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Garret's bust, by DCL
Creator The Observer
Nickname(s) Boy
Garth's Pup
Doggy Dildo
Species Lupine
Gender Male
Occupation Manual Labourer
Family Garth (Father)
Unnamed Lupine Mother
Gwyneth (Sister)
Nationality Frost Marcher
Location Westbank (during Dog Days)
The Frost Hound

Garret is Garth's son and Gwyn's twin brother. He's the older of the two by about five minutes, and takes after his mother physically and psychologically as opposed to Gwyn, who takes after Garth.

"My entire body's a bloody masterwork weapon."


Garret is as he's always been. You can see why he says he takes after his mother far more than he does Garth — instead of his father and sister's sleek brown-and-white fur patterning, Garret is more a greyish-black and far huskier. Either way, the young lupine is a stropping specimen of manhood. Broad-shouldered and strong-jawed, Garret looks considerably less tame than his father — for example, those teeth sticking haphazardly out of the sides of his muzzle definitely didn't come from Garth's side of the family, that's for sure. It gives one pause as to what Garth's wife might have looked like, and from there, what he saw in her...

Those sky-blue eyes, though — those definitely came from Garth, as does the cut of his muzzle. The family resemblance is there; it's just not as strong as that of Gwyn's. Garret's eyes tend to narrow, his perky, triangular ears tend to swivel this way and that when he's thinking, and when his jaws are idle, they tend to settle into a repetitive chewing motion that — no pun intended — sets one's teeth on edge after a while. He's monstrously tall for a lupine, almost seven feet, and might have been even more imposing if his fluffy fur didn't conspire to conceal his musculature that much. At it stands, though, there's definitely a sense of bulk, if not muscle, to Garret, which isn't surprising considering how much he tends to eat; it must cost Garth quite a bit to feed his idiot son.

Despite the chill of the Frost Marches, all Garret wears for a top is a sleeveless leather vest in browns and greys, trusting in his fur to keep him warm. The aforementioned garment is open in the middle, showing his bare chest and belly, as well as the lighter fluff growing from it. There's also a huge scar running from his upper left breastbone all the way to his right hip; while the scar itself isn't readily visible, the fur growing from it is discolored, resulting in an ugly gash of light grey across Garret's torso. The rest of Garret's fur is generally clean — generally being the key word here — but he always manages to look slightly unkempt and dishevelled no matter the time of day.

As for the rest of him... he wears leggings, held up by a belt, furred boots, and a pair of fingerless padded gloves. What you can see of the leathery pads of his hands, though, is thickly callused — Garret is clearly no stranger to hard, menial work, which is what you might expect of a tavernkeeper's son. A potential rival, perhaps, but also a potential ally. Either way, a force to be reckoned with and to keep an eye on.

Personal History

Garret is reputedly much like his mother was; big, brash and with an unshakable sense of irrational self-confidence. He isn't outright stupid, but the thrill he gets from facing overwhelming odds with the belief that everything will turn out right in the end and the conviction of his complete indestructibility ensure that he may as well be an idiot. Constantly touting himself as "the strongest man in all of Savarra", Garret's path through the fields of life appears to be one destined for broken fences, trampled flowers and smashed boulders.

Garth's wife was exiled from Hawkethorne when Gwyn and Garret were very young, supposedly after something horrible that she did that was nevertheless necessary. No one in town will speak of it, even though they admit that what she did was the only thing that could have been done. Gwyn doesn't remember her mother's face, but Garret does, and he hopes to find her some day and make her explain herself.

Garret is good friends with Brint, and they're often seen together in the Frost Hound when Brint is not in the Champion's party. This persists even if Brint becomes Brienne.


The Champion will first encounter Garret during the events of Dog Days, where the Champion is tasked in finding and freeing Garret from being Hethia's permanent plaything. The Champion will find Garret caged and naked, he agreed to become Hethia's pet in order to prevent her from harming the other imprisoned loggers. The Champion may ask Garret more information on:

  • Garret - So, just what's Garret's deal?
  • Elf - Ask him about this elf witch he speaks of.
  • Cage - So, does he have any ideas on getting out of this cage?
  • Workers - Are they alright?

