War Scythe

From Corruption of Champions II
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War Scythe
Creators Wsan
Item Type Weapon
Slot Primary
Weapon Class 2H (Heavy)
Class Type Melee
Price 600
Has Special Effect? No
Is Unique? Yes
Tags Bladed
Stack Limit 1
Version Added 0.3.0
Armor - Armor Penetration 30
Spellpower 10 Spell Penetration -
Evasion 5 Ward -
Accuracy -10 Critical Chance 15
Damage & Resistances
Damage Category PHYSICAL
Damage Type Resistances
50 Penetrating -


A gilded war-scythe wielded by the high priestess of the Winter City, as much a symbol of her office as a tool of combat... though it is very much a devastating weapon, if unwieldy.


Dropped by Elthara during the events of Act 1 of In Her Footsteps.

  • Note: After The Winter City has been cleared, the Champion has the option of returning the scythe back to Elthara.

Quest Related

Kalysea's Offerings

The Warscythe is one of the unique items that can be gifted to Kalysea.

Used By

Elthara Moira WikiHeadshot.png FlameKnight-Headshot-Moira.png Elk-Moira-Headshot.png
Flame Knight
Flaming Greatsword
Frost Elk