Temple of Terrestrial Fire

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Temple of Terrestrial Fire

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Maps of Temple of Terrestrial Fire
Region Frostwood
Level range 4+
Accessible from Frostwood
Neutral Hub Yes

Before you is a towering hill, covered in craggy stone and thick moss. The snow that's otherwise ever-present in the Frostwood succeeds from the hill as if by magic, forming an almost perfectly circular line fifty feet from the start of the rise. A number of particularly large and ancient-seeming trees grow roots in the soil on the hillside, though their trunks seem blackened in places as if ravaged by fire.

There is a cave entrance not far from where you stand, clearly man-made. Large oblong stones stand in two rows leading away from the entrance, like primitive arches. They're all covered with strange red symbols, and while you cannot decipher the language, you can clearly see pictograms that can only possibly represent fire repeated several times on each.

The Temple of Terrestrial Fire is a landmark in the Frostwood, to the north-east of the Wayfort. Formerly frequented by Boreal Elves, it has seemingly faded from memory. Now it is largely abandoned, guarded by the Hellhound and filled with elemental magic from a bygone era.

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Points of Interest

Great Hall

The great hall of the temple is a deep, vaulted chamber of red brick supported by rows of blackened pillars flanking the entrance — and a set of stone doors to the north, which lead further inside. Empty offering bowls and tattered old prayer rugs are strewn haphazardly about the fringes, reinforcing that this temple has not seen worship in many a year. There is a powerful canid scent lingering in the air, a reminder of the temple's guardian. It's most powerful surrounding a large nest made of old pillows, straw, and shredded rugs.

The Hellhound is at the entrance, waiting to ambush you until you prove your worth or otherwise pacify her.

Statue Guardian

The second chamber of the temple is dominated by a huge obsidian statue, depicting a shapely salamander woman in the buff, human in shape save for thick scales covering her forelimbs and a draconic set of ears and a tail glowing with a radiant inner light. The statue is holding up a great bronze bowl in one hand, extending it towards you; in her other, she brandishes a staff of solid black stone, adorned with a flame-red crystal at its peak that glows with an inner light, perhaps fed by the same hidden fires that illuminate her tail.

To progress through to the Inner Sanctum, you need to offer a Glowing Ice Shard as a sacrifice to the statue. Once you've met the Old Woman in the Wayfort, you can offer her remains to the statue guardian to revive the phoenix, and she'll stick around here.

Inner Sanctum

The innermost sanctum of the Temple of Terrestrial Fire is a broad, oval-shaped chamber that was likely once the same red brick as the outer halls, but has long since been scorched black by the abyssal flames contained within this place.

At the heart of the temple, you can use the magic to upgrade you and your companions. If you have the power Summon Flame Spirit equipped, you can Bind Spirits to do battle to unlock new fire summons. And if you have Brienne, she can use the Clothing to gain the Pyromancer's Cloth set.

Quest Related

Hot Wings & Thighs

Once you've restored Agnimitra, you can recruit her as a companion. However, you need to fetch her some items first.