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Creator Gardeford
Species Minotaur
Gender Female
Occupation Alchemist
Spouse Numerous Unnamed Husbands
Religion The Seven
Children Tarah (Daughter)
Location Marefolk Village

"We up north are of sturdy stock, and it would take more than a gaggle of thirsty mares to drain me. I can show you how it goes, if you'd like,"


Kavi the alchemist is roughly eight and a half feet of northern minotaur. Her thick fur coat is mostly brown, with intermittent splotches of white that share a contrast with her deep blue eyes. Dark brown hair is interlaced with colorful beads and stone rings. She doesn't make a point to show off, but her every movement seems to invite your eyes to feast on a new facet of her figure. The thick and colorful cloth of her dress does nothing to conceal the curve of her ample bottom, and little more to cover her chest.

The twin mountains of her breasts quake and quiver with the slightest motion, and you can just spy the pale pink flesh of her areola at the hem of her dress. You happen to know that her nipples match the scale, too big to fit your mouth around and dripping with creamy milk. Each pillar of boobflesh is big enough around to hug, but the bovine matron manages to handle herself as gracefully as any catfolk dancer. The most bizarre part of it is that despite their size, they maintain a healthy bounciness.

The rest of Kavi's body is sturdy enough to carry her milky burdens. Broad shoulders, broad hips, and a strong back give her the impression of a very comfortable bed. A thick tail with a long tuft of chocolate fur swishes behind her, long enough to brush the stone tiles as she walks. As if reading your mind, the motherly minotaur tosses a hungry smile in your direction, presenting an unspoken invitation.


The Champion will first find a structure composed of a handful of tents attached to a Belharan scoutpost tower with a weathered sign inscribed with words and symbols in numerous local languages labeled 'alchemist'. Upon entering the tower, they will be greeted by the heavy wooden door slamming shut behind them and a scolding from Kavi because they were not being careful with the door. She will stop and apologize once she realizes that the person responsible is not her daughter, Tarah but a guest. She will introduce herself to the Champion and daughter will also introduce herself when she arrives to provide some snacks for the Champion. With the introductions out of the way, the Champion may choose the following options:

  • Appearance - Take a good look at Kavi.
  • Talk - Ask Kavi about a number of topics.
    • Village - Ask the northern minotaur how she came to the valley.
    • Kavi - Ask Kavi about the far north.
    • Males - Ask Kavi about male marefolk.
  • Try Barley - Ask Kavi to try the barley tea she mentioned. (unlocked after Males)
  • Milk - Ask Kavi about her milk.

When inquiring about the Barley tea, Kavi will offer the Champion a cup and will mention that she prefers to take it with milk. The Champion may:

  • Take Tea - Drink the tea as-is. This will trigger a random equine transformation. (will cause one random transformation from the Mare's Barley effects)
  • Ask Milk - Ask to take the tea with milk. This will trigger a random bovine transformation. (will cause one random transformation from the Milk Tea effects)

The Champion may back out at anytime if they do not wish to undergo such transformations. However currently, the only way to unlock Kavi's shop options is for the Champion to try the tea (with or without the milk).

The Shop option will replace the Try Barley option once the Champion has unlocked the shop.


When inquired about what Kavi does with her milk, she will mention there is a ton of it and it would take more than a gaggle of thirsty mares to drain her, followed by an invitation on how it goes. The Champion may decide to suck upon Kavi's milky burdens.