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Ninian Bust Rattlepool.png
Bust of the pixie boy by RattlePool
Creator BubbleLord
Species Pixie
Gender Male
Occupation Thief
Family Nils (creator)
Location Old Forest (pre-invitation)
Level 2
Health 145
Resolve 100
Strengths Ninian has 2 action points


Standing around 1 foot tall, Ninian is an appropriately model-sized pixie in many ways. His light, yellowish-green hair is undercut and dotted with bleached spots of white that partially conceals one of his matching green eyes with curling bangs in the front while ending at his shoulders in the back. Similarly colored warm green marks start beneath the inner corners of his eyes, glittering when in the moon's light, gently weaving their way down and back along his cheeks to reach his lengthy and somewhat droopy pointed ears.

Two pairs of dark green filmy wings, like dragonfly wings, run down his back at a slight angle when he's grounded, and buzz at incredible speed when he's not. Thanks to his rather exposing black-furred loincloth and matching the furlined cropped jacket, you can see much of his tanned and smooth figure; including part of the intricate lunar crescent patterns of green markings down his back. Much like his facial markings, they glitter while exposed to moonlight. The only muscle definition on his body is the first lines of rookie abs, with lightly flared hips and a big ass countering any true bit of masculine shape.

You know as a fact that despite his size, he's pretty hung. Nearly 2 inches long, his human-like cock could likely get all the other pixies moaning. Cute balls no bigger than a raisin sit between his legs, with his tight butthole hidden between his cheeks.|Behind that loincloth, all you can see is the bulge of his quite well-endowed member. But between his buttcheeks, you'll just have to undress him to find out what he's got going on with his plump butt.


Upon initially encounter Ninian in the Old Forest, he will declare that the Champion is trespassing and will demand tribute. If Cait is present in the party, she will squee at how adorable he is and if Brint is in the party he will be intrigued on how stretchy pixies are. Ninian will demand the complete and instant surrender of the Champion which will result in a combat encounter.

Subsequent encounters with Ninian will have a slight variety depending on what the Champion did the last time they encountered Ninian (lost, won and ran).

If the Champion is defeated in combat, Ninian will steal:

  • 1x Camping Supplies
  • If no supplies and Champion has at least 100 EC
    • 20 EC will be stolen

Successfully beating the small pixie boy will provide the following options:

  • Talk - You don't need to fuck this small and sparsely dressed pixie, so why not just talk with him?
  • Fuck - Well... he's small but that doesn't mean you can't get off, right? Flying around with so much skin showing, this little slutty twink is practically asking for it anyway!

Talking to Ninian will allow the Champion to know Ninian better, however the Champion may only ask one option at a time and must view the previous option to unlock the next.

  • Him? - First of all, you need to figure out more about this pixie! Who exactly is Ninian besides the little twink pixie fluttering in-front of you?
  • His Home? - Well, you know about him. Where does this pixie live or at least reside when he's not roaming around getting beaten up?
  • Hazards? - You know that Ninian doesn't live anywhere and that he's run away from his old home for personal reasons. Didn't he mention dangers out here, aside from you and other big people, that worry him?
  • Hawkethorne? - Enough is enough. Things are dangerous out here for small pixies like Ninian and he even admitted it! Why isn't he living in Hawkethorne?
  • Invite - After talking to him so much, you've got the EP and have talked it out. You can help Ninian move, at long last. Once he moves, though, he's not likely to appear in the Old Forest again... (requires 100 EC)

Getting to know Ninian better will reveal his daily struggle to live in the old forest as well as his nemeses: Birds. Eventually the Champion will get the opportunity to invite Ninian to live in Hawkethorne. Inviting Ninain will require 100 EC so that Ninain can pay for a place of his own. If the Champion was successful in inviting Ninian to Hawkethorne, this will also reduce the Champion's Corruption by 1.

It will take Ninian about a day to settle things, but once that is over he will appear just before Hawkethorne's north gate, just above Ogrish's Smithy. Meeting Ninian at Hawkethorne will unlock a new set of interactions:

  • Appearance - Take a good look at this little twink, since you never could back in the Old Forest!
  • Talk - Chat the pixie up!
    • Ninian's Past - Ninian hasn't talked much about himself, really, in comparison to his situation. Why not learn more about him?
    • New Home - Might as well see how Ninian is enjoying his new home within Hawkethorne.
    • Problem - You spoke to Ninian about his home and he mentioned wanting to handle the problem surrounding it. (requires having seen New Home)
    • Fairies and Pixies - In his own words, ask for Ninian's thoughts about the other pixies and fairies of the world.
    • Nino - It's time to figure out who this Nino is... and hopefully get some answers! (requires having seen Ninian's Past)
  • Sex - Time to get fuckin'! Ninian's cocklust must be sated!
  • Help Out - He has a housing-related problem, so maybe you can help out. (requires having seen Problem)

Ninian can be found at his usual spot from 6:01 - 17:59, however if Ninian is angry (see Sex option) it will take an entire day before the Champion can interact with him again.



Armor: 3 Physical Resist: 6
Warding: 5 Magic Resist: 5
Focus: 3 Mental Resist: 10
Evasion: 8 Blight Resist: -100
Tease Resist: -50 Drug Resist: -50
Pheromone Resist: -50



If the Champion defeats Ninian in combat:

  • Use Dick - You don't have the time or patience to figure out how to fuck this little twinkish pixie, but that doesn't mean you can't make him tend to your dick somehow. (requires a cock)
  • Use Vagina - He's about the size of some dicks and definitely the right size for playing with your pussy. You could use this little pixie to your gain with ease! (requires a vagina)

Hawkethorne Sex options:

  • Full-Body Anal - He brought the lube and you've got patience. Time to see how a pixie can take a bigger person's cock!
  • Service You - Have him do what he does best and put that mouth to work. Make it really romantic, maybe, and really service your cock.
  • Cock Worship - You know he has a deep love for dick. Maybe specifically yours! Time to make him worship it! (requires having done Service You)
  • Cumplay - Why not share some jizz with your twink friend? This can't possibly be a bad idea. (requires having fucked Ninian at least once and a cum quantity greater than 1000)

At the end of Cumplay, the following options will become available:

  • Help - It's all fun and games until your cum-loving pixie can't walk...
  • Nope - Nah, you think Ninian will just have to enjoy this one.
    • Leaving Ninian will make him angry


  • 25 XP

Quest Related

Nothing Like Housework

Ninian needs your help settling in to Hawkethorne