Milking Barn Girls

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Milking Barn Girls





Busts of the Milking Barn Girls
Creator Wsan
Full name Adel, Mel, Cecilia, and Livie
Species Minotaurs
Gender Female
Location Milking Barn

"So, we usually rotate duties a little... but those girls you met last time really don't want to switch partners." Nona says, looking apologetic. "Sorry, [], that's kinda my fault. You'll be milking them again, if that's okay with you."

The Milking Barn Girls are a group of cowgirls who make use of the Milking Barn's services. After proving your milking mettle to Nona, you can offer to milk some clients. She introduces you to a group of women from very different walks of life in the city, who quickly become your devoted regulars.



Adel is an athletic-looking girl with breasts on the smaller side, for a cowgirl. She looks very much like she's ready for a competition rather than a milking, and if she were any taller than five foot she might intimidate someone.


You're eye-level with a stomach and a hefty bust barely contained in a bra. Glancing upwards, you see a very large cowgirl — she towers over you, and she's thicker than most of the women you've seen here in Khor'minos.


Before you stands a slim, curvy cowgirl wearing expensive-looking silk and lace and regarding you with a neutral expression.


"Heeyyy! Can I come in?" a feminine voice calls, and you open the door to find an excited cowgirl standing outside. The first thing you notice is her bright blonde hair, obviously dyed, and the second thing is her absolutely enormous set of breasts. They're busting out of her top, threatening to spill into open view at any moment. Her areolae are totally visible, and her nipples are poking right through the fabric.


"Looks — and sounds — like you sent them all home satisfied," Nona says, smiling. "Thanks a lot, []. I really appreciate it, and they do too."

Once you've milked Nona to gain her approval to milk other clients of the Milking Barn, you can choose Milk Girls to be introduced to Adel, Mel, Cecilia, and Livie. While milking is not inherently sexual, it is with this group. You milk them one after another, and they all leave very happy with their service.

On subsequent visits, the order of the girls will be mixed up, with variants depending on where they come in the order. Nona mentions that normally milkers would be rotated between clients, but the four you milked the first time didn't want to switch so you're stuck with them.