Manticore Girl

From Corruption of Champions II
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Manticore Girl
Creator Skow
Species Manticore
Gender Hermaphrodite
Location Foothills
Health 210
Resolve 100


Manicore Girls are a type of Manticore, and can be found in the Foothills region surrounding Hawkethorne.


There’s a sweetness to the air that you’re sure you’ve smelt before, a gentle fragrance on the wind that stirs your loins. For a moment you’re almost able to forget it belongs to a vicious sexual monster. Just as those thoughts are crystalizing, a terrific roar reverberates in your teeth and a familiar shadow blots out the sun.

Once more the Manticore drops to the ground with a hefty thud, idly swiping her claws while you take a ready stance.

Eight feet of curvacious and well-toned woman sets an impressive figure... and cuts a far fiercer one when it’s combined with batlike wings large enough to lift such a towering woman. When her hips shift you make out the swaying of a humongous tail ridged like a scorpion’s, but instead of a barb it ends in a sealed bud more reminiscent of a peach. Stepping away from bats and chitin comes the far softer addition of thick white fur resting both between and above her cleavage, settled around her shoulders like the trimming of a cloak. That same thick fluff covers her elbows and knees, leading down to arms and legs of dark purple fur that end with giant paws.

She clenches and squeezes those oversized mitts until rows of razor-sharp dagger-like claws snikt-snikt noisily into view, although you catch the briefest glimpse of thick pale pads and large toe-beans. The remainder of her feline assets ends in the form of big pointy cat-ears with fluffy little tips. Pulling your attention away from her exotic affectations reveals a beautiful and shapely female face with a warm blush, wide and bright pink eyes, and pale white-pink hair hangs to her shoulders in a mane of windswept bangs.

She flicks those bangs and watches you with a sneer before finally speaking up. "Hey there human. How about you ditch your belongings and give up right now, maybe I’ll be gentle."

...Judging by the way her claws snap in and out once again, she’s probably not going to be gentle. Considering she shifts her stance and reveals a dangerous tent nearly a foot long by itself, that seems like a fair bet.


A manticore girl ambushes the party in the Foothills region, giving two options.

  • Fight
  • Give Up

  • Fuck Vag
  • Fuck Tailcunt
  • Ride Cock