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Hellhound DCL Bust.png

Hellhound DCL Preg Bust.png

Busts of the Hellhound by DCLzexon
Creator Savin
Species Half-Lupine (Hellhound)
Gender Female
Occupation Temple Guardian
Location Temple of Terrestrial Fire
Level 5
Health 365
Resolve 189
Strengths The Hellhound has 3 action points

The fiendish lupine drinks deep of your scent, pressing her bare, sweat-slick body against you, forcing you to feel every inch of hard abdominal muscle and weighty breast crushing down on you. You squirm and thrash beneath her, but her arms are even more ripped than her belly, and her razor-like claws tighten around your wrists. "Keep struggling, and there's no telling what my claws will do," she snarls. "Let momma punish you like you deserve..."

The Hellhound is a hellhound who lives in the Temple of Terrestrial Fire. She guards the temple, or rather she challenges any intruders to fight and claims her dues if victorious. The Hellhound is implied to be older, possibly imbued with longevity due to her elemental nature, though this in no way dampens her enthusiasm in battle or sex.


You're facing down a half-lupine, a towering muscle-bound woman with a devilish fire in her eyes! She's more than seven and a half feet of dark skin and rippling muscles glistening with sweat, with thick paws and dark fur covering her forelimbs. A coal-black tail swishes heavily behind her, easily as long as her whole body and nearly just as thick. A proud red mane of fur surrounds her shoulders, delving deep between two dusky breasts each larger than her head and adorned with a pair of ruby studs from each rosey peak. Your eyes inevitably follow the lines of her body, down from her mane and through her cleavage, over hardened abs to broad hips and trunk-like thighs. Her pussy's adorned with a mane of its own, the same fire-red as the first, but you can clearly see the excitement of battle getting to her, drenching the insides of her legs.


First Encounter

The first time you enter the Temple of Terrestrial Fire, if you have a Cunning of higher than 66%, you spot the Hellhound as she dives from the ceiling at you. Otherwise, you are caught and pinned under her. If you passed the check, you enter combat with the Hellhound. Otherwise, you are given the choice to Submit or Fight. If you Submit or are defeated in combat, you are subjected to one of the defeat sex scenes, or if you are victorious you can choose to have your way with her or not. If you flee, the Hellhound is angry at your cowardice but does not pursue you beyond the temple grounds. As long as you didn't flee, you're free to explore the temple afterwards.

Subsequent Encounters

"Isn't it obvious to you that this is my lair, my home!? Tsk, well, if you insist on intruding... then I suppose it's time for me to teach the young blood some respect, isn't it? Why don't you put that silly weapon away, or there's no telling what my claws will do when I rip it out of your hands," she laughs, taking a menacing step forward. "Just let momma punish you like you deserve."

In subsequent visits to the Temple of Terrestrial Fire, the Hellhound no longer ambushes you, rather openly challenging you and giving you the choice to Submit or Fight. Same as the first visit, as long as you finish the battle (or submit without a fight) you're welcome to explore the temple afterwards.

If you sire children with the Hellhound, she no longer challenges you to battle upon entering the temple. The Hellhound greets you lovingly, letting you interact with your daughter (or daughters) and giving you the choice to Submit, Top Her, or Leave.


Stats Likes Dislikes Powers Drops
Header text Header text
Attack Power: 45.0 Spellpower: 42.0
Sexiness: 30.0 Temptation: 15.0
Armor: 100.0 Physical Resist: 17.0
Warding: 8.0 Magic Resist: 8.0
Focus: 30.0 Mental Resist: 5.0
Evasion: 75.0 Crushing Resist: -10.0
Fire Resist: 75.0 Frost Resist: -40.0
Penetrating Resist: 30.0
  • All Cocks
  • No Cocks
stealable - [+]
  • 1250 XP
  • 650 EC


If you defeat the Hellhound in combat or choose to Top Her, you have the following victory sex options.

  • Breed Her: Fuck that Hellhound's pussy like no tomorrow. (requires penis)
  • Ride Face: Giddyup and ride that hellhound's face! (requires vagina)

If you are defeated by the Hellhound or choose to Submit, one of the following scenes will prompt where the Hellhound rides your virile penis or your face.

  • Hellhound Ride: (requires penis and not being impotent)
  • Hellhound Drown

If you invite Agnimitra to Go For It when she asks if she should make a move on the Hellhound, then once a day you can walk in on Agnimitra and the Hellhound fucking and Join In if you like.


The hellhound is here, of course, protecting her lair as ever... but rather than proudly confronting you, the burly black-maned amazon perks up as you approach with a wagging tail and a genuine smile. There's something tiny clutched in her arms, a tiny wiggling shape that lets out a tiny, high-pitched "Awoooo!" as you draw closer.

"My mate!" the hellhound beams, wagging so fiercely that she nearly knocks you off your feet when she bounds over. "Look at what we've made! So small and precious... but she bites with a fury of hellfire already!"

You can impregnate the Hellhound during the Breed Her or Hellhound Ride scenes. Standard Pregnancy Rules apply, and see Hellhound pregnancy for more details. The Hellhound still challenges you upon entry while pregnant, but after she's had her first child sired by you she becomes non-hostile. Any children the Hellhound has are daughters, and you can interact with them upon entering the temple.