Once the Champion has gathered what they can from Garret, it is up to Champion to decide how to proceed. If the Champion were to free Garret either through picking the lock or forcing the cage open, Garret will fight Hethia's warg, Norathar, while the Champion and their party fill face her. If the Champion were to be defeated in combat, they will wake to Brother Sanders, Garth and about 20 gathered militiamen at the camp. They will note that Hethia fled long ago and the group will escort the Champion, loggers and an unconscious Garret back towards Hawkethorne, it seems that Garret was knocked out during the fight and will be carried by his father.

If the Champion is victorious in combat against Hethia if they chose to break Garret out, he will have obtained some wounds from his fight against the warg, although nothing he can't handle (Bitches dig scars). Once the loggers have been freed and Garret finds some clothes, he along with Champion escort the loggers back towards Hawkethorne considering the unnatural events since the night of the blizzard. The journey back is peacefully and the loggers are able to return home unharmed, however Garret will not head home immediately and will need sometime before he can face his old man. This scenario will also occur if the Champion managed to parley with Hethia without the aid of Brother Sanders (minus the injuries).

In the event that the Champion bring Brother Sanders, they will find Garret in the middle of being Hethia's plaything/doggy. At the moment Garret notices the Champion and Brother Sanders, he will visibly cringe and attempt to hide his face (for all the good it'll do). Brother Sanders will be able to parley peace with Hethia such that she will release the loggers and her doggy dildo, much to his embarrassment of having been seen collared and used by the elf witch. Similar to the previous scenarios Garret will not immediately return to his father and will take some time to reflect.

Having Garret finally back at Hawkethorne, the Champion may come across a conversation between Garth and Garret regarding the events of Dog Days. The Champion may choose to eavesdrop on the father and son. Additional conversations can be overheard by the two once the Champion has seen the previous conversation (regardless if the Champion chose to eavesdrop or not). A scene will occur at least 3 days after the first scene, the third will occur three days after that.

Garret will now be available to talk to at The Frost Hound from [07:00 - 08:59] and [19:00 - 20:59], in which the Champion may choose the following options:

  • Appearance - Take a good look at Garret.
  • Chat - A little conversation helps the drink go down smoother.
    • Daily Grind - How's life treating him?
    • Family - Garth and Gwyn, are they doing good by him?
    • Mother - So... does Garret know what happened to his mother?
    • Adventure - So, he wants to go and see the world, huh?
    • Friends - So, does he have any friends? (can only be viewed once)
    • Scar - So, how'd he get that scar across his chest anyways?
  • DrinkChallenge - Challenge Garret to a drinking contest. (requires 50 EC)
  • Sex (only available during [19:00 - 20:59])
  • Fort Marrok (available if the Champion had talked to River during Shades of the Past)

Talking to Garret about his friends will reveal that Anna and Morwen of the Pupperidge Farm have a long friendship with family. Garret has been concerned about the farm ever since the night of the blizzard, however he has been on tight watch from his father ever since he returned. He will ask the Champion if they can check on the farm in Harvest Valley.

If the Champion were to take upon the second task from Garth (Shades of the Past), the catfolk bard River would suggest to the Champion on bringing Garret along for the adventure due to it being connected to his mother. Garret will travel with River towards the old fort and will meet the Champion at the bottom of the chasm in the Foothills, however he will need to make some preparations before heading out. Once the Champion reaches the chasm, they will find Garret and River waiting for them. Garret will have received a new upgrade from Brother Sanders and Ogrish, new silver studded cestus which allow him to actually punch the ghosts that inhabit the old fort.

If Garret were to encounter Magna at the tournament, he will decide to face her with or without the Champion. If Garret were to face her alone, he will ask why she looks like his mother. The two will have a back and forth but he will eventually lose to due to lack of training and experience. If the Champion had fought and won against Magna, she will ask the Champion for a fuck, when the Champion approaches their companions for a second opinion, he will ask the Champion not touch Manga due to her similarities with his mother. If the Champion does not fuck Magna, he will thank the Champion for not mentally scarring him. However if the Champion were to sex Magna, he will visibly cringe and step out of the room until they are done.

