Witch's Corset

From Corruption of Champions II
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Witch's Corset
Witch Corset
Author SomeKindofWizard
Type Attire
Slot Armor/Chest
Base Price 700
Additional Information
Armor 35
Ward 25
Evasion 5
Focus 25
Sexiness 15
Bonus Resistances 20 (Magic)
Additional Flags Light
Version Added 0.1.10
"Oh, that old thing? That was one of the first outfits I made when I was first learning to make and enchant my own outfits. I wasn't particularly happy with my 'womanly assets' at the time, so I figured I'd kill two birds with one stone. I didn't really have much need for it anymore, so I figured I'd leave it for someone to find. Something of a treat for the curious and all that."


For Champions with the name: Sophie

It's perfect. This corset is made for you. Literally you, Sophie.

For Champions with other names

This mysterious black leather corset is oh-so-tight and pushes up the bosom in that perfect temptress look straight out of the old stories about witches and stray knights. There are a few ways to improve a beautiful black corset... though the faint enchantment still lingering on this one is certainly one of them. This particular corset is also paired with a lacey skirt that's sinfully short.

Additional Information


Found along with the rest of the Witch Outfit Set while exploring the Old Forest (must be at least level 2) (only occurs once if picked up)