Nothing Like Housework

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Nothing Like Housework
Creator BubbleLord
Quest Giver Ninian
Requirements 5x Pristine Wood
5x Sturdy Stone
Quest Type Side Quest
Location Hawkethorne
Timed? No
Can Fail? No

Quest States

State Acquisition Description
0 When initially receiving the quest from Ninian Ninian needs your help and now that you've offered it, he's given you two goals: clear out his alleyway and bring him supplies.

You can find the supplies around the Foothills and Forest but either you or someone else will have to handle some hard labor removing the debris and getting everything ready.

Wood: X / 5, Stone: X / 5

1 On clearing the alleyway without delivering the materials Ninian's alleyway is all prepared for a new home but he can't build it without the materials. Once you've gathered everything, turn it into Ninian!

Wood: X / 5, Stone: X / 5

2 On delivering the materials without clearing the alleyway Now that you've gathered all the supplies for him, you need to tackle clearing out Ninian's alleyway. Either find someone to help out or do it yourself.
3 After the materials are delivered and the alleyway is cleared With all the materials gathered and his alleyway ready, it's finally time; visit Ninian to apply the final touches and finish his new home!
4 (completed) Having put the final touches on the house After providing your time, resources, and patience it is finally complete; Ninian not only has a home in Hawkethorne but a proper pixie house. You've done a lot for Ninian and he'll be around more often, ready and hoping to see you visit him!


After having convinced Ninian to move into Hawkethorne, this quest can be started by talking to him about his 'Problem which will unlock the option to Help Out on his housing-related problem.


After Ninian has moved out of the Old Forest, he can be found north of Ogrish's Smithy. Although he is grateful to the Champion for their help with building his new home, there are some aspects that he thinks could use improvement, particularly the lack of space for storage and flight. The softness of clothing for big people would make them perfect for bedding, and the alleyway has a ton of junk that needs to be cleared out. After listening to his grievances, the Champion has a new option when speaking to Ninian.

  • Help Out - He has a housing-related problem, so maybe you can help out.

The Champion will best tasked in collecting to following items:

After the Champion agrees to help, Ninian checks his list and gives them two tasks.

  • Hand Over - You went and got the goods.
    • This will deduct the 10 materials Ninian tasked the Champion to obtain
  • Provide Muscle - You're fairly certain that you can help out with the muscle part somehow.

When choosing to provide the muscle, the Champion may choose to perform the labor themselves, or outsource the job.

  • Provide Muscle - You know a guy, you have some EP, why not get Garret to do it?
    • This requires the completion of Dog Days and 100 EC.
  • Physical Labor - You're a tough enough cookie. You'll handle it personally.
    • This requires the Champion to have at least 5 Strength
    • Completing this option will cause the Champion to gain the Fatigued status effect
  • Back out - You don't think now is the best time or don't want to admit you can't handle it.
    • This allows the Champion to wait until later to complete this objective.

Once both objectives are complete, choosing the Help Out option will reveal one final selection.

  • Final Touch - It's finally time to give the last touches and fix this place up properly!

Although the house's condition could still use some changes, for the time being, Ninian is satisfied.


The gratitude of Ninian!