Ember's Taphouse

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Ember's Taphouse

Ember's Taphouse map.png

Location of Ember's Taphouse
Region Khor'minos Main Street
Level range 6+
Accessible from Khor'minos Main Street
Neutral Hub Yes

Ember's Taphouse is an inn on Main Street. The owner, proprietor, and signature attraction is Vitra, a cinderscale salamander with the ability to 'serve from the tap'.

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The interior of the taphouse is warm in every respect: a great firepit dominates the center of the main room, surrounded by trestle tables on all four sides. Round tables with red coverings cluster around a small stage where one of the local minstrels is plying her trade, singing a local epic and strumming a lyre. The far wall is dominated by a bar flanked by crimson tapestries, each embroidered with gold thread and depicting images of Khor'minoan heroes and mythic beasts brawling — imagery straight from local legend. The other walls are decorated with frescoes, huge illustrations of salamanders wielding flaming spears and hammers.



Interactions for the taphouse go through Vitra, the barkeep for the establishment. You can Get Food to heal the party and grant Well Fed for six hours, or Get Drink for a boon.

  • Get Drink: Enjoy a fresh-brewed drink from Vitra's two hefty kegs. (see Drinks)
  • Get Food: Have Vitra whip up something tasty for you. [Your salamander childrens' sire will probably even do it for free, and / It'll cost you 20 EC, but] you'll surely be well fed by the time you're done. (requires 20EC or to have children with Vitra, grants Well Fed)


The following drinks can be purchased from Rose's Drinks option. Each drink costs 10 EC, and are consumed instantly upon purchase. On consumption, you gain a Boon depending on which drink you purchased.

Name Function Description Note
Rose Red Maximizes Toughness A light, sweet red wine milked from Vitra's left breast. Excellent for your health. (grants Rose Red boon) Drinking Vitra's 'special brew' can progress your relationship with her, see Vitra
Ember Lager Maximizes Willpower A rich golden lager milked from Vitra's right breast. Clears and focuses the mind. (grants Ember Lager boon)
Rye Beer Maximizes Strength The common drink of peasants and laborers, beer is cheap and easy to make, and frequently consumed to fortify yourself for hard work or battle ahead. (grants Rye Beer boon)
Apple Cider Maximizes Agility A sugary sweet cider that's plentiful in the fertile mountain valleys. Keeps you quick and alert, even when battered down by the ever-present snow and the long winter nights. (grants Apple Cider boon)
Monast. Ale Maximizes Agility A dark ale brewed by monks at the Monastery of the Tree Father far to the south. The initiates drink it to steel their nerves and focus their will before rituals. (grants Monastery Ale boon)
Lover's Dry Maximizes Presence A dry, light beer made by the minotaurs of the eastern mountains to get drunk slowly, letting lovers take their time getting to know one another... and pay for a few more beers. (grants Lover's Dry boon)