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Busts of Nona by Moira
Creator Wsan
Species Minotaurs
Gender Female
Occupation Milking Barn attendant
Title Head Attendant
Religion Velunite
Location Milking Barn

"Hi there!" she says, her ears flicking upwards attentively. "I'm Nona. I'm kinda running things around here for the moment. Welcome to the milking barn!"

Nona is the head attendant for the Milking Barn and has taken over running the establishment. Her duties include welcoming new guests and introducing the services available, providing hands-on milking assistance if need be, and screening new milkers before they can start working with the clientele.


Nona greets you on your first visit to the Milking Barn. She introduces the barn's services, inviting you and your companions to claim a milking stall or visit the gift shop. You can milk some of the other girls as well, but she needs to approve you first.

If you select Approve?, Nona explains that to approve you for the other girls, she has to get a hands-on assessment of your milking first.


Nona is busy during the day, but is available to be milked between 20:00 and 22:00 in the evening. Doing this at least once is required to gain access to the other Milking Barn Girls.