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Bust of Livernus by DCLzexon
Creator Savin
Species Minotaur
Gender Male
Occupation Boatman
Religion Velunite
Location Undermountain

Livernus gives you a friendly nod as you saunter up onto the docks. "Ay-ah, []! Need a ride across? I've got plenty of cargo to move today!"

Livernus is a barrel-chested boatman who carries goods up and down the river. His job has gotten considerably more dangerous and more vital with the demons laying siege to the city. Livernus tries to put on a brave face, but when you first meet him the stress is clearly affecting him. If only there were something you could do to help calm him down.


Even for a minotaur, this particular specimen is quite huge, barrel-chested and muscular from a lifetime of manual labor. Sweat-stained white fur is matted down under an open-vested tunic, and without sleeves you're treated to a sight of positively massive biceps at work as he moves.


First Encounter

The man shakes his head vigorously, turning back to the amphora. "I'd get back behind the walls if I were you! The imps alone are making this job less worth the risk every day. I keep this up and you'll hear about it from the town crier — 'woe is Livernus the boatman, found fucked to death by imps trying to scrape together twenty hawks!' Ha!"

You can first meet Livernus after getting a lead from Calise to investigate smugglers on the lake, to see where the demon army are getting their equipment. Livernus is in the Undermountain on the west side of the lake zone. He's clearly jumpy, keeping a constant eye out for Imps and talking about strange lights on the western side of the dock.

  • Check Wine: Something seems fishy about this bull-man. Check his wine for contraband.
  • Offer BJ: Livernus seems really stressed out. Maybe a quick blowjob would calm his nerves?
  • Leave: Bid Livernus good luck in his dealings and leave.

However you choose to investigate Livernus, you conclude that he's not the demon conspirator that you're looking for.

Subsequent Encounters

"Fuck yeeeeeah, boat time," Arona cheers, barely containing her excitement despite how short the trip is.

"Whooooo boats!" you add on, letting Arona's cheer infect you too.

You meet Livernus again (or for the first time) after clearing the demon smuggling operation on the western dock. He's now available at either dock, and can ferry you across as a favour to the second Champion fighting to defend Khor'minos.

  • Cross Lake: You'd like to cross the underground lake, please.
  • Offer BJ: Livernus is a hard-working man! Maybe you can make his day a little brighter...
  • Leave


Ever since Calise healed Livernus, he's been extra 'productive'. Before or after clearing the demonic smuggling operation at the western dock, you can help Livernus relax with Offer BJ. Once you've blown Livernus, and if you have a libido over 33, you'll also give Livernus boat head whenever you Cross Lake.

Quest Related

The Siege of Khor'minos

Livernus is at one of the sites you can investigate while trying to find the demonic smuggling operation.