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Astraea by AnonArts
Creator B
Species Salamander
Gender Dickgirl
Religion Narevan
Faction Order Astrida
Nationality Tychris
Location Hawkethorne (temporarily)
Version Added 0.5.7

"I study transmutation. I specialize in polymorphization – I can change the shape of my body at will. I’m the greatest polymorph the Order had seen in generations." She takes a long pause, her head bowing and her eyes closing in defeat. "I could and I was, anyway." -Astraea

Astraea is a paladin of Nareva and a member of the Order Astrida. She is a talented transmuter and magehunter crafted by the goddess Nareva herself. When you first meet her, she is searching for Berwyn in regards to Mistress Matiha, as she has become alarmingly powerful and has settled in the Ways Between.




First Encounter

You will first encounter Astraea after completing the Palace of Ice and Act One. She will be looking for Berwyn and you have the option to introduce them or lie. Lying will disable both the quest and any further interactions with Astraea, removing her from the game (as of the current build). If you introduce her to Berwyn, however, she will give you the quest Matiha's Revenge, and you will need to speak to her to get started, which will enable you to interact with her.

Subsequent Encounters

You will be able to speak with Astraea at the Hawkethorne Waystone and the Frost Hound while the quest is in progress. After the completion of Matiha's Revenge, she will return to Tychris.


Astraea’s prompt menu during Matiha's Revenge.

  • Talk: Walk with Astraea - she’s probably a bit starved of some socializing. Anything from herself to her work to what you should expect when you’re ready to meet Matiha.
    • Herself: Ask Astraea about herself and her upbringing. What sort of life did she lead before she joined the Order Astrida?
    • Order Astrida: Ask Astraea about the Order Astrida. What is it, in her own words?
    • Matiha: Ask more about Matiha and her fortress in the Ways Between. If you and Berwyn are expected to storm the fortress, you’d like to be as informed as possible.
  • Begin: Matiha isn’t going to apprehend herself. The Order Astrida can’t stand up to her and her might, and the longer you wait, the stronger she becomes. It’s up to you and Berwyn to bring her down once and for all.
    • Yes / No
  • Hug (Available after all talks have been done)

Quest Related

Matiha's Revenge

Astraea is the quest giver for this quest.