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Creator Savin
Quest Giver Daliza
Requirements Completion of Wayfort Renovations
Level Range 5+
Quest Type Side Quest
Reward Dungeons for the Wayfort
Location Wayfort
Timed? No
Can Fail? No

Writer Credit


Quest States

State Acquisition Description
0 Talk to Daliza about Prisoners? You've spoken to Daliza about having a dungeon constructed in the Wayfort. As always, you need supplies... but you also require the assistance of an enchanter who'd know how to keep a spellcaster or demon from slipping out.
1 Collect the resources You have everything you need, just go back to Daliza and get everything put together.
2 Return to Daliza, Farrah, or Jael'yn with the resources It'll just take a week for construction to be completed, and then you'll have your very own dungeon.
3 (complete) Wait one week Your Wayfort dungeon is completed! Yay.


Once you have finished Wayfort Renovations, you can speak with Daliza, Farrah or Jael'yn and select Prisoners? to ask about constructing a proper dungeon for the Wayfort.


For this quest, you’ll need to meet the following requirements:

For protection, you’ll need to speak with an enchanter to obtain a way to prevent magically inclined prisoners or demons from escaping. Doing this requires no EC or other requirement besides knowing the enchanter in question. You can speak to the following characters to fulfill this requirement:


The Wayfort will have dungeons that you can keep prisoners in.

Currently the NPC's that can be imprisoned are (Demon) Queen Alissa, Demon Dragoon Gytha or Melara, (Non demon) Gytha. There may be more.