Kiyoko's Home

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Kiyoko's Home
Map of Kiyoko's Home - Inari.png
Map of Kiyoko's Home with Inari Kinu
Region Old Forest
Level range 5+
Accessible from
Neutral Hub Yes

Beyond the waterfall and through the tunnel, one emerges into a crater, wide enough to comfortably hide Kiyoko and her little den of foxes who've dug into their old home. Steep and high walls of mossy rock cloister this little piece of tranquility away from the rest of the Old Forest, a place where you could let your guard down, if momentarily so.

Once Kiyoko is freed from the amulet, Keros restores the Ruined Shrine where you found her amulet to serve as her home once again. She, Kinu, and any other kits you have will live here once freed, with a torii gate allowing fast travel to the Kurokawa Kitsune Den and a warm bed in Kiyoko's quarters whenever you wish to pass the time. The living conditions are rough, but if you invest your personal resources into rebuilding the den you can help restore the area more quickly for your fox-family.

"There we go, accommodations for you and yours. I won't give you everything, but neither will I leave you with nothing to get started with. After all, I am not completely heartless, regardless of what the legends sometimes say. There will be much work that needs to be done in restoring this place and eventually making it even better than it was, but these will be serviceable quarters for you and yours in the meantime. Quite humble for a heritor of divine blood, really, but I'm sure you'll manage just fine."

Writer Credit

The Observer


Rebuilding The Den

When the den is first, it is only partially restored. Kiyoko, Kinu, and the rest of your fox-family work to restore it, but you can help out by donating Broken Metal Parts, Sturdy Stone, and Pristine Wood to the reconstruction effort. Depending on how much building material you donate, the room descriptions around the den will change to reflect the improving amenities. The thresholds for new states of repair are 20 total materials, 60, 120, and then 200 to complete repairs. This serves no mechanical or in-game benefit other than giving you the satisfaction of providing for your family, and having nicer room descriptions for the den.

  • Wood: Putting some lumber towards reconstruction efforts would be great. Beams, planks, walls — put ten units in the shed.
  • Metal: Kitsune architecture doesn't use nails, but there're many other useful purposes for iron in tools and implements. If nothing, your fox-wife and daughter can use these to bribe Kohaku into getting them what they need.
  • Stone: Stone isn't as heavily used in Kitsune architecture, which favors light materials as opposed to the Marches style, but it's still useful for paving, foundations and many other purposes.

Points of Interest

Kiyoko's Residence

This is where Kiyoko has taken up residence, her new home now that she has chosen not to return across the ocean to the land of her birth. The materials used in its construction are typical of kitsune architecture — thick and solid wooden beams, ornate roof tiles, lightweight materials that form the body about the skeleton. Supports and planks are held together with joints and fittings like a puzzle, their weight pressing in on each other and holding them in place. This is further secured by the vines and other plants that grow in several spots, lashing and holding together bits and pieces here and there while adding a bit of eye-calming greenery to the place. It isn't as blatant as the cabin that served as her home on the Astral Plane — that was grown into the side of a tree — but the foxes know how to turn nature to their advantage to make up for a lack of other materials.

On the south-west square, you can find Kiyoko when she's not adventuring with you. You can also trigger various events or spend the night.

Living Quarters

Once, these homes presumably used to house the expeditionary force that Kiyoko had brought with her from across the ocean. More than two centuries later, they now house her kits. A few of the buildings are but one-storey homes, although most have anywhere between two to four; as part of an expeditionary force, the original kitsune who threw these together clearly decided to live in close quarters, perhaps for ease, perhaps for safety.

To the south-east is where your children sleep. Hime Kinu can be found here in the morning, gardening, practicing her art, or fulfilling her responsibilities managing the den while Kiyoko is away.


This is where the magic happens, as it were. Once a grassy patch of land, the soft, crumbly soil round the back of the kitsune den has been transformed into several fields. A large pool of clear water is snug against the crater wall, no doubt fed from the same stream that creates the waterfall that hides the entrance to this den. An interesting and complex array of sluices, wheels and stone and bamboo culverts controls and directs the flow of water to several flooded rice paddies; the mechanism looks far too complex to have been installed by Kinu herself, as precocious as she is — no doubt she had help from some of Komari's people.

In the north-west is where you'll find Inari Kinu in the morning, working the fields to make sure everyone is fed.

Torii Gate

A torii gate — a tall, imposing archway of red-painted wood, comprised of two cylindrical posts and an equal number of crosswise beams that bridge the posts, one atop the other. As Miko and Mai were so kind as to explain in your first encounter with them, the purpose of these gates in the Kerosite religion is to symbolise the divide between the mundane and profane, as opposed to the sacred and holy.

To the north of the den, the torii gate allows rapid travel to the Kurokawa Kitsune Den and the Waystone there. You can use that rather than traipsing through the Old Forest whenever you want to visit your family.


One of the sturdier buildings in the den has been converted into a lumber shed. You're not sure what this might once have been — a home, perhaps — but what it is now is a storage for bulky materials. Lumber, both for building and for firewood, stone, even some brick despite there not being a kiln anywhere in sight. Regardless of how your fox-wife is supposed to be working to rebuild her home under her own strength, her old retainer is pulling out all the stops to aid her in that task, perhaps out of a sense of regret for her past failings. There's a large flat stump by the shed's entrance where firewood is split, and wood shavings litter the floor of an open air-shed where planks and beams are worked into shape.

The shed to the north-east is where you drop off materials for the betterment of the den.

Quest Related

The Princess Blade

In the first of Kinu's paralogues, Raphael and the Taothians invade the den with the intent of murdering everyone within. Also, you trigger Kinu's paralogues by talking to her here or in the Kurokawa Kitsune Den.