Milking Barn

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Milking Barn

Milking Barn map.png

Location of Milking Barn
Region Khor'minos Main Street
Level range 6+
Accessible from Khor'minos Main Street
Neutral Hub Yes
Operation Hours 7:00 - 21:59

The Milking Barn is a public building in Khor'minos where cowgirls can go to be milked. It is presently being run by Nona after the old manager disappeared, and has a range of services available free of charge. There is a gift shop as well, for all your milk-themed souvenir needs.

"Go in and you can milk some of the girls, or get milked yourself. We've got some specially-bred plants that do the job for ya, or you can ask one of the attendants — they're all women. Or one of the guards, if that's how you want it."
—Milking Barn guard

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You follow the road away from the gates in your curiosity, noting a building resembling a wooden barn amidst a grassy field down the way. Drawing closer you find that not only is the building a barn, it's not for animals — it's for people.

Milking Barn!
A public service provided for the populace by decree of the King.

So declares the sign outside, accompanied by a brazen depiction of a milky cowgirl bursting out of her top. It's pretty well-drawn, actually.



You can claim a stall for yourself, to be milked or milk a companion. Or, you can get Nona's approval to milk some of the cowgirls who visit the Milking Barn to get milked. Once you've passed a practical assessment of your milking ability, you can return during opening hours at any time to help relieve a very appreciative group who call dibs. You can also visit the gift shop for yourself or any Amazonian cowgirl companions you may have.

  • Get A Stall: You'd like your own stall for now. (see Get A Stall)
  • Milk Girls: You'll help out with the girls around the barn. (requires gaining Nona's Approval)
  • Milk Nona: You can spare some time for the girl who makes it all possible. (requires between 20:00 - 22:00)
  • Approval?: Ask about getting approved to milk the girls here. (one-time)
  • Gift Shop: Check out what's available for sale at the gift shop.
    • Cowprint Bra: Get yourself a cowprint bra. They've got them in all sizes — looks like they're savvy about their audience. (costs 300 EC)
    • Cowprint Panties: Bundles of panties with the exact same color scheme as the bras are piled up here, just waiting for a lucky buyer. (costs 300 EC)
    • Brienne Bra: Cowprint, cowgirl. Seems like it'd be a nice match. (costs 600 EC)
    • Infused Milk: Buy some special milk. (costs 75 EC, gives Infused Milk boon)

Get A Stall

Naturally, for most milking services you will need to have lactating breasts. However, if Brint is with you, he's willing to give things a try regardless of what you're packing. There's also content for Brienne, or if you've given Cait some Bovum Sherry.

  • Get Milked: You could do with a milking.
    • Brint: Very politely ask the big man to milk you. It seems like he'd know best, after all. / Jokingly suggest that Brint should milk you. Maybe he's got magic fingers.
    • Plant: Try out one of these plants the barn people have been going on about — they must do okay if everyone's using them. / Serve up another few offerings of milk to the plants. (requires lactating breasts)
      • Jack Off / Finger Self / Finger n' Jerk: This is just too good to pass up.
      • Don't
    • Attendant: Get an attendant to expertly help you out. Beats milking yourself by a long shot! (requires lactating breasts)
      • Touch Me?: Ask her to redirect some of her attention down below.
      • Just milking: For now, all you need is to be milked.
    • Soldier: Call a soldier inside to help milk you — and maybe have some fun. You don't think they'll mind, somehow. (requires lactating breasts)
      • Get fucked: Get the soldier to unbuckle his belt and use you for a bit of breaktime relief.
      • Get milked: Stick with milking.
    • Nona: Ask the head attendant to milk you. You want some special attention! (requires lactating breasts)
    • Group Milking: Get set up alongside Cait and Brienne for your milking, then let the plants do their work. (requires lactating breasts, Cait and Brienne, and Cait to be lactating)
  • Companion: What are friends for?
    • Brint: Can you get milk from a bull? (one-time, requires Brint)
    • Brienne: You've brought your own ready and willing cowgirl. (requires Brienne)
    • Cait: Give Cait a nice milking. She could use it! (requires Cait, and Cait to be lactating)