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Lucia Bust DCL.png
Bust of Lucia by DCLzexon
Creator SomeKindofWizard
Nickname(s) Lucy
Species Minotaur
Gender Female
Occupation Farmhand
Location Pupperidge Farm

"And I am Lucia! Thank you oh-so-much!" Her voice is a little lighter and more bubbly, but she offers a similar bow and salute to her sister, before hefting out a sack that even from here smells smokey and meaty against the natural fuck-funk of the air... Speaking of, now that they’re out in the open you’re fairly certain they give off something special.

Lucia is one of the cow-girls that reside at the Pupperidge Farm and supply some of the fresh produce sold by the farm.


The other cow-girl steps into view after, with equally incomprehensible tracts of land and muscle. As opposed to her companion though, her hair is a mess of deeply ginger ringlets, as is the poof at the tip of her tail, and every inch of flesh is paler and adorned with freckles reminiscent of the ones smattering Anna’s nose and cheekbones.


First Meeting

The Champion will first meet Lucia if they decided to Hang Out with Anna at the Pupperidge Farm after they had saved it from a trio of cultists. Anna will sit the Champion at a hollowed out grill table for some steaks in which Gloria, Lucia and Morwen will arrive to join the feast. Anna states that the special grill table came with Gloria and Lucia, they said that they got it from a gargoyle in a magic wagon. Once the feast has ended, Anna will recall offering the Champion the chance to help with the milking. Should the Champion take Anna up on her offer to milk Gloria, Anna will handle milking Lucia.

Subsequent Visits

When the Champion visits the farm again for some Milking, the Champion will have the pleasure of milking Gloria while Anna and/or Morwen deal with milking Lucia.

Manticore Girl

There is a 12.5% chance for the Manticore Girl to fly down and knock on the cowgirls' barn. Lucia opens the door and the two exchange a few words and then Manticore Girl sweeps Lucia up in a bridal-style carry. Morwen halts the Champion from charging in as she states that the two aren't going anywhere, she states that Manticore Girl doesn't do much harm besides drinking her fill of milky tits. The two put on quite the show as the Manticore Girl drinks her fill from Lucia and later moves to fucking. Once the Manticore Girl blows her load, is when act two as Morwen call it begins as Lucia is a power-bottom. The two go on for a another round of sexing however more intense than the previous. After a minute of thrashing and cumming, the two part ways, but not before realizing that Morwen and the Champion were watching all along. A mortified Lucia tells them they saw nothing.