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Busts of Kavi by DCLzexon
Creator Gardeford
Species Northern Minotaur
Gender Female
Occupation Alchemist/Herbalist
Height 8'6"
Bust Size ~Z
Spouse Numerous Unnamed Husbands
Religion The Seven
Children Tarah (Daughter)
Nationality Savarran
Location Marefolk Village
Version Added 0.2.11

"We up north are of sturdy stock, and it would take more than a gaggle of thirsty mares to drain me. I can show you how it goes, if you'd like,"

We don't really have alchemists in the Far North, so learning was like skinning a thick king seal. My hands learned faster than my head, completing mixtures while I shouted at my teacher for better explanations. Eeesh, the smug looks she gave me; still haunting my dreams,"

Kavi is the resident alchemist/herbalist of the Marefolk Village. As an alchemist/herbalist, she can make stuff like contraceptive herbs and potions to stop lactation, although she can sell the Champion some items, once they try some barley tea. She and Tarah occasionally restock the buckets of water for Zuzaan's smithy.

"These days I have to get a potion from Kavi to stop lactating. If I don't the milk just doesn't stop. Some mares would envy me, but it's... irritating for me to deal with."
"Well you're my hero, of course I'll be safe. Besides, I can do a little magic! Miss Kavi said I have a knack! She couldn't teach me much on account of she makes potions instead of weaving spells, but I can make my symbol of Lumia glow real bright!"


Kavi the alchemist is roughly eight and a half feet of northern minotaur. Her thick fur coat is mostly brown, with intermittent splotches of white that share a contrast with her deep blue eyes. Dark brown hair is interlaced with colorful beads and stone rings. She doesn't make a point to show off, but her every movement seems to invite your eyes to feast on a new facet of her figure. The thick and colorful cloth of her dress does nothing to conceal the curve of her ample bottom, and little more to cover her chest.

The twin mountains of her breasts quake and quiver with the slightest motion, and you can just spy the pale pink flesh of her areola at the hem of her dress. [has tried Kavi's milk:You happen to know that her nipples match the scale, too big to fit your mouth around and dripping with creamy milk. ]Each pillar of boobflesh is big enough around to hug, but the bovine matron manages to handle herself as gracefully as any catfolk dancer. The most bizarre part of it is that despite their size, they maintain a healthy bounciness.

The rest of Kavi's body is sturdy enough to carry her milky burdens. Broad shoulders, broad hips, and a strong back give her the impression of a very comfortable bed. A thick tail with a long tuft of chocolate fur swishes behind her, long enough to brush the stone tiles as she walks. [if a Trap & height < 60" / 5':As if reading your mind, the motherly minotaur tosses a hungry smile in your direction, presenting an unspoken invitation.]


First Visit

Upon opening the tower's heavy wooden door, the Champion notes that it's surprisingly light and they assume that it's probably enchanted. They take in the interior of the tower, eyeing the numerous exotic plants and colorful herbal mixtures before the heavy wooden door slams shut, hard enough to shake some of the leaves of the plants on the countertop. This catches Kavi's attention as she exclaims from another room that the magic on the door doesn't last if no one is touching it, however, she stops her reprimand as she realizes she's mistaken the Champion for her daughter and quickly apologizes. She yells for her daughter to bring a snack for their guest before she answers the Champion's question, if she gets much business from outside the village. She occasionally does have outside customers, mainly consisting of mousefolk who've ran afoul of particularly rowdy gnolls, but most days she deals with local affairs like medicine for allergies or dyes for hair, however, with the encroaching centaur raiders, more and more hunting parties come back injured. She shifts the topic by stating that it isn't something for a visitor to be worried about before she introduces herself and her daughter, but stops short of saying her daughter's name when a newcomer enters the room. The newcomer announces she has snacks and introduces herself as Tarah, however, she slips off a stone step and falls on her butt, causing the sweets to clatter to the ground. She looks more shocked than hurt and apologizes for not being careful, but the Champion reassures her that anyone could make a slip like that, before Kavi shoos her away and tells her to wash up before the sugar solidifies.

Subsequent Visits

The following options are available once first introductions are out of the way:

  • Appearance - [if Silly Mode:Touch the cow with your eyes.|else:Take a good look at Kavi.]
  • Talk - Ask Kavi about a number of topics.
    • Village - Ask the northern minotaur how she came to the valley.
    • Home - Ask Kavi about the far north.
    • Males - Ask Kavi about male marefolk.
  • Try Barley - Ask Kavi to try the barley tea she mentioned. (requires Males and can only be taken once)
  • Shop (requires Try Barley)
  • Milk - Ask Kavi about her milk.



The Champion ponders that with a northern minotaur this far south, Kavi must be melting with the Harvest Valley's weather. Kavi waves it off as if that were all, they'd never get any trading done and adds that the last winter was very refreshing as it was fun watching the mares bundle themselves in layer after layer, especially Tarah, who looked like a wrapped present. When asked how'd she wind up living with the marefolk, she explains that the biggest export the north has is herbs, plants with specific growing conditions that are particularly prized. The elder alchemist bought Kavi's herbs and paid well for her knowledge on said plants. She entertained the thought of returning to the north after she finds an apprentice, although Tarah didn't so much kill her hopes as she banished those thoughts from her mind. So she stayed, learned alchemy from the elder, and eventually took her place once she passed some years ago. She became rather skilled at mixing the various medicines the marefolk require [if talked about Males: and the feminizing drugs they use].


On the topic of home, Kavi explains that the north is cold. She states that while the natives think their winters are dangerous, she could walk in such weather naked and manage to overheat without much effort at all. She strived to make sure the inside of her snow home reached such temperatures as one of her husbands could freeze to death in minutes outside without a full wrapping of warming garments and she wouldn't last much longer either, on the thought of it, a pallor clouds her features for a moment, before resolving into a warmer smile. A better word to describe the north would be frigid, and she was so unused to the rivalry with the centaurs when she first came to live at the valley, as the centaurs in the far north are much fluffier and compact, but hardier. She adds that:

"The more bodies you have in a home, the warmer it is. Some minotaurs take as many as five or six husbands, keeping them warm at night and letting them keep each other company during the day while they're out hunting. The most prized husband always sleeps nestled against her chest, snug and safe. In coastal homesteads the men even help with fishing. They're more suited to the subtle intricacies of it, and fishing together is a common method of bonding," The shaggy cow matron describes, growing more exuberant as she reaches the end of her tale.

"But it is nice here. It is nice being able to sleep with a lover without fretting that others are warm enough. There weren't towns like this in the North, but they have been a welcome adjustment to make. Here, there is a whole community to rely on for food, protection, everything. Back home you might meet another hunting party, but your home is you and your family. Here, home is for everyone. I like it," she nods with a touch of finality.


With genuine curiosity, the Champion asks what happens with the male marefolk. Kavi answers that they're born no different, the change happens during or very soon after puberty, that the changes that turn them into men also cloud their minds. Although they can function enough to speak, their thoughts are always on the next fuck, maybe one or two in history retained their manners, but it's a bad chance to take for ones so young. As a solution of the madness, the elders of long ago decided to;

"They developed a drug that allowed male marefolk to grow in the same way as women do, while still retaining their... virility. They grow breasts, their hips fill out, their physique softens, but most importantly their minds are cleared. This is not to say they are forcibly indoctrinated against their wills. You may have seen the males rampaging out across the valley," she gestures vaguely north.

When a male reaches puberty, he is given the choice to take the mare's barley or be exiled. He is given a period of time to feel the madness setting in and if he decides that the feeling is welcome, it is his choice, otherwise he takes the drug either in boiled tea or chewed directly. At first it must be taken daily, but once the changes begin, the requirements become more lax. That's how it was with her daughter. She fretted so much in the months before Tarah's decision, but when it was offered, she didn't even consider letting herself become like that. Tarah took exceptionally well to the barley, although it's a mixed blessing considering she's rather high-energy.

