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Busts of Livrea by Moira
Creator Savin
Nickname(s) Liv
Species Minotaur
Gender Female
Occupation Minstrel
Relatives Livernus (uncle)
Location Passion Pasture

"Heh, hey, I'm Livrea. Khor'minos's favorite minstrel, when I'm not ruining our culture for uplanders."

"The Passion Pasture's favorite, anyway," one of the whores says.

Livrea is a friendly and effervescent minstrel. When Khor'minos locked down, she decided if she's going to be stuck under the mountain, she may as well pass the time with liquor and prostitutes. She's set up by the Passion Pasture, playing for the workers of the fine establishment as well as anyone who happens to pass by. Livrea is a drunken layabout, but she has her ear to the ground, making her a valuable source of unverified gossip and rumours.


A dusky cowgirl with flaming red hair is sitting on the stoop leading up to the brothel with a harp sat in her lap, accompanying a recitation of a Khor'minoan epic with occasional strums.


First Encounter

The cowgirl sighs, leaning back into the bosoms of one of the working girls sitting behind her. "Ugh, this sounds terrible in Belharan. Cezaron the Healer is supposed to be alliterative not rhyming, but..."

"Aww, I think it's nice," one of the whores says, giving the bard a conciliatory kiss on the cheek.

As you explore Main Street, you meet a minstrel performing in front of a brothel. If you have the minstrel background or have Cait with you, you can talk with her about the finer details of her translation of Cezaron the Healer, or you can go straight into her menu.

Subsequent Encounters

If you ask Livrea about the Local News, she has random tidbits about what's going on. If you Tip the Bard more than 100EC, she will thank you for your generosity before heading off. She'll be back before too long, the Passion Pasture 100EC richer.

  • Local News: Ask the bard what's going on here in Khor'minos.
  • Tip the Bard: Toss a coin to your minstrel.
    • 1EC
    • 5EC
    • 10EC
    • 100EC
  • Flirt: Perhaps Liv would like to go somewhere and give you a private performance? (see Sex)


If you've tipped Livrea, and are up to quest stage 5 in The Siege of Khor'minos, then between 18:00-23:00 you can find Livrea by the Milking Barn, despondent that her sister and cousin have stood her up for dinner.

  • Have Dinner: If her family's ditched her, maybe you could take the pretty pink cow out to dinner? (unlocks Flirt with Livrea)
  • Wish Luck: Wish Liv luck with her family problems. You've got to go, though.

If you Wish Luck then you go on your way, although Cait or Arona (must be dominant) temporarily leave the party if present to take Livrea out on the town. If you Have Dinner, then you and Livrea have a lovely time, culminating in you walking her home and the strawberry cow inviting you up to her room.

  • Sure: Give this date the happy ending it deserves...
  • No: You're glad Liv had a nice time, but you aren't interested in that kind of ending to this tale.

If you accept her invitation, and during future visits to the Passion Pasture, you can access her sex scenes.

  • Milky Finger: Cows give their best milk when they're happy — so play with Liv's pussy until she's screaming your name while your mouth's full of creamy boob.
    • Titfuck: The favored past-time of Khor'minoan cowgirls! Slide your [pc.cock] up between Liv's breasts and use her milk as lube for a good hard titfuck. (requires penis)
    • Buttfuck: Liv's already slicked up so nicely — use some of her all-natural lube and take her from behind. (requires penis)
    • Eat Her Out: You just want to eat that pretty pussy all up.
  • Cowgirl: Dick the cow-girl until she's randy enough to take charge and ride you. (requires penis)
    • Titfuck: Let Livrea sit on the bed's edge while you pound her tits.
    • Lapfuck: Hold Livrea in your lap, bury your face in her tits, and fuck her good and hard.
  • Vag Fuck: Dick this bard down nice and romantic-like. (requires penis)
    • Cum Inside: Blow your load inside the bovine bard.
    • Thigh Fuck: Squeeze Liv's thighs together around your dick and blow your load all over her tummy.