Cultist Evangelist

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Cultist Evangelist

Cultist Evangelist Moira Headshot.png

Headshot of the Cultist Evangelist by Moira
Creator The Observer
Species Goblin
Gender Female
Occupation Cultist
Height 3'6"
Bust Size unknown
Religion Demon Cult
Faction Demon Cult
Location Harvest Valley
(until Harboring a Fugitive completion)
Level 2
Health 210
Resolve 124
Version Added 0.2.21

"Ah! How fortuitous! We were on our way to the next homestead, but there's always time for another poor lost soul on the road! Tell me, traveler. Have you a moment to spare in order to hear the good word of our glorious lady Kasyrra and the wondrous pleasure she has to offer the world?"

"Lady Kasyrra has explained to me at length the kind of world she wants to create for the benefit of all. I'm sure you'll change your mind once you have the chance to experience it for yourself!"

The Cultist Evangelist is a female goblin cultist that travels the northern regions of Harvest Valley in a palanquin carried by two burly cultist bodyguards. She will leave the valley once the Champion has cleared Harboring a Fugitive.

"No. And to be honest, I don't expect it ever will. Tollus' agents have no reason to infiltrate the town anymore. Not since he completed that ritual, anyway. Plus, I wasn't exactly a high-ranking member of the cult so it's not surprising that they have ways to be more discreet among their elite. There was some goblin woman, for starters."

"Pft." Quintillus extends one of his furry arms, looking at the back of his hand. "Her pathetic techniques don't work on me. Unlike her, I've trained in more than mere parlor tricks; my black magic schooling is built around influencing the mind."


It's a goblin. A woman to be precise, and by your estimation no more than three and a half feet tall. That makes sense — if the cultists are going to be carrying someone all over the valley, she may as well be small and light. Dark, voluminous robes of crimson and black are draped across her body, thick and velvety, while every part of her exposed green skin is covered in blasphemous tattoos of dark pink. You're not sure about power, but the shortstack of a woman signals for her litter bearers to come to a halt before hopping off her seat — she would certainly look far more at home in a dark, gloomy antechamber than out here in the open fields. The back of your neck tingles as she looks your way, and you find yourself instinctively reaching for your weapon as she steps forward, the ostentatious silver-and-ruby jewelry on her person jangling in time with the jiggling of her ample boobs and butt. Smiling broadly, the goblin cultist spreads her arms wide invitingly, as if making to hug you and introduce you intimately to the enormous rack that juts proudly from her chest, somehow managing to stay perky despite its size and weight compared to the rest of her. If it weren't for her outfit and tattoos, she might have been approachable, even friendly, but as things are...


First Encounter

The Champion will first encounter the Cultist Evangelist while exploring the northern region of the Harvest Valley. Upon meeting her, they will be met with a strange sight of a palanquin being carried by two burly cultists. Having spotted the Champion, the palanquin makes a sharp turn in their direction and a female goblin inside reveals herself. She asks them if they have a moment to spare to hear the good word of their glorious lady Kasyrra. Cait (if present) and the Champion give their reply that they are all too familiar with Kasyrra, which causes the goblin to let off an expression of shocked surprise. She will mention that many of the cult has already tasted the pleasure that lady Kasyrra can offer and asks why would they deny themselves such wonders. Cait will yell on what a terrible pitch that was, or Brint will be sporting a massive erection and struggling to keep control of himself as he cautions the Champion not to breathe in the goblin cultist's perfume. Having realized that the Champion can't be convinced, the cultists move in to attack.

Should the Champion be victorious and defeat the cultists, the Evangelist will rip open her dark robes and shamelessly toy with herself as her own lusts overwhelm her. If Cait is present, she will violently shake the little green cultist and state that they've got to make her talk. The Champion splashes a canteen of cold water on her which does not stop her from jilling herself, but she becomes cognizant enough to talk. The Champion threatens to tie her hands behind her back and her legs together to prevent her from masturbating, which causes the cultist to show a look of absolute terror and exclaims that she will talk. The following options will become available:
(Note: The talk options are only available the first time the Evangelist is beaten, subsequent victories will only have the Sex option)

  • Why Here? - What is she up to, anyway? What's her real motive here?
  • Kasyrra - Is Kasyrra here in the valley?
  • Tollus - Where's her master?
  • Centaurs - The centaurs and marefolk... their corruption is Kasyrra's and Tollus' doing, you take it.
  • Sex - With her own prurient magics turned upon herself, the little goblin cultist can't use them against you. She's certainly got the figure for it if you were inclined to sate your lusts on her... and her short stature only makes her assets appear all the bigger and more pronounced.

The first time the Champion decides to fuck the goblin will have them eyeing her hypnotically heaving rack, thick thighs and huge ass, all of which are jiggling furiously as she masturbates. The Champion will comment that they're going to be the one doing the fucking and on their own terms.

