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Busts of Vitra by DCLzexon
Creator Savin
Species Cinderscale Salamander
Gender Female (Dickgirl)
Occupation Barkeep
Relatives Vitruvius (brother)
Location Ember's Taphouse

She grins as you approach and sets one of the freshly-cleaned steins down. "Welcome to Ember's. I'm Vitra, if you didn't catch it earlier. Owner and master brewer! Speaking of which, care for that free drink? Served fresher than you've ever had before, guaranteed!"

Vitra is barkeep and owner of Ember's Taphouse. After a mishap with some attempted improvised transmutation magic, Vitra has a sizeable rack that lactates red wine from her left breast and lager from her right. She quickly realised she had more potential as a living keg than apprentice smith, and started serving drinks for an ever-growing base of loyal customers.


Once your eyes recover, you trace the dying flames back to their source: there's a red-scaled salamander woman sitting on top of the bar, wearing a toga that's barely containing a pair of breasts that would make even the most productive cowgirls jealous. She's got her crimson tail in one hand, on which sits an ever-burning ember of flame angled towards her mouth. The now-empty stein in her other hand tells the rest of the story: somebody's playing at being a fire-breathing drake!

Several minotaurs clustered around the bar are cheering, slapping the 'mander on her shoulder hard enough to finally jostle free her enormous breasts. The fact that those pale, pink-capped mountains are now bared to the tavern doesn't seem to bother her — in fact, the woman lifts her stein to one of her nipples and gives the boob a squeeze. Your brows peak as something rich and golden leaks from her teat, filling the stein just like a proper tap.


First Encounter

"Who's ready for another — oh, new friends!" the 'mander cheers, finally noticing [party.yall] coming in. "Hope I didn't scorch your eyebrows there! Come on in, first drink's on me."

The first time you enter Ember's Taphouse, you see a busty cinderscale salamander using a mouthful of lager and her flame-tail to put on a show for her customers. After this egregious fire code violation, she starts pouring a drink from her breast and introduces herself as Vitra. She swears she has the best beer in the city — and the freshest. Some of your companions have enthusiastic comments about Vitra's service, particularly Brint/Brienne.

Subsequent Encounters

After your first meeting, you can approach Vitra for service or to speak with her about events in the city and her particular predicament. There are variants depending on whether you're sexually involved with Vitra and whether you've had a baby with her.

  • Get Drink: Enjoy a fresh-brewed drink from Vitra's two hefty kegs. (see Ember's Taphouse)
  • Get Food: Have Vitra whip up something tasty for you. [Your salamander childrens' sire will probably even do it for free, and / It'll cost you 20 EC, but] you'll surely be well fed by the time you're done. (requires 20EC or to have children with Vitra, grants Well Fed)
  • Talk: Just swap some words with the barmaid.
    • Her Boobs: So what's the story with the beerkegs there?
    • The Bar: This is a really nice place in a killer location. How'd she get it?
    • The City: How're things in the city?
  • Tenting?: Vitra came back sporting a pretty embarrassing boner. Maybe you could help her out with that problem you caused... (one-time, see Sex)
  • Back Room: Vitra's a good 'mander, and good 'manders deserve [good dickings / to fuck Champions]. Take her to the back room and have some fun. (see Sex)
  • Rent Room?: See if the 'mander has a place to rest your head for the night.
  • Sleep w/ Vitra: (requires you to be having sex with Vitra)


If you order three times from Vitra's breasts (Rose Red and Ember Lager), Vitra invites you to 'self-serve' since you're a regular. Once you've been invited to pour from the tap, ordering Rose Red or Ember Lager three more times leads to Vitra having to excuse herself to a back room. This unlocks the Tenting? option, where you can ask Vitra about the awkward encounter. She apologises, explaining that sometimes her body has a mind of its own.

  • No More: If Vitra's gonna be getting boners when you pour your drinks, you should probably keep your hands to yourself from now on.
  • It's Fine: You aren't going to begrudge her getting a little excited when you get hands, but that's as far as it goes.
  • Help Her: If Vitra's got a libido problem working her bar duties, you've got a solution. You and her ought to head to the back room together to take care of this little problem.

If you choose to Help Her, you start a sexual relationship with Vitra and can head to the Back Room with her at your pleasure.

  • Pound Her: Fuck Vitra over a table, nice and hard! (requires penis)
  • Missionary: Give Vitra a slow, gentle fuck while you rest your head amidst her vast cleavage. (requires penis)
  • Lap Ride: Sit in Vitra's lap and ride her cock while you play with those big ol' boobs of hers. (requires penis)


Vitra's features rapidly contort between shock, confusion, and then finally, glee. She hops the bar and sweeps you up in her arms and tail, raining kisses all over your cheeks. "Tira's tits, my folks are gonna kill me. My brother's never going to let me hear the end of it, but... fuck it, I couldn't be happier! A kid! I never woulda thought..."

It is possible to get pregnant with Vitra's children, if you have unprotected sex through the Lap Ride and Sleep w/ Vitra options. Standard Pregnancy Rules apply, and see Vitra Pregnancy for more details. You can return to Vitra for conversations about your pregnancy after realising you're pregnant, and after giving birth. The two of you agree that given the precarious situation in Khor'minos and how busy Vitra is with work, it would be better to leave any children in the Hawkethorne Nursery. However, Vitra swears she'll walk to Hawkethorne if need be to spend time with her children once everything is over.