter a new room, the entire fortress changes shape to confuse and disorient you. Keep a keen eye and watch for the littlest details: there's bound to be a way out of this fortress!
2 Complete the Dungeon (complete) Matiha had been corrupted by long-term exposure to a rune stone that had absorbed thousands of years of ambient mana. After defeating her and destroying the stone, Matiha came to her senses, and, after a brief reunion with Berwyn, has decided to stay with him inside the fortress, itself still inside the Ways Between.

Berwyn has also learned how to teleport the fortress himself, just as Matiha could. Now, you can summon the whole fortress anywhere you can set up camp!


Once Act One has been completed, an event will proc where you will be approached in the Frost Hound by a hooded figure looking for Berwyn. This is Astraea, a paladin of Nareva and a member of the Order Astrida, who was sent to deal with Mistress Matiha alongside her sister-in-arms Elexis.

  • If you say Yes, you will take her to Berwyn’s room, where the quest will officially begin.
  • If you say No, you permanently disable this quest and Astraea will leave. You will have to load a previous/auto save if you decide later that you want to do this quest, or disable it by accident.



  • Once you tell Astraea that you know Berwyn, you will take her upstairs to his room and introduce them. She will reveal that not only has Matiha gotten strong enough to teleport her entire tower in-and-out of the Ways Between, the rune she has had drained the very life-force from Astraea, rending her unable to use magic or travel the Ways Between. While in the tower, she found a stockpile of unsent letters all addressed to Berwyn, and wants him to talk to Matiha in an attempt to make her see reason.
  • Whenever you are ready, meet Astraea at the Hawkethorne Waystone and select Begin - note that you will not be able to exit the fortress until the quest is completed, so make sure that you have everything you need and a save ready in case you need to reload. Berwyn will join your party as a guest, and Astraea will lend you her Waystone charm that is attuned to the fortress.

Matiha’s Tower

  • Once you make your way into the tower, your minimap will become useless, as the fortress will shift and rearrange itself around you and your party. In order to find your way, you will have to pay close attention to the room descriptions and make sure to follow the glowing green vines. While wondering, you will come to blows with Elexis, who has ostensibly been turned into Matiha’s puppet. However, if you can’t find your way, Matiha will bring you to her once enough time has passed.
Map of the tower (By @Zavenosk)
  • SPOILER MathiasRevenge.png
  • Once you get to Matiha, she will start talking to Berwyn, and you will have several choices to make:
    • Wait / Rush Matiha / Rush Elexis / Rush Stone
    • Choosing anything but Wait will lead straight to combat, but if you Wait too many times, Berwyn will join Matiha and it will result in a Bad End. Once combat begins, if the runestone is reduced to 0 hp by anyone other than Berwyn (And his summon) it will explode and cause a Bad End. Therefore you have to keep Berwyn alive as he concentrates on the rune in order to win the battle (The battle is won once the rune is defeated, Matiha and Elexis will recover whenever they hit 0 health.).
  • After combat, the rune is destabilized and Matiha will throw herself over the rune, mutating her completely. A second combat will begin (With its own bad end should you lose), the conclusion of which results in a massive mana blast that will revert Matiha back to her normal form and allow you (as Berwyn) to change their appearance.

Matiha’s eight eyes focus on you and Berwyn, each of them moving individually until they roll into their final position. "Berwyn," you hear her say, although what you think is her ‘mouth’ doesn’t flap in time with her words. "Berwyn... Berwyn...."

After the player has finished making their choices, the Champion will awaken in the fortress's courtyard. The champion then checks if they or their companions are injured before searching for Berwyn. Upon finding the summoner the Champion will make comments regarding any changes in their appearance. Berwyn will then state that they should look for Matiha.

While searching the courtyard for Matiha, the party will find Elexis, who appears to be clinging to life. After a discussion with Berwyn about helping the magehunter, the Champion will notice a waystone charm emblazoned with the symbol of the order Astraea on her. Upon interacting with the waystone charm it activates, almost teleporting both the Champion and Elexis. Pulling back in alarm, the Champion accidentally pulls off the charm from around Elexis’ neck. The mage hunter is then teleported away from the fortress, presumably to wherever the charm was meant to send her.

Dealing with Matiha

With Elexis saved, the party continues searching for Matiha. Upon finding her unconscious, a discussion will occur between the Champion and Berwyn regarding what they should do with her. The player is then presented with the choices Talk to Her, Wayfort or Evergreen.

  • Selecting Wayfort will result in the Champion convincing Berwyn that the Wayfort would be the best place for Matiha before taking her there. (This option will result in Matiha moving to the Wayfort permanently and Berwyn will move into the tower alone.)
  • Selecting Evergreen Will result in the Champion convincing Berwyn that It would be best to leave Matiha with Lady Evergreen before dropping her off at the witch’s house. (This option will permanently remove Matiha from the game and Berwyn will move into the tower alone.)
    • During both of the above options, the player will be presented with a Tychris prompt. This will cause the Champion to use Elexis’ Waystone charm to deliver Matiha to the order Astrida. (This option will, in all likelihood, permanently remove Matiha from the game.)
  • Selecting Talk to Her will result in the Champion convincing Berwyn to talk with Matiha. This will result in the two reconciling. Additionally, the Champion will discover that both Berwyn/Wynne and Matiha are attracted to them. In response to this revelation they may choose Polyamory, Fuckbuddies or Neither.
    • The Polyamory and Fuckbuddies options will both result in the Champion expressing their desire to sleep with both Berwyn/Wynne and Matiha thus enabling sex scenes with the pair.
    • The Neither option will result in the Champion turning down the pairs advances. (This will lock the player out of any sex scenes)
    • Regardless of the response, the pair will then move into the tower together.

Regardless of how the Champion chooses to deal with Matiha, Berwyn will move into Matiha's Fortress and the Champion reporting their success to Astraea.


Matiha will be dealt with, Berwyn will move into Matiha’s tower, and Astraea will leave and return to Tychris.

Notable Loot and Rewards

Ley-crystal Grenade
Summon Golem Spell
Titanic Hat
Gold coin (1 in 10,000 chance to encounter the room with it when moving)

Puzzle Solutions

Path to Some Extra Lore

From the starting point, go:

East, North, East, South, East

Path to Matiha

From the starting point, go:

East, North, East, South, South, North, West, West