Fort Marrok

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Fort Marrok
Region Frost Marches
Level range 3+
Accessible from Foothills (during Shades of the Past)
Neutral Hub No

This location is only accessible during the events of Shades of the Past and will not be accessible once the quest is over.


I'll spare you the details for another time. Suffice to say that in order to guard the passes through the foothills, the minotaurs lent their engineering genius to the building of a mighty fortress cut into the stalwart cliffs. It was a great task, but with minotaur efficiency and lupine enthusiasm applied in spades, the fortress was completed well ahead of schedule.

To say it was amazing would be quite the understatement. The fortress boasted at least two wells, drawn from aquifers deep in the earth. It held quite a sizable garrison, with provisions to last a siege of months, perhaps even years. Jarl Galon Gunvaldsen, the poor bastard chosen to lead the garrison, wanted to make sure that no wraith-touched was going to cross the pass on his watch, and stocked the fortress with everything he could bring to bear; the minotaurs were equally proud of their handiwork, and helped him as much as they could. Fort Marrok was supposed to be the glorious gatekeeper of the passes, impenetrable, indomitable, unbreachable.

The wraiths had massed their army of sorcerers and mindless thralls at the mouth of the pass; the lupines waited within Fort Marrok to join battle. Instead of marching forward, though, the wraiths created an earthquake, triggering a massive landslide. In the dead of winter, that in turn caused a handful of avalanches...

Everyone and everything in Fort Marrok was buried under immense amounts of rock and snow, never to see the light of day again. With a single move, the wraiths made the lupines a non-issue in their invasion plans, and cost Khor'minos dearly in wasted time and resources. -- River

It is ironic, perhaps, that this entrance has been unearthed in a similar fashion by which it was sealed off. Freed from an eternity of darkness from the snowstorm, piles of rubble still lie strewn here and there about the main gates both inside and out, dirt and rock and bits of ancient masonry. A strange chill sensation divides the interior of Fort Marrok from the outside world, marking the beginnings of the haunts' territory.


Points of Interest

  • Healing fountain - 2nd floor
  • Wordlock chest - 2nd floor