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Creator SomeKindofWizard
Species Half-Lupine
Gender Shemale
Occupation Farmer
Family Anna (sister)
Location Pupperidge Farm

Thanks for doing us a real solid, we had no idea bandits turned up! Otherwise I totally would’ve come and kicked some ass!"

Morwen is the sister of Anna and they both run the Pupperidge Farm. Its mentioned by Garret that he's been friends with the sisters since he was young and he used to play prey with her.


Where Anna’s own fur is dark brown and highlights of orange, this girl’s own - Morwen, you’re pretty sure they said - reminds you of some great husky-dog. Her attributes are similarly curvaceous and wolfy, and a bulge belies the presence of prick behind her overalls, but her fur is the combination of dark on the inner-layers and frosted with greys and whites throughout. Her skin is similarly pale but where Anna’s eyes are a midnight blue, Morwen’s are the pale blue-white of a frozen pond. Her hair is short and similarly fluffy to the rest of her.

She's usually nude except for her overalls, but now that they're in a pile on the ground at her feet you've got a chance to admire the rest of her body. Her eyes look like frosted water, reflecting the light, but even they fail to keep you from tracking your way down her creamy pale flesh to her bouncing DD-cup chest and soft-brown nipples. Her stomach is the toned flat of a hard working life with the barest muscular definition hiding beneath, and just past that are broad hips made to sway seductively and support her cushy backside. Her tail's wagging with enough force to shake her hips, and that in turn has her thick red wolfy prick similarly bobbing from side-to-side in time, even while it drips moisture to the ground.


First Meeting

The Champion will first meet Morwen if they chose to Hang Out after having saved the Pupperidge Farm from a trio of cultists. Its noted that before Morwen had joined the rest for some grilled steaks, she has been distracted balls-deep with Lucia. Once the feast has ended, Anna offers the Champion the chance for some milking while Morwen takes this opportunity to score a nap.

Subsequent Meetings

Morwen makes her appearances during milking sessions with Lucia and Gloria, usually taking turns with milking Lucia with Anna. Should the Champion comes across the Manticore Girl and bridal carrying Lucia while visiting the farm, Morwen will stop the Champion from drawing their weapon stating that the two aren't going anywhere as they fuck in the open fields. Once the two have finished their two act fun, the Champion has the option of fuck Morwen.


During the Manticore Girl farm scene, the Champion has the option to Morwen Fuck (requires a cock).