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CoC2 CultistMinion Female.png
Female Cultist Minion bust, by Cheshire
Creator Savin
Species Human
Gender Male and Female
Religion The Demon Cult
Location Hawkethorne
Level 1
Health 100
Resolve 100


An enemy encountered during the tutorial, they are members of the demonic cult participating in a ritual to summon the dark lady.

You're facing down a pair of cultists, each carrying a menacing-looking dagger. They're wearing black robes with hoods pulled up to conceal their faces, though you can see hints of flesh scoured with intricate lines of tattoos that cover their faces and necks in intricate patterns. If you didn't know any better, you could swear some of those markings look like huge, throbbing pricks and drooling pussies. You shake the thought off -- you're seeing things.


Cultists attack in groups during the tutorial, using physical and blinding attacks to try and overwhelm the PC and Cait.




  • Basic Attack: Strike with dagger for low Penetrating damage.
  • Bleeding Cut: Additional damage and chance to inflict Bleeding, based on the target's Physical Resistance.
  • Pocket Sand: Chance to blind the target, based on Physical Resistance.