Tainted Witch

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Tainted Witch
Tainted Witch Headshot DCL.png
Headshot of the Tainted Witch by DCLzexon
Creator SomeKindofWizard
Nickname(s) Tainted Witch
Species Human
Gender Female
Occupation Cultist
Religion The Demon Cult
Location Harvest Valley (river)
Level 3
Health 170
Resolve 100


At the head of the group is a thick-set human woman whose tits and hips are straining her too-tight black robe. A pair of curling horns protrude from underneath her hood, framing a round face of dark skin and blue-painted lips. Your eyes instinctively wander down over heavy breasts and down to thick thighs girded by long stockings, and a sinuous tail tipped with a spade-shaped tuft of fur swaying between them.

... wait, a tail!?

The infernal-looking woman licks her lips and brandishes a thick wooden rod at you. It's been expertly carved down into the shape of a dick, surrounded by writhing tendrils of dark magic.

"Aha! More playthings!" the witch smirks, running a forked tongue over her azure lips. "The Queen of All Lusts commands us, brothers and sisters. Take them!"


The Tainted Witch with her pack of cultists will always be there to try stop the Champion from fording the river in Harvest Valley (aka River Cultists). If the Champion is victorious, they will automatically ford the river, if not, they will have to attempt another fording.


Her encounter is known as the River Cultists and she is always accompanied by a Cultist Mage and two Cultist Archers. Upon the start of the combat encounter, the Champion and their party members will incur a staggered combat effect for 3 turns.


Attack Power: 12 Spellpower: 40
Sexiness: 44 Temptation: 5
Armor: 11 Physical Resist: 4
Warding: 18 Magic Resist: 23
Focus: 11 Mental Resist: 9
Evasion: 10



Each scene will provide a +5 Corruption (to a max of 75) If victorious:

  • Facefuck - Turnaround is fair play; she'd probably do the same to you. (requires a cock)
    • Increases cum multiplier by .5 (to a max of 10)
  • Vaginal - Stuff her until that squishy body looks pregnant. (requires a cock)
    • Increase cock size by:
      • If cock <= 6 by 2, if not by 1
    • Set ball fullness to 100
  • Gangbang - This woman has a lot to offer, try it all. Your companions will see to her cohort (if any).
    • If has a cock, increase cum multiplier by .5 (to a max of 10)

If defeated, chance for any of the following scenes, Each scene will result in a deduction to at most 200 EC:

  • Staff Sex
  • Oral Service and Tears
  • If the Champion has a cock
    • Get Ridden


Upon first victory a bonus item:

Other loot: