Shades of the Past

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Shades of the Past
Creator The Observer
Quest Giver Garth
Requirements Completed Dog Days
Champion is at least level 3
Level Range 3+
Quest Type Side Quest
Location The Frost Hound
Fort Marrok
Timed? No
Can Fail? Yes

Quest States

State Acquisition Description
0 If the Champion had accepted the task from Garth Garth looks like he's got a job for you, a request to retrieve something important to his wife from an old lupine fort. He's asked you to inquire with River, a local bard staying at the Frost Hound for details.
1 (failed) If the Champion had refused the task from Garth You were approached by Garth to retrieve a keepsake of his in-laws', but turned down the offer.
2 After learning about the details of Fort Marrok from River Garth has asked you to retrieve an old medallion valuable to his wife's side of the family from an old lupine fort; you've agreed to meet River the catboy bard at the bottom of the chasm in the foothills in order to effect entry into the old ruin.

Optionally, ask Garrett if he wants to come along for the ride.

3 If the Champion had recruited Garret for the task at hand You've convinced Garret to accompany you on the trip into Fort Marrok; not that he needed much convincing. All that's left is to meet him and River at the bottom of the chasm in the foothills when you're ready.
4 Upon entering Fort Marrok Now that you've entered Fort Marrok, your goal is to find and retrieve the jarl's medallion. If you leave the fortress at any point hereon, you will fail this quest.
5 If the Champion decided to leave Fort Marrok while attempting to retrieve the medallion You've voluntarily beat a hasty retreat from the old fortress after realising you've gotten in over your head. Nothing left but to go back to Garth and hang your head in shame.
6 If the Champion is defeated by the spectral ghosts (generic) that wander the Fort You weren't strong enough to complete the task Garth set out for you; good thing River managed to drag everyone out. Best to just return to the old man and admit defeat.
7 If Jarl Gunvaldsen was successfully parleyed with You've managed to talk down the Jarl's spirit and gotten him to realise he'd dead and should move on. All that's left is to return to Garth with his medallion.
8 If the Champion had fought and won against the Jarl The deed is done, the Jarl's ghost is vanquished. Return to Garth with the jarl's medallion.
9 (failed) If the Champion failed to retrieve the medallion and returned to Garth You've returned to Garth empty-handed. He's told you not to worry about it, but the sting of failure still lingers.
10 (completed) If the Champion had successfully retrieved the medallion and returned it to Garth You've returned the Jarl's Medallion to Garth. All is well with the world... for now.


Garth will ask the Champion a favor the next time they visit The Frost Hound tavern if the following conditions are met:

  • 3 days have passed since the conclusion of Dog Days
  • The Champion is at least level 3


Upon arriving at The Frost Hound, Garth will offer the Champion another job. The task is to obtain a jarl's medallion of sentimental value from Fort Marrok. The Champion can agree to take on the job or not, however if the Champion were to refuse it will close this quest and mark it as failed.

Garth will point you to River, the pint-sized catfolk bard, who knows the ins and outs of Fort Marrok and will provide the Champion with the details behind it. This will unlock the River option at the Frost Hound tavern. Talking to River will provide the following options:

  • History - Ask about Fort Marrok's history.
  • Medallion - What's the significance of the jarl's medallion?
  • Opposition - What kind of dangers are you likely to face in there?
  • Jarl - What can he tell you about the jarl's history?
  • I'm Done - You've asked River all the questions you want to. Time to move on.

Before the Champion parts with River, he will insinuate that Garret might be interested in joining your adventure to explore the old lupine fort and if Cait is present in the party, they will have a brief conversation before moving on. The Champion has the option to talk Garret with a new Fort Marrok option. It takes little to no effort to convince Garret to join you in exploring the fortress considering it is related to his mother. Garret will travel with River and will make some preparations before heading off but not before a small bro scene between him and Brint if he is present in the party.

The Champion will now have to travel to the south-east side of the Foothills where they will find the Find River option. Upon selection they will find River and Garret (if recruited) waiting for them near the collapsed. This is where Garret will temporarily become a party member, taking up the guest slot in party position. River will wait for the rest of the party at the entrance and gives advice to the Champion that fighting isn't always the only option. This will put the Champion and their party inside Fort Marrok and if the Champion were to leave at any point before acquiring the medallion, it end the quest (and it will result in a failure).

The option to Leave will be present at anytime where the Champion first enters the fort, there is a are you sure option in the event of a accidentally selected option. Each time the Champion moves around the ruined fortress, there is a chance to encounter the roaming ghosts (see Combat section below for enemy party) in which the Champion cannot surrender to.

Exploring directly north east from the entrance will present the Champion a small room containing the following options to investigate:

  • Bookcase - Examine the bookcase in more detail.
    • Yes (reading this will provide information on how to deal with certain things and special items within the fort)
    • No
  • Plaque - Examine the plaque.