Try Barley

After having talked about Males, the Champion can ask if they could have a taste of the mare's barley in its tea form. Kavi goes to prepare the tea, while doing so she states that barley tea is favored by mares even when they don't require their medicine, although Kavi prefers to take it with milk. This leaves the Champion with the following options:

  • Take Tea - Drink the tea as-is. This will trigger a random equine transformation. (incurs a single random Mare's Barley tranformative effect)
  • Ask Milk - Ask to take the tea with milk. This will trigger a random bovine transformation. (incurs a single random Milk Candy tranformative effect)

If no transformation occurs from the random transformative effect, it will instead raise the Champion's height by 1". Regardless of their choice, the instant transformation surprises Kavi as she rushes over to the Champion and inspects them thoroughly. A flabbergasted Kavi asks if the transformation is the result of a curse, to which the Champion explains that it's because of Kasyrra's arrival. Kavi comments that she had heard about the demon from foragers and that Kasyrra has the centaurs wrapped around her fingers, although Kavi is quite fascinated by the Champion's changing property. She states that she's quite interested in their capability, however, she can't give away the barley for free, but she would be happy to sell it.


If the Champion hasn't asked her before, in the most polite way they can muster, they ask what Kavi does with her milk, considering the size of her assets. She confirms that while she has a ton of milk, they under underestimate how much a whole tribe of marefolk can drink. None of the stores in the village are unaccounted for, but that isn't to say she doesn't have any milk left as the minotaurs of the north are of sturdy stock, and it would take more than a gaggle of thirsty mares to drain her. She invites the Champion to see how it goes, and they may either accept or decline.

The Champion follows Kavi into one of the tower's adjoined yurts, which is packed with large barrels filled to the brim with milk for the mares to pick up at their leisure. Kavi checks a few containers before sitting on an empty one, she will then gesture to a stool on the opposite side of the barrel for the Champion to sit on. Should it be the Champion's first time, she explains that the Champion will not be nursing as the barrel is there to make sure at least some of the milk is not wasted. Kavi will fill the barrel with milk, but at the same time she will blast the Champion's face with creamy milk as they do their best to drink as much milk as they can. Once the session is over and the barrel is nearly full, the Champion is dripping from their elbows with milk. Kavi states that she'll be full again in a few hours and goes to mop the Champion up with a towel. Once they're dry and have drunk their fill, the Champion will receive the Well Fed status effect.


Kavi's merchant services will become available once the Champion tries her transformative barley tea.

Name Price
Fresh Milk 50
Vulnerary 80
Miscellaneous Items
Name Price
Camping Supplies 150
Transformative Items
Name Price
Baad Clover 50
Cackle Berry 50
Carrot Cumpcake 50
Mare's Barley 50
Milk Candy 50
Milk Tea 50


Editor's Note: Until Tarah gets direct interactable content, information on her will be placed here. 

Tarah is the marefolk daughter of Kavi, although who her father is hasn't been said yet. Tarah was a male marefolk before taking the mare's barley to prevent the madness that affects the adult marefolk males.


As if on cue, another round of hoofbeats and a jingling of cowbells comes scampering through door behind the counter, seeming to pause just beyond it for a moment, before a slender, roan mare steps through the door, huffing gently from exertion and holding a tray of small glazed treats.

The newcomer (Tarah?) is bright and excited, with an infectious smile and a steely gray-blue coat. She wears a similarly colored dress, but on her the loose upper portion falls around her chest, leaving her modest (in comparison at least) D-cups fully exposed. Twin piercings, silver horseshoes with tiny gold cowbells hanging at the bottom, jingle merrily on each of her bright pink teats. Curls of platinum blonde hair fall like waterfalls over her shoulders, making her countenance all the more sunny.

"I got the snacks, momma! They weren't done cooking so I had to wait and they took soooooo long so I couldn't come see the visitor and... is this [him/her]? Hi there, I'm Tar-ahhh!" The bubbly mare takes a step toward you, moving too quickly off the stone step by the door and falling square on her butt with a meaty thunk. The tray of sweets clangs against her chest before clattering to the ground, leaving a coating of sugar and ruined pastry that drips off her in clumps. She looks more shocked than hurt, giving you an embarrassed look.