Hot Wings & Thighs

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Hot Wings & Thighs
Creator B
Quest Giver Agnimitra
Requirements Restore Agnimitra at the Temple of Terrestrial Fire
Level Range 5+
Quest Type Companion Quest
Reward Agnimitra recruited as a companion
Location Temple of Terrestrial Fire
Timed? No
Can Fail? No

"So, just do me one solid: all I need is enough flame-resistant fabric to make an outfit with. I don’t need a lot of it: just enough that’ll keep me from getting thrown out of a tavern or accosted on the street. I don’t mind showing off a bit of skin aside from that."

Once you've restored Agnimitra at the Temple of Terrestrial Fire, you can ask her to join you as a companion. She agrees, but first she needs help organising some clothing.

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Quest States

State Acquisition Description
0 Ask Agnimitra to Come With? Agnimitra, an immortal phoenix that can conjure fire on a whim, is willing to join you as a companion on your adventures, but because of how hot her body can get, she can’t wear normal clothing and she needs clothes that are flame-resistant. She mentioned that someone in Hawkethorne sells flame-resistant capes: all she needs is three of those brought back to her, and she can sew her clothing herself.

Flame Capes: X / 3

1 Have three Flame Capes in inventory Agnimitra, the immortal phoenix, is willing to join with you, but she asked you to retrieve three Flame Capes before she could. You now have three Flame Capes to bring to her – return to the Temple of Terrestrial Fire with them!
2 Give Flame Capes to Agnimitra Agnimitra asked you to bring her three Flame Capes so that she could sew herself a flame-resistant outfit to make herself presentable to the world before she was willing to travel with you. Throughout her lifetimes, she’s learned how to become a modest seamstress, and now, she just needs one day to sew her own outfit. Return to her in twenty-four hours, and she ought to be ready to leave!
3 Wait 24 hours It's been a day since you gave Agnimitra the Flame Capes, like she had asked. She must be done with her outfit by now — go and give her a visit!
4 (complete) Return to Agnimitra Agnimitra has taken the three Flame Capes she asked you to get and she’s sewn herself a flame-resistant outfit to make herself presentable enough to the world that she wouldn’t be seen as ‘indecent.’ Agnimitra can now travel with you!


Once you've cleared Winter City, an Old Woman appears at the Wayfort. Bring her remains to the Temple of Terrestrial Fire to restore Agnimitra, and ask her if she'd like to Come With?.


You can purchase Flame Capes from Leorah in Hawkethorne. Once you have them, return them to Agnimitra. After 24 hours, Agnimitra will be finished and you can return to her to complete the quest.

Notable Loot & Reward

Agnimitra becomes recruitable as a companion.