Spiraled Staff

From Corruption of Champions II
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Spiraled Staff
Sp. Staff
Type Weapon
Slot Primary
Base Price 600
Additional Information
Damage 30 (Crushing)
Damage Type Physical
Accuracy 10
Crit Bonus 5
Spellpower 20
Spell Penetration 15
Additional Flags TwoHand


A metal staff with a spiral ingrained into it running from its shaft to its crux. Infused with liquid ley-crystal, it pulses with magical energy, and the long spiral helps to amplify that power.


Magically infused and given by Berwyn after choosing between the Spiraled Staff or Spiraled Blade at the hidden laboratory in Matiha's Tower during the events of The Mistress.

Quest Related

For Want Of A Nail

Can be given to the Kitsune in place of the strange metal relic Svern has (note that this will consume the weapon).