Otherwise, the first time the Champion decides to leave after defeating the goblin cultist will have her yell that she hasn't started her sermon yet. Cait will boast in retort that her sermons are much more wholesome and alluring, hinting at the cultist that shaking her tits and ass will only get her so far, or the Champion will question if the Evangelist really thinks all the jewellery she has makes her mysterious and alluring. She will ask for pity, begging to be fucked already, to which Cait scoffs at the midget and goes on to explain that Mallachites spend years training, which ends with a grumbling Cait being pat on the head by the Champion.

Why Here?

When questioned on what her real motive is, she gives them a confused look and mentions that people don't listen at first even when she goes all the way to flash her boobs and thighs so she had to introduce them to the wonders of Kasyrra in a very personal fashion. She mentions that they started with the marefolk males that roam the valley and worked their way up, those that still resisted had to be broken with the tentacles that Master Tollus had taught her. She mentions that its been pretty boring since everyone was either brought into the fold or vanished and that she wishes she'd have thought of the Tainted Witch's idea to set up a trap near the river first.


If asked if Kasyrra is in the valley, she mentions that once Kasyrra had the centaurs settled with, she left the running of things to Master Tollus. When asked if Kasyrra has warned her underlings of the Champion's arrival, they will find the cultist too caught up in babbling nonsense, which will force the Champion (depending if their personality is a Dark Knight) to either slap her or vigorously shake her. The cultist is able to snap out of her own nonsense and answer that Kasyrra had indeed told them that the Champion would make their way to the valley sooner or later and mentions that Kasyrra wants the Champion to come to her on their own accord. If Cait is present, she will ponder why Kasyrra would tell her cultists not to force the Champion into anything, and will boast that she is so much better at giving sermons of that sort compared to the little pudgy thing that is the goblin cultist. If Cait is not present, Brint will give reassurance to the Champion that all they need to do is go in, smash everyone, knock a few heads together and then head back for a mug or two of bloodwine.


When asked regarding Master Tollus, she will comment that he is an amazing and sexy man who can convince the Champion that Kasyrra is right choice. This will cause Cait, if present, to facepalm and state that Tollus is quite the opposite or the Champion themselves will state that sex appeal is the last thing they'd associate him with. She will add that the cult has been using the centaur village as a staging ground for their operations.


If questioned about the centaurs, she will state that she's happily surprised that the centaurs have taken the good word of Kasyrra so well and that the marefolk stallions were already half-way there. They were a little too zealous, so Master Tollus had them set loose to do their own thing, she also mentions that some of the centaurs weren't all too enthusiastic about the vision Kasyrra had for them, but once their chieftain was convinced, the rest quickly changed their minds. She adds that they do a bit of alchemy to keep the centaurs potent and they also dump it into the river, which the gnolls are starting to feel and it won't be long before the marefolk themselves become fuck-crazy. The centaurs aren't only used for menial labour and sex, for if Master Tollus or Kasyrra were to give the signal, they will sweep north and west, and maybe even reach all the way to Tychris.

Subsequent Encounters

On subsequent encounters, the Champion will recognize the all-too-familiar sight of the cultist palanquin bobbing up and down. The Evangelist will bid them a smile and ask if they've changed their mind as to accepting Kasyrra's good word. The Champion will reply (depending on their Personality) for her to go fuck herself (Dark Knight), that they aren't in the habit of following demons and the like (Champion) or will state that that sounds like fun, but Kasyrra is a bit of a creep, and that Master Tollus is an even bigger creep, so much so that he's got creep coming out of his ears (Bimbo).

Combat Stats

The Cultist Evangelist will always be accompanied by 2 Cultist Bodyguards that will always cast Protect on her when available.


Attack Power: 9 Spellpower: 29
Sexiness: 27 Temptation: 8
Armor: 38 Physical Resist: 7
Warding: 30 Magic Resist: 5
Focus: 28 Mental Resist: 10
Evasion: 23 Tease Resist: -50
Drug Resist: -50 Pheromone Resist: -50

  • All Cocks
  • No Cocks
  • Multi Cocks
  • All Breasts
  • No Breasts
  • Vaginas
  • No Vaginas
  • Milk
  • No Milk
  • Big Asses
  • Small Asses




Total Gain per Encounter

  • 70 XP (+10 per Bodyguard)
  • 50 EC (+15 per Bodyguard)
  • Cultist Charm (50% chance per cultist)


  • Victory sex options:
    • Spitroast - This goblin's thick enough that you could probably share her with someone else. Hope you have a friend in mind... (requires a cock and has Arona or Brint)
    • Use Wand - Wonder what would happen if you tried turning the goblin's phallic wand on her and gave her a taste of her own medicine?
    • Double Dildo - That wand of hers is distinctly phallic in shape — maybe you could use it on her in a way she isn't about to expect. (requires a vagina)
  • Defeat sex scenes (results in a dream/illusion involving Kasyrra induced by the goblin cultist, and +2 ~ 4 Corruption, to a maximum of 65):
    • Dream Nun
    • Dream Nurse
    • Dream Maid
    • Dream Teacher