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Arona blinks. "Wait, Juno the Storm Witch? Hey, Aurea, this babe's a legend. Brother said he saw her sink a half dozen pexighast raider boats with one vortex."

The cow-girl smiles demurely, but there's a glint of amusement in her blue eyes. "Eight, actually. I wasn't aware that battle had Kervus spectators."

Juno is the ship mage of the Auroran Vigil, a sorceress trained specifically to marshal wind and water magic to help the vessels she’s assigned to. She is married to Livernon and the mother of Livrea.




Juno busts by Moira
Creators Author-Savin
Personal Information
Aliases Juno the Storm Witch
Titles Lady Juno
Relatives Livrea (daughter)
Other Relations Livernon (husband)
Occupation Ship Mage
Residence Khor'minos
Location Auroran Vigil
Nationality Khor'minos
Biological Information
Species Cowgirl
Gender Female
Hair Color Gold
Eye Color Blue
Tail Count 1
Other Information
Version Added 0.6.0


A pair of marines in heavy bronze war panoply salute as the captain steps onto the dock, wood creaking under his hooves, but it's a cowgirl — the only one you've seen on the deck — that comes over to greet you. While she has the same blue-moon tabard as the men, she wears no armor that you can see and carries a crescent-headed staff rather than the ubiquitous hammers and axes.


First Encounter

You first encounter Juno on the Auroran Vigil during the quest The Demon of Ice.


You can interact with Juno and Livernon together during the trip to Dracia. You can talk to them about:

  • Their Careers: Captain Livernon and Lady Juno have no doubt had a storied career together…
  • Juno’s Magic: She said she’s been at this since she was a teenager?
  • Dracia: Do the pair know anything about the island you’re headed to?
  • The Siege: How has the Khor’minoan Navy been handling the siege of their city?
  • Flirt With The Couple: These two are proving to be an extremely affectionate, loving couple. Perhaps you could convince them to include you for tonight…? (requires have done at least two of the prior talks)


When choosing who to bed with for the night on the Vigil, if you have done the [Flirt With The Couple] talk from before, you will have the following options:

  • Mino Couple: Two’s company, three’s a party - spend time with the loving Minotaur couple tonight. (when choosing a bed partner)
    • DP Juno: Enjoy a healthy helping of mino-milf milk before you and the Captain plow into the sorceress from both sides. (requires cock)
    • Cock Worship Livernon: Join the sorceress in giving her husband's dick the worship a majestic mino-cock deserves, before he rails you into a quivering mess in his bed.

Quest Related

The Demon of Ice

Juno is the ship mage aboard the vessel that carries the party to Dracia.