Farmhand's Freeholds

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Farmhand's Freeholds
Creator Savin
Quest Giver Garth
Level Range 1+
Quest Type Side Quest
Location The Frost Hound
Pupperidge Farm
Timed? No
Can Fail? No

Quest States

State Acquisition Description
0 Having initially received the quest from Garth Garth has asked you to pop down south and check up on the proprietors of a certain farmstead. Considering how dangerous Harvest Valley has become, they may need help fending off some of their former neighbors.
1 Once the Cultists have been dealt with (win or lose) You helped Anna and her farmstead out against a group of Tollus's cultists. The conflict between centaurs and marefolk will continue to jeopardize not just the sisters but also the rest of the valley. Maybe you should talk to Garth again...
2 (completed) Having returned to Garth and told him that the girls are safe It sounds like there's full-blown war between marefolk and centaurs in Southern Harvest Valley. You'll need to ford the river to reach either village, and from what Garth said, you'll want to be nice and ready — the southern valley sounds much more dangerous than the nearby regions.


When talking to Garth about Harvest Valley, he will ask the Champion to check on the Pupperidge Farm if they can.


When initially talking to Garth about Harvest Valley?, he will tell the recent events of centaur marauders attacking farms and marefolk grabbing people off the roads. He will mention that there is a particular farm in the valley that supplies a big chunk of The Frost Hound's food and asks if the Champion can check up on the farm to make sure everything's okay.

The Pupperidge Farm is located just before the river leading to the marefolk village. Once the Champion finds the farm, they will discover that a group of Demon Cult cultists brandishing weapons and making their way towards it. The goons will notice the Champion and will attempt to attack their party, resulting in a combat encounter.

Regardless if the Champion is victorious or not when dealing with the cultists, the outcome will be the same, the cultists will flee. Anna, the damsel in distress and owner of the farm will thank the Champion for the rescue. She will offer the Champion to milk one of the cow-girls at the farm, the Champion may:

  • Hang Out - Look, this is what you’re here for.
  • Not This Time

Regardless of the choice, the farm is now safe and the Champion can return to Garth and tell him the good news.


Upon arriving at the Pupperidge Farm, the Champion will discover that it is under attack by a Cultist Archer and two Cultists.