When facing Jarl Gunvaldsen, the Champion may parley with the jarl through Garret. Garret will be able to talk some sense into the old jarl and convince him to move on, the jarl will be overjoyed by the fact that through Garret he realizes that his wife and children did survive which will result in him giving Garret a big ghostly hug, of which Garret is able to return. He will then pass on to Garret his cloak, his sword and his badge of office. Upon the journey back to Hawkethorne, he will hand the cloak and sword to the Champion, stating that he has no use for it.

If the Champion fought the Jarl and was successful, Garret comment that he left [Fort Marrok]] with more questions than answers and will come to blame himself for not being able to talk to the jarl instead.


If the Champion is male (physically), when propositioned for sex, Garrett will turn them down, saying he doesn't swing that way. If the Champion is female or hermaphroditic, he'll pick them up and carry them to his room.

  • Vaginal - You'd like to go down to basics today.
  • Anal - Ask Garret to ravage your back door like the horrible, feral monster he is.
  • Titfuck - (Champion must have at least DD sized breasts)
  • Blowjob - Garret sure likes to taste other people... you want to have a piece of him, too.
  • Spitroast - Ask Brint to come in and lend a hand. (has fucked Brint at least once)
  • Be His Bitch - Garret is such a fine specimen of lupine manhood that you want him all to yourself. Beg to be his one and only bitch. (has been fucked by Garret at least once)

Being Garret's Bitch

Garret has some sadomasochistic and degradation content; however, this needs to be consensual. In order to be Garret's bitch, the Champion must:

  • Be a Lupine
  • Must identify as female
  • Have high femininity (> 50)

If all four requirements are met, the Champion will be given the option to beg to be Garret's bitch during sex; upon further confirmation, Garret will confirm the Champion's status as his bitch through some rather violent means. This will also change some dialogue and scenes.

Being Garret's bitch changes some of his usual content and his normally accessible sex scenes. The following scenes are also unlocked:

  • Breed - Beg Garret to fill you with his puppies. (must not be pregnant)
  • Choke Out - Have Garret choke you out while fucking you stupid.
  • Punish - You've been a very bad bitch and need your alpha to punish you for your naughtiness.
  • Degrade - Have Garret put you in your place. You need a good reminder that you're but a mere bitch-slut who exists to serve your alpha.

If the Champion wishes to back out from being Garret's bitch, they simply need to transform themselves away such that they don't meet the requirements any more; Garret will react to that the next time they come up to him and will thank them for the good time anyway.


Garret can get the Champion pregnant if they engage in sex with him where he cums into the Champion. If the Champion returns to him about 25% or more through the pregnancy, there'll be a small scene where he frets over how Garth is going to kill him for knocking someone up. He's been on contraception for the whole time he's been fooling around with the Champion, but evidently it didn't take — he's just that awesome, only this time it worked against him... (see Father Garret for pregnancy details).


If the Champion has had sex with Garret at least once, they have a chance to trigger the Hunting Party dream.


If the Champion approached Garret and talked to him about Fort Marrok, Garret will temporarily join the Champion's party as they explore the old fort. Before meeting with the Champion, Garret will receive an upgrade which will allow him to do holy damage towards the ghosts of Fort Marrok.



Dog Days

Garth has asked the Champion to find his missing son.

Shades of the Past

Garth has asked the Champion to find an old heirloom from an old lupine fort. River will insinuate that Garret might be interested in exploring it.


  • The original inspiration for Garret came from Lufia 2's Dekar and Left 4 Dead's Francis.
  • Garret was originally pitched as a companion; he would have perks that would grant him innate lifesteal and increase his damage the more wounded he was. He was eventually passed over in favour of making Kiyoko a companion in his stead.
    • Garret will get to join the Champion as a temporary Companion during the events of Shades of the Past if talked to.