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Raphael DCL Full.png

Full body art of Raphael by DCLzexon
Creator The Observer
Species Vulperine
Gender Male
Occupation Thief (former)
Title The Russet Rogue
Level 5
Health 275
Resolve 189
Strengths Raphael has 2 action points

"And for all that, here I thought I had searched the entire place, found every treasure, pilfered every gem, but it seems I've overlooked the greatest jewel of all!" Raphael's smirk turns into a would-be charming, boyish grin as he cups your chin with thumb and forefinger, jerking your face upwards so your eyes meet his and looking deeply into yours. His own are a deep emerald green, contrasting sharply with his bright red coat. They are set below a sturdy brow that gives him playful maturity and a rough regal elegance. "Such beautiful blue eyes you have there... you do not mind if I take them with me, my fair lady?"

Raphael is a Vulperine thief-turned-crusader who has dedicated himself to the eradication of Kitsune in Savarra. He appears in Kinu's quest as her primary nemesis and tormentor, constantly pursuing her for his crusade and, it's implied, for more licentious reasons. Raphael is quite vain and presents himself as a dashing heroic scoundrel. However, his interactions with Kinu reveal a darker side, insecure and filled with malevolent rage.


You glower, and finally look up. Like all the other killers, he's a humanoid red fox, looking down on you with a triumphant smirk on a tapered snout; most definitely male and masculine. Although not the broadest figure around, his muscles are lean and strong, and his contoured torso flares up above narrow hips and gives him a body that has an agile deftness to it. Having donned a loose, red-brown jacket and supple deerskin pants in the style of the natives — he's far better dressed than his subordinates — and the ensemble is completed by a red sash across the hip and soft-soled boots below. The outfit does much to complement the vivid crimson of his fur, broken only by the white fur running down his chest and towards his crotch. He's lithe, too; the only two things that are large about him is the clear bulge in his thin leather pants and the bushy tail that flicks playfully from side to side.


First Encounter

"But it is! Oh, to be doubted so — I am terribly wounded by the aspersions upon my honour!" The fox puts his hand to his forehead and pretends to faint. He rights himself just before he hits the ground, however and lands in a kneel before your feet. "Those past larcenous days of disrepute are over, and I have turned over a new leaf, found a new profession worthy of respect!

"Demon hunting, if you so would. Protecting our world from soul-sucking monsters from a different land, a distant land."

Raphael makes his first appearance during the attack on Kiyoko's Home. After defeating several Taothians in the den, Kinu leads her charges out the Old Forest only to be surrounded by Raphael and more of his mooks. Their apparent leader, he introduces himself at length. Raphael is seemingly jovial and flirtatious, much to Kinu's revulsion, but it quickly becomes clear he is very dangerous and deeply loathes Kitsune He alternates between humiliating Kinu in front of her charges and flattering her, leading to Kinu having the following options to try and protect those under her care.

  • Spit: (requires Inari Kinu)
  • Swoon: Oh, so he thinks he's the charmer, is he? It sickens you to even consider it, but if you can get him close and drop his guard... (requires Hime Kinu)
  • Stall: Keep him talking, stall for time. Maybe a miracle will happen...

If Kinu chooses Swoon, Raphael inadvertently reveals that someone named Lord Taoth ordered him and his associates to attack the Den. Whatever option Kinu goes with, the ruse quickly ends, leading to a one-on-one duel between Raphael and Kinu. Raphael is by far the superior combatant, toying with and lightly wounding Kinu until she's unable to continue. He is about to end her life when reinforcements from the Kurokawa Kitsune Den arrive.

Kinu uses the distraction to escape much to Raphael's dismay — especially if Hime Kinu used cutting words to diminish him in front of his forces. He's unable to pursue her though, instead being driven away by the kitsune forces.

Ways Between

"So understand this, demoness; I will murder every last one of you so that my children don't have to. But as for you and you only, I will gouge out your eyes, cut off your ears, and break every last one of your fingers — then, just perhaps, you might understand what the sting of failure feels like."

Raphael appears again when Kinu, Kohaku, and their bodyguards are ambushed by Taothians in the Ways Between. He again takes the opportunity to monologue, mentioning Lord Taoth again, and revealing the depths of his hatred of the Kitsune and his obsession with Kinu. Raphael and Kinu duel again as the other kitsune take the opportunity to escape. Kinu is able to survive against the Russet Rogue long enough for her friends to get away safely, and then feints to escape the circle of Taothians surrounding them. Raphael gives pursuit, but just barely fails to stop Kinu before she leaps through a Waystone to Hawkethorne.


Kiyoko's Home
Stats Likes Dislikes Powers

Attack Power: 54.0 Spellpower: 21.0
Sexiness: 8.0 Temptation: 18.0
Armor: 73.0 Physical Resist: 30.0
Warding: 42.0 Magic Resist: 17.0
Focus: 7.0 Mental Resist: 12.0
Evasion: 36.0 Blight Resist: 100.0
Fire Resist: 100.0 Penetrating Resist: 50.0
  • Big Breasts
  • Average Breasts
  • Big Asses
  • Vaginas
  • Small Breasts
  • Small Asses
Ways Between
Stats Likes Dislikes Powers

Attack Power: 42.0 Spellpower: 18.0
Sexiness: 7.0 Temptation: 14.0
Armor: 69.0 Physical Resist: 34.0
Warding: 39.0 Magic Resist: 14.0
Focus: 6.0 Mental Resist: 11.0
Evasion: 38.0 Blight Resist: 100.0
Fire Resist: 100.0 Penetrating Resist: 50.0
  • Big Breasts
  • Average Breasts
  • Big Asses
  • Vaginas
  • Small Breasts
  • Small Asses

Quest Related

The Princess Blade

Raphael is the primary villain of the first two adventures in Kinu's questline, trying to murder Kinu and any Kitsune that happen to be in her vicinity.


Raphael is heavily based on the character of the same name and similar aesthetics from the original Corruption of Champions game, albeit much darker and heavily villainized; TheObserver felt many of the things he did in that questline were quite creepy and ominous and played up those aspects of him.