Proceeding to the northern section above the gatekeeper's room will present the Champion with a Door in which investigating the door will bring the following options:

  • Lock - See what you can do about that lock.
  • Bash - The door might be mighty, but it's weathered with age. Since you're a warrior, you might have a chance? (If the Champion is a Warrior)
    • For this attempt to succeed, the Champion must have either:
      • Two Warrior class companions in the party (Brint and Garret)
      • One Warrior class companion and the Champion has a Strength range greater than 70%
    • If the Champion is successful in breaking down the door, this will result in a Roaming Ghosts fight plus 2 additional Spectral Soldiers.
  • Blast - Maybe you can blow it apart with a bit of magic... (If the Champion is a Black Mage or White Mage)

Exploring to the north most point will lead towards the kitchen, where an assortment of crockery and cookware can be found. The Champion may explore the following options:

  • Hearths - Might there be something of use here?
    • Pots - Pick up one of the pots.
    • Kettles - Make off with one of the kettles.
    • Cauldrons - Lug away one of the cauldrons.

Selecting any of the crockery options will give the Champion the Dented Pot, Tarnished Kettle and Rusty Cauldron respectively. The Champion can only carry one at a time and will need to switch out the item they have for the other if they choose so.

Exploring west will lead towards the great hall and soldier barracks, where the Champion will find in the great hall, rows of spectral longtables with a dozen or more hungry lupines seated waiting for a meal that will never be served. The Champion can attempt to Serve them if they had taken any of the crockery from the kitchen in order to get to the barracks, however only one of the three items from the kitchen will satiate the hungry hungry lupines. If the Champion were to decide to march through without a relic from the kitchen will have to pass the following requirements or face an assortment of 16 Spectral Barbarians and Spectral Soldiers. To pass through safely the Champion must provide the correct crockery item or pass the following checks:

Once the Champion has reached the barracks through either brute force, delicious spectral food or passing as one of them will provide the Champion with the Key option, which is the Rampart Key used to unlock the door leading to the next floor.

Heading to the next floor will provide the Champion with four exploratory options. The first being the north end of the floor where a spectral Tournament is being held. The Champion can decide to partake in it, this is where they will encounter Magna, Jarl Gunvaldsen's niece, who's looking for anyone who can stand toe-to-toe against her and to compete for the right to wear the Helm of Heroes. If the Champion has Garret with them, he will be face Magna with or without the Champion. In regards to joining the fight or not, they can respond with the following options:

  • Yes - [w/Garret] You're not going to let a friend walk into danger by himself. [w/o Garret] Have a go at it. Who knows, you might actually win.
  • No - [w/Garret] Let Garret be. This is clearly something he needs to do alone. [w/o Garret] It's not worth it. You'll be content to watch.

If Garret went alone, he will have one-to-one talk with Magna (on how she looks like his mother) and will end up losing to her due to lack of training and experience. If the Champion were to fight and win against Magna, they will receive the Helm of Heroes after a little ceremony. However win or lose against Magna, once the Champion is about to leave the tournament she will proposition the Champion for some sexing. If the Champion has brought Cait, Brint and or Garret along, each will give their opinion on this ghost smashing, notably Garret asking the Champion to decline the smashing because Magna looks his mother. The following options will become available:

  • Yes - Fucking a ghost isn't the kind of opportunity that shows up every day. Yeah, you'll take it.
  • No - No thanks.

If the offer to smash was accepted, Champion's with both cock and vagina will have the following sexing options:

  • Dom Ride - Magna's going to pound several kinds of fuck out of you and make you call her mommy.
  • Scissor - Rub cunts with the jarl's niece until the both of you are well and sated.

If Garret is present and the fuck was accepted, he will cringe upon hearing that the Champion accepted the offer and will leave the room until sexing is done. If it wasn't accepted with Garret in the party, he will quietly thank the Champion.

On the west end, the Champion will find a library in which the Champion may check out some Books or a a tarnished brass Chest. The Chest has is a wordlock chest, meant to safeguard valuables from illiterate servants. If the Champion were successful in opening the chest, it would yield 300 EC in late library fines and a Silver Mirror.

On the eastern side, the Champion will find a watchtower where they will find:

  • Silverware - Grab the silverware off the tables.
    • Gives 300 EC
  • Footlockers - See if there's anything worth salvaging in the footlockers.

Exploring southwards will first lead the Champion to a Fountain in which the Champion can use to heal themselves and the rest of the party but it can only be used once. Exploring directly below will lead towards the Jarl's chamber, the Champion will be asked if they are ready or not.

Entering the cavernous chamber will yield Jarl Gunvaldsen, the Champion will have the following options:

  • Parley - Attempt to tell Galon Gunvaldsen the ugly truth.
  • If the Champion has the Silver Mirror
    • If any of the two conditions are met:
      • If Garret is in the party
      • If the Champion has a Presence range of at least 70%
    • If the Champion does not meet any of the two conditions, it will result in a fight
  • Fight - Strike down the jarl. There is no other way.

Failing to parley with the Jarl will result in a fight in which if the Champion were to be defeated by him, it will result in a bad end.

If the Champion were successful in either case, they will receive/find the Jarl's Medallion and a variety of items depending on what they did. Fort Marrok has now been dealt with and the party return to River to mark an end for this adventure.

If the Champion was successful or not in retrieving the medallion will require an explanation to Garth. Giving him the medallion or telling him that the adventure failed will mark an end for this quest.


Roaming Ghosts:

Rampart Door Bash:

Hungry hungry Lupines:

Tournament Fight:

Jarl's Chamber:


If fought and won against Magna:

If opened the wordlock chest:

  • 300 EC (in late library fines)

If took the silverware:

  • 300 EC

If checked the footlockers:

Jarl Gunvaldsen loot:

Chest Puzzle Spoiler


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