Manticore Girl

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Manticore Girl


Headshot of the Manticore Girl by DCLzexon
Creator SomeKindofWizard
Species Manticore
Gender Hermaphrodite
Height 8"
Location Foothills (North & South)
Pupperidge Farm (occasionally)
Level 3
Health 210
Resolve 100
Strengths The Manticore Girl has 2 action points
Bemoaned by friends and foes alike; The Dreadful Manticooore!
Silly Mode


Eight feet of curvacious and well-toned woman sets an impressive figure… and cuts a far fiercer one when it’s combined with batlike wings large enough to lift such a towering woman. When her hips shift you make out the swaying of a humongous tail ridged like a scorpion’s, but instead of a barb it ends in a sealed bud more reminiscent of a peach. Stepping away from bats and chitin comes the far softer addition of thick white fur resting both between and above her cleavage, settled around her shoulders like the trimming of a cloak. That same thick fluff covers her elbows and knees, leading down to arms and legs of dark purple fur that end with giant paws.

She clenches and squeezes those oversized mitts until rows of razor-sharp dagger-like claws snikt-snikt noisily into view, although you catch the briefest glimpse of thick pale pads and large toe-beans. The remainder of her feline assets ends in the form of big pointy cat-ears with fluffy little tips. Pulling your attention away from her exotic affectations reveals a beautiful and shapely female face with a warm blush, wide and bright pink eyes, and pale white-pink hair hangs to her shoulders in a mane of windswept bangs.

...Judging by the way her claws snap in and out once again, she’s probably not going to be gentle. Considering she shifts her stance and reveals a dangerous tent nearly a foot long by itself, that seems like a fair bet.


The Champion may the Manticore Girl when they are at least level 2 while exploring Northern and Southern regions of the Foothills. While exploring the Foothills in momentary peace, a shadow will temporarily blot out the sun and a deep roar will make their ears ring. They narrowly evade a swipe from some great furry mass and the Manticore Girl comes to a skidding halt.

Should it not be the first time the Champion has encountered the Manticore Girl, they will notice a sweetness in the air they've smelt before, they will encounter the very familiar shadow blotting out the sun accompanied by a terrific roar.

She will flick her bangs and offer the Champion the option to ditch their belongings and give up and she might be gentle on them. The following options are available for the Champion to choose on what to do:

  • Fight
  • Give Up

Giving will result in any of the Defeat Sex Scenes below to occur in which the Manticore Girl will have their way with the Champion. The Manticore Girl will also blink in surprise, a demeanor briefly spoiled by a mix of shock and disappointment.

Pupperidge Farm Encounter

Having gone through and visited the Pupperidge Farm at least once, there is a 12.5% chance for the Champion to visit the farm when the Manticore Girl make a visit aswell. She will be there to suck massive milky tits of Lucia, however that won't be the only round they'll have. Its mentioned by Morwen that its not the first time this has happened and she's tried to shoo her away before but her guess would be that the Manticore Girl just really likes milky tits.

"Lucia’s a big strong girl... and that manticore likes to think she’s hot stuff. One nut? And bam. Total kitten for our big ol' lady. It’s totally act two, Lucia’s a power-bottom." --Morwen



The Manticore Girl is immune to Disarm

Attack Power: 24 Spellpower: 12
Sexiness: 39 Temptation: 8
Armor: 23 Physical Resist: 9
Warding: 24 Magic Resist: 29
Focus: 18 Evasion: 15
Fire Resist: 25 Tease Resist: -33

  • Big Breasts
  • Big Cocks
  • Average Cocks
  • Big Asses

  • Small Breasts
  • Small Cocks
  • No Breasts
  • Small Asses




Victory Sex Options:

  • Fuck Vag (requires a cock)
  • Fuck Tailcunt (requires a cock)
  • Ride Cock - Ride that pussy's kitty cock!
  • Milky Titfuck - Indulge in the Manticore’s desires and give her a nice, milky titfuck. (Written by strawberry_tea) (requires that the Champion is Milky, has at least DD Cups and has seen the Pupperidge Farm visit OR has done Defeat Get Titfucked)
  • Venom Rut - Incite this beefy kitty to fuck you into the ground with a little wyvern venom. (requires Wyvern Venom)

Defeat Sex Scenes:

  • Defeat Get Ridden (requires a cock >= 6")
  • Defeat Paw Job (requires a cock >= 6")
  • Defeat Get Titfucked (requires breasts > DD and is Milky)
  • Defeat Get Fucked

Although not a directly involved sex scene,
the Champion can watch the Manticore Girl and Lucia go at it.