Matiha's Tower

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Matiha's Tower
Matiha's Tower.png
Interior map
Region Foothills
Level range 3+


"It's a long journey, and you actually stop to rest along the way for some time. Eventually though, sometime after Berwyn spins his tale about his mistress, the tower he spoke of appears over the horizon. The pointed roof of the tower rises over the foothills as you move forward, and soon enough what looks like a whole fortress appears beneath the tall stone tower.

It's still a while longer before you all make it to the tower, and when you do there's a huge door standing between you and your goal.

"Here," Berwyn says, stepping ahead of you, his staff extended, "This door doesn't open normally."

With that, his staff begins to glow a bright red at its tip, and he proceeds to trace a rune along the heavy wooden posts of the door. It seems to do the trick, and soon you hear the sound of the gate unlatching and the two huge doors swing open.

Berwyn takes a few steps forward and signals for your party to follow him through the gateway. He leads you into the courtyard of the fortress; it's wide open with a lot of space between its outer walls and the tower. It's hard to tell what this place might have once been used for or who it belonged to, because now it's been turned into a large herb garden, filled with all the blossoming ingredients an experienced alchemist would need, planted expertly around the tower's moving shadow to optimize the amount of sunlight they get.

Your guide leads you do the tower and opens another door before inviting you inside, and you follow him in."


"You re-enter the base of the tower; it seems to be a common area of sorts, with table, chairs, a couple book shelves, a stove, and countertops. This clearly isn't your destination, as there's no "mistress" to be found here.

Berwyn seems frustrated, "What are we doing in here still?! We need to find Mistress Matiha!

Well, it doesn't look like there's anything of interest here, aside from those bookshelves over in the corner."


Notable Rewards

  • Berwyn's Panties - Obtained by Searching the living quarters.
  • Spiraled Blade - Reward for completing the Book Puzzle.
  • Spiraled Staff - Reward for completing the Book Puzzle.


Book Puzzle - Allows access to Matiha's hidden lab.

Puzzle solution

Curious about this seemingly normal shelf, you ask your companion if there's anything here his mistress herself reads.

Book Puzzle